The calorie content of chicken how many calories are in different parts of the boiled carcass, the harm and benefit of chicken meat

A chicken boiled is a favorite product of all nutritionists. Experts recommend it for use by all, without exception, because it is included in a proper diet. Boiled chicken is a valuable product. When such a gentle treatment it retains all the nutrients and sold excess energy value. The alternative is the boiled chicken skewers, marinated in vinegar. Other types of treatment only increase the caloric content of this product.

How many calories are in boiled chicken?

It depends on the part of the carcass. For example, boiled chicken breast is the first dietary product. Her tenderness as a good complement of salads, rolls, soups,pates, forcemeats. Thus, the caloric content of the carcass looks like this:

  • 100 grams of boiled meat with no skin to contain 95 calories. Fillet uncooked boneless — 113 kcal, the bone is estimated to 137 kcal. If boil breast with skin, in the body will be 164 calories.
  • In 100 g of meat provides 23 grams of protein, about 2 grams of fat and 0 4 carbohydrates. These figures allow us to calculate daily intake of food to satisfy the body’s need for protein. To lose fat and maintain muscle mass should consume 1.3 to 2 grams per one kilogram of body weight.

How many calories in meat, as it became clear, needs to be calculated taking into account skin and bones.

In addition, each part of the cooked carcass has its energy value:

  • The drumstick without skin — 110 kcal per 100 g, with peel — 161 calories.
  • Thigh skinless — 160 per 100 grams, with skin 185 calories.
  • Chicken legs without skin — 170/100.
  • Wings — 181/100 grams.
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If you take into account chicken by-products, their calorific value is also low. Stomachs boiled have 94 calories, liver — 116, heart — K. 182 calories.

Use cooked chicken

Chicken boiled in its composition has many important to human health substances. It’s a big part of vitamins and minerals and valuable amino acids. Since fats and carbohydrates it is almost there, we gladly include it in the composition of the various diets.

Chicken take into consideration in the treatment of diabetes, gout, peptic ulcer disease. If consumed regularly, it is possible to prevent the emergence of hypertension,stroke, heart disease, atherosclerosis.

Especially useful boiled chicken elderly. Will bring more benefits to the meat of young animals, as it has a lot of vitamins, minerals, quality protein and glutamine. Better if you eat poultry, as the store carries a lot of harmful substances that accumulate in the course of specific feeding.

Dishes made from boiled chicken are healthy food and saturate your body with energy. The broth has a beneficial effect on the breathing passages, helping to get rid of the outbreak of colds, and can restore the immune system after surgical intervention. Rich broth will help with the poisoning and energizes the weakened body. Boiled chicken is a great dish for women in the state.

How to cook a chicken?

After washing the chicken legs or chicken breast meat filled with water and bring to a boil. Five minutes later, after boiling, the water is drained and again pour clean cold water and continue cooking. This must be done with the purpose of getting rid of hormones and antibiotics, which farmed birds, after which she gets to our table. After this procedure the broth season with salt and cook until tender, then cut into pieces. As a side dish to diet chicken good rice, which is washed, and then boiled.

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Harmful substances in the chicken

Could it be boiled chicken harmful for health? The man, fortunately, it does more good than harm. However, to be a source of problems it can also.

It must be remembered that the concentration of harmful substances accumulate in the skin and darker meat. That skin is taking the brunt of harmful substances that enter the body of the hen for her life. So before cooking is recommended to remove the skin.

Also the cause of unpleasant putrefaction and reproduction of harmful microorganisms in the large intestine may become insufficient processed chicken meat. Because it may be poisoning of the whole organism, as well as the aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Chicken instead of harm will only benefit, if you observe the following rules:

  • Conduct thorough processing of meat carcasses. More often cook and bake, fry less.
  • So chicken is better digested in the digestive tract, eat it with vegetables.
  • Don’t eat too much chicken meat.

Important! During the life of a chicken can beat salmonellosis, which can be infected person. If the carcass is not passed sufficient heat treatment, it carries a very real risk.

Thus, boiled chicken meat is low calorie and nutritious, is suitable as a diet for health and weight loss. However, it is worth observing the simple rules of cooking to protect yourself from possible problems with the digestive tract.