The calorie content of normal and boiled carrots: how many calories are in raw and cooked product per 100 grams

Carrot is the second most popular vegetable after potatoes. It is used as fresh, and boiled in the preparation of various first and second dishes, appetizers and side dishes. Small children and adults are very fond of carrot juice. And the carrot is one of favorite foods among those who want to lose weight, because the calorie content of carrots, together with its useful properties – just an incredible combination.

How many calories in boiled and raw carrots and what it is good, we will tell below.

Useful properties of carrot

Before I talk about calories cooked carrots or raw, we will introduce you to useful properties of this vegetable, and there are many. So many years, the carrot is a source of youth and longevity. And all of this is due to the fact that it contains beta-carotene, this substance getting into our body, is converted into vitamin a And this has a positive effect on the human eye.

Carrots are such elements as:

  • magnesium;
  • iodine;
  • calcium;
  • manganese.

If you consume this vegetable in daily food, you will strengthen the body’s natural immunity, possible due to the vitamins C, E and B.

Carrots are incredibly beneficial for the cardiovascular system and helps to normalize high blood pressure due to potassium. In hypertension it is simply irreplaceable.

Calorific value of raw carrots

Along with useful characteristics of the vegetable, many people wonder how many calories it contains. Caloric content of carrots, raw and quite low – only 35 calories per 100 grams of product. Therefore, we can safely include it in their diet diet. While there are many delicious dishes that can be prepared on the basis of the carrot at the end of the material you will be able to see some of them.

And in order to the nutrients contained in the vegetable, could 100 percent be absorbed, you need to use it with different fats:

  • vegetable oil;
  • sour cream.

Note that when connecting the carrots with the oil, the calorific value of 100 grams of product will increase to 44, but useful properties in this case will only be strengthened.

Cooked carrots: calories and properties

Boiled carrots has an attractive appearance, pleasant taste and has useful properties. All this allows the vegetable to include in this many dishes:

  • vinaigrette
  • Olivier;
  • herring under a fur coat;
  • jellied dishes;
  • snacks and much more.

Cook the carrots can be very simple:

  • before cooking it must be washed and it is recommended to clean;
  • then it should be put in a pot, cover with cold water;
  • add salt to taste;
  • cook, stirring occasionally, about half an hour.

The product readiness check with a knife, puncture a root vegetable should be soft enough.

As for calorie cooked carrots, it is the same as in raw – 35 calories per 100 grams. So, if you are worried about how many calories are in vegetables in one form or another, this should not be done, the same figures and can grow as you add different ingredients.

Properties of boiled carrots

It should be noted that the use of this vegetable in cooked form more substantial than the cheese. The fact that during thermal processing of vegetable it increases the amount of antioxidants. Those substances which are an excellent preventative measure for cancer, also based purées boiled carrots includes phenols – substances that help with a large number of diseases and delay the aging process.

Boiled vegetable is very good as medicines in such cases:

  • when heart disease;
  • with vitamin deficiency;
  • hypertension;
  • in the presence of the disease of Alzheimer’s.

And boiled or baked carrots gives the body strength through regular consumption. A huge plus of this product – it has no contraindications. The only point is the presence of allergic to it that is extremely rare.

As mentioned, the caloric content of the vegetable is boiled is 35 kcal per 100 grams, among other indicators of the energy value per 100 grams:

  • carbohydrates – 5, 22 cal;
  • fat – 0, 18 g;
  • squirrels – 0, 76,

The properties of carrot juice

Carrot juice – healthy and low-calorie product that is recommended to be consumed to improve appetite and vision. It also has the following medicinal properties:

  • gives the face a fresh look and removes signs of dullness;
  • in winter, the juice can be used for the prevention of colds;
  • restores the intestinal flora after intake of medicines.

But the juice, in contrast to the boiled and raw carrots, has its contraindications. It has to be drunk in large amounts as it can cause these symptoms:

  • drowsiness;
  • vomiting;
  • headaches.

Giving carrot juice should be treated with gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

Light meals of boiled carrots

On the basis of the cooked vegetable, you can cook such delicious and low-calorie salads:

  • boil the vegetable and grate it. Mix fresh lemon juice and a big spoonful of honey. Stir in carrots and eat during the day. The caloric value of lettuce is 60 kcal per 100 grams;
  • cooked chopped carrots, mix with sour cream, a maximum of 3 tablespoons per serving. The calorie content of food depends on the amount of sour cream and its fat content. The average is 103 kcal per 100 g;
  • vegetable boil and grate on a coarse grater, mix with several cloves of garlic, previously passed through a press. This salad will boost the immune system, the number of calories there are only 80. It can sour cream or vegetable oil, and add grated cheese;
  • grated boiled carrots get grated green Apple. Add a few pieces of walnut, passed through the press. Dress the salad with a small amount of lemon juice. Calorie meals – 120 kcal per 100 g

When baby food is boiled carrots can be combined with other vegetables and season with cream or milk.

A diet on raw carrot

A small amount of calories in this vegetable and its beneficial properties subject to the special carrot diet to get rid of 3 kilos in merely 4 days.

The basis diet – carrot salad, which includes:

  • 1 kg grated carrots;
  • the juice of a lemon;
  • 1 large spoon of honey.

To prepare salad per day you need to take a kilo of vegetables, grate them and season with honey and juice. Appetizer split into three portions and eat in the morning, afternoon and evening. Also during the day you can eat one savoury fruit. The choice it can be:

  • grenades;
  • Apple;
  • kiwi;
  • grapefruit.

Caloric salad is 60 calories per 100 grams.

Even if such a diet is hard for you, just try to introduce carrots into your diet and eat it in the evenings and mornings. Refrain from heavy meals in the form of sandwiches and replace them with raw carrots. Over time you will become stronger, and your figure in the mirror will surprise you.

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