The calculation of the optimal calorie: how many calories you need to for the day, the table of dishes

For many people today dream to lose weight is one of the most important. At the same time, enough people, who want only to maintain the achieved weight. To achieve their goal, they try a variety of weight loss methods. One of them is a diet based on counting calories. Despite its apparent simplicity, it has a high efficiency. To determine how many calories a day should get people, not so difficult. For this you need to use one of the available formulas.

Believe thousands

Not hurt at first, to refresh knowledge about what constitutes a calorie. Under it is commonly understood unit of heat that necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 degree Celsius at a pressure of one atmosphere. 1 gram of carbohydrate and protein is equivalent to 4 calories and the same amount of fat — 9 calories. Quite a long time in physics was introduced the unit of measurement of heat energy — Joule. But it was not enough, and so the decision was made about adding new units — calories. Due to the fact that calories have a very small dimension, they considered to be thousands. And when it comes to calories, it usually means kilocalories.

A calorie is primarily a unit of energy possessed by each product. Food calorie can be defined as the amount of energy that is formed during the breakdown of food. If a person is accustomed to consume meals having a large amount of calories, it will be regularly celebrating the appearance of excess fat. Therefore, they need to be careful. If your body will do too much, they will accumulate in the form of fat deposits on the body.

Today, many nutritionists have come to a consensus: the only method of calorie counting will help a person effectively deal with excess weight. Nutrition is essential to everyone, because it is a source of energy. But the law of conservation of energy always works. Therefore, if the body gets a calorie, which were not spent, they will accumulate elsewhere. Scientifically proven is the following fact: if the body is every day to 100 calories more than he needs for a year, its weight increases by 5 kg.

How to determine daily calories?

To find out how many calories need to body for weight loss, you can use different methods, but among them there are those that are recommended by specialists.

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Formula Marfina-Jeera

With the idea of formula, its Creator, made over 20 years ago and today it is very popular, as it gives fairly accurate results. The first thing you need to do is calculate your basal metabolic rate. It refers to the amount of calories, without which the human body cannot work normally in the conditions of complete rest.

To define OO the following formula is used:

  • calculation scheme for women: 9,99 * weight (in kg) + 6,25 * height (cm) — 4,92 * age (years) — 161;
  • the scheme of calculation for men: 9,99 * weight (in kg) + 6,25 * height (cm) — 4,92 * age (years) + 5.

Next, you will count the number of calories needed by the human body every day. But during calculations it is necessary to focus on a way of life. You can find it by multiplying the figure OO with one of the following factors:

  • 1,2. For people leading m alapitvany lifestyle;
  • 1,375. For people with low activity (physical activity not more than 3 times a week);
  • 1, 55. For people with average and aktivnosti ( physical activity 3-5 times a week);
  • 1, 725. For people with high activity ( daily fiznagruzki );
  • 1,9. For people with very high and aktivnosti (daily physical load in emergency mode .

It is believed that the woman who set a goal to maintain weight should consume per day food no more than 2000 calories. If we use this formula to determine the optimal number of calories for women aged 30 years working in the office with the weight of 70 kg and height 160 cm, the figure will amount to 1669 calories. In other words, if every day to consume food of 2000 calories, the woman will gradually get better. If you look better in this formula, it becomes clear that the number of calories depends on the weight and age of the person. Therefore, with increasing age and weight loss number person needs each day calories will be reduced.

Another formula

It is very popular among the fitness trainers who recommend it to their wards.

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Looks like the formula is as follows:

the number of calories in day = individual weight multiplied by 28.

Say, for a man whose mass is 70 kg, you should consume food at 1960 calories. If you’re sure that this figure has not been exceeded, you will be able to permanently maintain the achieved weight.

This formula can be used by people who do not have the ability or desire to play sports.

How to determine the number of calories needed a day, aiming to get a slim figure? It’s all quite simple.

  • Take the ideal weight and multiply it by a factor of 28. If you want to lose weight to 65 kg, then the calories should be no more than 1820 kcal per day.
  • If you decide to follow this diet, follow the recommendations of nutritionists and continue to eat the usual delicious things. For example, it can be three cookies. Surely this diet will be enjoyed by anyone. In this case, it will be easier to handle.

How many calories you need to per day for weight loss ?

If you follow the logic, for weight loss people should reduce the amount of incoming calories obtained according to the above formula. How do you determine how much you need to reduce the energy value of food? If you follow the recommendations of experts on nutrition, that is, if the number of calories to reduce by 20%. To determine the optimal number of calories to begin to lose weight, as calculated in the previous step, the result peremezhaya by a factor of 0.8.

But don’t expect quick weight loss. The effect will manifest itself with time. For you more important, it will not harm your health. In principle this is not surprising, because you are gaining pounds for a few weeks, or even months. This technique will be even more effective if you can further decrease the calorie content.

It is very important to determine how you reduce. Here it is necessary to strike a balance between safety and speed weight loss. Sometimes after reducing the number of calories of up to 200 people have had faint with hunger. So if you don’t want to bring themselves to such a state, you need to ensure that the energy value of dishes you will use, was not less than 1200 kilocalories a day, picking up the dishes on the table.

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In recent years, a diet based on counting calories, have gained popularity. Its main principle is counting calories and limiting them in the case that their number exceeds the optimum. Many like it because there are no restrictions, so you can eat your favorite foods as you want. The person who wants to lose weight this way, you may continue to eat your favorite food. However, have to reconsider their number. Typically, an inexperienced person is very difficult to do.

Therefore, you should clearly determine for yourself whether you are ready to whatever was to lose weight. This diet involves the full commitment of a man to change their diet. Otherwise, this method of weight loss will be useless for him. Then you don’t have to torment yourself unnecessarily, and to find other alternative ways.