The calorie content of apples: how many calories are in green and red fruits, 100 grams and 1 PC, they BDYAT

We all know about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they give us all the most beneficial to health. Among fruits the most common and favorite are apples. This juicy and aromatic fruit with pleasure absorbed at any time of the year. Worldwide breeders derived many varieties of the popular fruit. Gardeners successfully grow them in their garden plots and annually harvested rich crops of apples. What are their beneficial properties? How many calories in an Apple and how many calories in red and green fruits?

Apple and its properties

Each fruit and vegetable contains its own set of nutrients. Apple is one of the most popular and common fruit on the earth since ancient times. With the taste of juicy and delicious fruit is each of us is familiar from early childhood. Apples, unlike many other fruits, almost all year round you can buy in the shops or on the market. Breeders managed to bring around 5-7, 000 varieties of popular fruit. Each of them has their taste, aroma, shape and color of the skin.

Depending on variety the fruits ripen even in summer but basically most of the varieties of autumn and winter. Love to eat apples raw, baked, pickled. They are added to various dishes and also prepare from them juice, jam, wine. Every variety has benefits, but it is believed that it is best to eat fruits raw, roasted and dried (dried fruit).

Apples are very popular in the diet. They are present in the menu of many diets. This is due to the fact that the fruit is 70-80% water. It is believed that eating the day of a couple of pieces of apples it is possible to maintain health and to be slim because they contains almost no fat. In its composition they contain:

  • pectin;
  • fiber;
  • vitamins a,B,C, E, K,N, PP;
  • many micronutrients.
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In its content of vitamins is different, all related to the grade of the fruit. For example, most of them of vitamin C, but in every grade its number of different. Also, the amount of vitamin is affected by the storage conditions of the fruit. It is believed that green varieties are the most healthy because these varieties have less sugar. They are unlike the red varieties do not cause allergic reactions.

Due to the small amount of calories in apples, they are an excellent dietary product. The fruit can be eaten at any time of the day, it is easily absorbed by the body. High amount of fiber helps improve the digestive organs.

The caloric value of apples per 100 grams

The average calorific value is 43 to 49 kcal in some varieties of apples calorie can be 90 units. Small energy value and allows you to eat apples any time of the day. The most nutritious varieties are considered to be red and sweet, in the green varieties the figure below.

100 grams of apples contains 45 calories, and the average single fruit weighs about 200 grams. Based on a simple calculation, it turns out that in one medium-sized Apple is around 90 calories. 100 grams weight, the average value data is as follows:

  • proteins — 0.4 g;
  • fats — 0,4 g;
  • carbohydrates and 9.8 grams.

BDIM, the ratio by weight of the fruit looks like the best solution:

  • proteins — 16%;
  • fats — 16%;
  • carbohydrates — 68%.

In the peel of Paradise fruit contains ursolic acid and this substance helps to reduce fat deposits in tissues. For this reason nutritionists always recommend eating apples in many diets. The greatest effect of weight reduction occurs if you eat the fruit for 15-20 minutes before eating.

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Calorie green Apple

Most useful health considered green varieties. They have more vitamins and iron. Also important is the fact that the green fruits do not cause allergies. Green varieties are rich in fiber, so has a positive effect on the bowels.

Experts estimate that 100 grams of green varieties 35 calories. They are more sour in taste and the sugar content makes them a little less. Recommended green varieties have fruits with the peel, the juice of such fruits is well quenches thirst. Acidity that is in green varieties, gives an unusual flavor to Apple dishes. Sweet and sour taste gives many dishes an incredible flavor and aroma.

On average, green fruit calories will be approximately 32 units, a large fetus, this figure will be about 70 kcal.

Red Apple: calorie

In very sweet varieties of red apples 100 grams of fruit the calorie content of 45 to 50 units. Almost all varieties of red fruits are more sweet in flavor and fluffy, soft. For baby food they are not always suitable. It is best to check their allergen and then enter a children’s menu. They are useful to use for people who suffer from hyperacidity of the stomach.

Red varieties perfect for making jams, syrups, fruit salads and other dessert dishes. Scientists have proved that red varieties help reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. To reduce cholesterol, and keep it in the norm should daily drink 2 red bull’s-eye.

1 Apple, weighing around 90 grams contains 45 calories, and in large fruit, weighing about 200 grams of calories will be about 100 units.

Most of all, benefit of apples, if they are eaten during their season. While collecting Apple harvest they contain maximum amounts of vitamin C, which is very useful for the body.

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It is believed that the beneficial properties bring only fresh, baked and dried apples. It is better to buy fruit in the market or have grown in your garden. Fruits from the supermarket are stored too long, so they lose a lot of beneficial properties for the body. Knowing how many calories in an Apple,can not be afraid for your figure and easy to use in any kind of this useful and accessible fruit.