The calorie content of salted and light-salted herring, herring use and contraindications for use

Herring is a fairly common and sought after fish species on the planet. It can reach up to half a meter in length, and its weight can exceed half a kilo. Lives at depths up to 200 meters in the southern and Northern seas. The most valuable think fat varieties of Atlantic and Pacific herring.

It is sold frozen, smoked, salted and pickled. Easy to use beverages and ready to cut herring fillets. The most popular is the salted fish. Salt does not allow bacteria to develop, and all sorts of spices that make the fish a culinary delicacy.

Sometimes fish are the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, their Northern areas. It is found in the White and Baltic seas.

Herring is a perishable fish. After catching her directly on the mother ships process: frozen or salted. Before pickling remove the gills, to the meat of the product was light in color and had no bitter taste.

Is a product that is often used in the daily diet. But a useful and harmless product is only for healthy people. Most popular Atlantic herring.

Specialists, nutritionists recommend eating fatty fish 2-3 times a week. Herring refers to the fatty fish.

Chemical composition

About the use of herring tells her valuable composition, which contains:

  1. Vitamins b, PP, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Selenium and iron.
  3. Iodine, phosphorus, calcium.

All substances involved in metabolism, help the body to function normally and to restore damaged tissue.

Very useful fish salted Pacific. It contains vitamin PP, chromium. How many calories are in salted herring, it is necessary to take into account when cooking.

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Every food product has contraindications to the use. They have herring. From the delicious product it is recommended to refuse:

  • people suffering from hypertension;
  • gastritis and enterocolitis;
  • diseases of the kidney or liver;
  • ulcerative disease of the stomach and duodenum.

The shortcomings of the product

The disadvantages of fish experts include:

  1. A significant content of sodium, leading to increased pressure and kidney disease.
  2. The product is contraindicated in obese people, since the ability to excite the appetite.
  3. Fat herring rapidly oxidized, begins to progorkaet. This reduces the quality of herring.

The use of this product must be taken into account how many calories are in herring, salted or pickled. Its caloric value depends directly on the choice of the method of preparation. In one serving (100g) contains:

  • salted – 261 kcal;
  • marinated – 155 kcal;
  • smoked – 218 kcal;
  • fried – 261 kcal.

The use of salted fish in cooking

This fish is very tasty as a separate dish. Its meat is used in the preparation of various salads, mincemeat, stuffed vegetables, and eggs.

The caloric content of herring

In food calorie content of this fish variety. In 100 grams of product contains:

  • herring in vegetable oil — 301 kcal;
  • salt — 217 kcal;
  • sour cream — 97 kcal;
  • in tomato sauce — 159 kcal;
  • fresh — 161 kcal;
  • smoked — 215 kcal;
  • marinated — 192 kcal.

How many calories are in herring under a fur coat?

Herring under a fur coat – this dish is a favorite of many Housewives. It’s easy to use, it has excellent flavor characteristics.

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A portion of salad (100 grams) contains up to 190 kalori. It contains 15 grams of fat, 8 grams of carbohydrates and 6 g of protein.

This combination of fats and proteins good for metabolism, consistent with the norms of proper nutrition.

Per serving of herring with vegetables contains 20% daily value of fat and 10% protein. Most of the fat falls on the mayonnaise. For dietary, it is replaced with lighter sauces.

Herring under a fur coat contains:

  • fiber;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • sulphur.

vitamins PP, E, and many other substances needed by the body.

When an individual diet of 2000 calories a serving of this dish (200 g) will be a tenth of the entire food intake. When counting calories this should be considered.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that impregnated with mayonnaise, the food takes on added calories. Mayonnaise can be dispensed with, replacing it with the sauce of mustard, egg yolks and yogurt.

Waiver of mayonnaise not only the calorie content of meals will reduce, but will reduce the fat content in it.

Herring salted – healthy and low-calorie food. Its regular use fills the body with trace elements and vitamins. For weight loss in salads with herring is not necessary add the potatoes and fatty gravy. You can add eggs to increase the amount of protein.

Scientists found that herring are able to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, improve vision and activate brain function. Contained in herring fish oil reduces blood levels of «bad» cholesterol.

Knowing the calorie content of foods, it is possible to accurately determine how many grams of fish take, well up the menu that the food was healthy, tasty and low in calories.

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