The benefits and harms of vegetable protein, what foods contain a lot of vegetable protein

Protein is one of the most important building components of the cells of the body, because to include it in the diet is necessary. But, in addition to animal proteins, which is eggs, meat and milk , increasingly have to deal with plant proteins. Harmless if they and whether of vegetable proteins to replace animal proteins – the subject of a long-standing dispute between doctors and scientists. Townsfolk can only adopt the available information and draw their own conclusions.

Because of the noise around the composition of sausages, often heard in the address of the plant protein, many condemning words. To tie it you can replace the meat component, and as a result, with cheaper goods. The discontent lies in the fact that for cooking it is used is not a simple soy protein, and gennoingenernyi varieties. This information is sometimes hidden.

Vegetable protein is often called the enemy of healthy eating. However, upon closer inspection , it is understood that it is the products known to everybody, equally important in the human diet than fish and meat.

Lean proteins, different from animals, because you can not efficiently substitute for meat, because of the special amino acid profile of each product. The best nutrition can boast of nuts, legumes and grains – they must be present in the diet of a man who gave up meat completely.

As in the case of other products, negative effects from eating plant protein manifest themselves with overeating, intolerance or individual characteristics of the organism, not allowing it to fully digest it.

It is also no secret that food that contains vegetable proteins, there is a lack of b vitamins, which suggests a lack of these substances in the body during a long rejection of meat products. Based on this you might need to feed the body, for example, taking brewer’s yeast or a vitamin complex.

The use of vegetable protein

Vegetable protein is just as important to the body, like his animal counterpart . This can be explained by the fact that protein molecules of each product have their own unique special structure, different absorption and having a unique effect . It is because it is important to fully combine sources of vegetable protein , and meat products.

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Based on the characteristics of the structure, vegetable proteins faster and easier absorbed by the human body, although some product is still not completely processed, due to the content in foods of plant origin high fiber content . This factor is best way to contain the state of the stomach and intestines at an acceptable level. Support optimal microflora activates the production of «good» cholesterol and prevents deposition in the vessels of the «bad «.

The contents in the products of a large number of unsaturated fats helps to strengthen vessels and heart. Their normal content in the body will preserve the purity of the heart and blood vessels, to prevent the development of atherosclerosis and the build-up of fatty plaques.

Regularly eating plant protein, can reduce the load on the body, which creates a meat protein, and to activate the synthesis of blood cells. If fully fed, will not have to experience ailments such as anemia and walking with her chronic fatigue . On the other hand, if you strictly limit yourself in animal proteins, it is, on the contrary, may provoke a reduction in the production of blood cells.

Preferring vegetable food, it is easier to help the body cope with adverse external influences, reduce the risk of developing severe inflammatory and infectious diseases, including oncological pathology. Limiting the consumption of meat products will help more confident to keep in shape figure, to prevent the development of diabetes and diseases of the genitourinary system.

The decision to increase the amount of protein intake in case of weight loss, can be useful, because:

  • plant protein will help is much more effective to fight domestic deposits of fat mass;
  • it is well absorbed and gives a feeling of fullness;
  • will help to maintain the normal metabolic rate and the stomach;
  • promotes the generation of active muscle fibers through regular training.
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In case of Allergy to meat protein, vegetable fellow will help to reduce negative reaction from lack of proteins in the body to a minimum. For example, is the ability to drink animal milk instead of soy instead of chicken to eat soy or lentils, which contains a considerable amount of protein. The wider the vegetable menu, the better.

We should not forget that the question of vegetable proteins natural. This substance is included in canned goods, sausages and other similar products will not bring any benefit, so it should be possible to limit it in the diet .

Harm vegetable protein

According to the statements of some scientists, often eating red meat causes the development of cancer changes. Affects this statement and sausages, a variety of which today is huge. But, in addition to meat, these products may contain soy protein. In this case, it does not bring absolutely no benefit, and being in a single product a large number of harmful additives can stimulate not only the development of cancer, but other diseases in humans.

In addition, such food can cause a large number of allergic reactions.If a person is prone to allergies, the choice of lean protein, it is suitable to him, may be not a simple task because of the peculiarities of the structure of amino acid chains in a separate product.

Caution should be taken to protein from plant foods. With overeating certain foods is a risk of intoxication leading to improper working of kidneys, liver, and gallbladder. This impact on sexual function, triggering the beginning of diseases in this area. For example, intoxication will cause uncontrolled eating red bean, treated poorly or taken in raw food. No exception and nuts improperly stored at the store because of the danger of fungi that cause serious poisoning.

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Vegetable protein: products list

  • Legumes – lentils, beans, chickpeas, soybeans, peas. In their structure there is a half of vegetable protein, well digested;
  • Nuts – walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds;
  • A large part of the fruit.
  • Vegetables and fruits ;
  • Product based on soy milk, tofu, soy delicacy, which contains about 10 grams of protein. Ideal for athletes, because it does not creates gravity and is quickly absorbed ;
  • Cereals, wheat germ, whole-wheat bread.


Botanicals that contain protein are vital. Published the list of products with a high concentration of vegetable protein is not complete, but even it satisfies the sometimes high body’s need for nutrients. Vegetable products containing protein is now highly valued by the people who are watching their health. A balanced diet with high level protein compounds contained in plant foods, gives excellent results and helps in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.