The composition and properties of broccoli: calorie vegetable per 100 grams, the ratio of PFC

It is best absorbed by the body veggies, they are indispensable on our table at any time of the year. Many kinds of vegetables came to us from distant countries. These include broccoli — a subspecies of cauliflower. Healthy and tasty vegetable has long gained popularity among health enthusiasts. How many calories are in broccoli, the ratio of PFC and the amount of calories in 100 grams of boiled broccoli? We’ll discuss this further.


This diet vegetable came to us from afar. Vitamin a vegetable native to the Mediterranean countries and South Asia. In these countries broccoli for centuries people consumed daily in any form:

  • raw;
  • baked;
  • boiled;
  • fried.

The most pleasant taste has boiled broccoli. This cabbage is very tasty and hearty. It is an annual vegetable plant. Because it is a subspecies of cauliflower in the food fit the same parts of the vegetable, as in color.

There are several types of broccoli. Olin is a head with a thick stem in the shape of an umbrella and tightly fitting on the end to each other and green buds. There’s also green broccoli, which is a plurality of thin stems with small buds. Grow another type of purple cabbage.

From this cabbage delicious and healthy soups, stews, and added to vegetable salads eaten raw. It is usually served with mayonnaise, sauce, sour cream, ground biscuits and butter.

The calorie content of broccoli 100 grams

This kind of cabbage is a real dietary product. Due to the low calorific value and mass of useful properties it is included in the menu of most diets. From the method of preparation will depend on the calorific value of the vegetable. Nutritional value of fresh broccoli is 34 calories per 100 grams, including:

  • protein — 5,0 g;
  • fats — 0,4 g;
  • carbohydrates — 5,2 gr.
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These low-calorie raw vegetables will not harm the figure and will only contribute to weight loss and healing of the body.

Broccoli is most often consumed in cooked form, so the question immediately arises, how many calories in boiled cabbage? The calorie content of cooked broccoli is even lower, only 28 units, of which:

  • proteins — 3,0 g;
  • fats — 0,4 g;
  • carbohydrates — 5,2 gr.

At such a low calorie vegetable contains large amounts of vegetable protein and fat. BDIM, the ratio by weight will be as follows:

  • proteins — 40,6%;
  • fat — 18,5%;
  • carbohydrates 40.9 per cent.

Calorie diet vegetable fried 100 grams will be much higher — 46 calories. The vegetable during cooking absorbs oil and other ingredients. To lower the caloric content of cabbage can be cooked in a few and then the calories will be only 27 units. 100 grams of cabbage calories will be slightly more — 37.

If you use broccoli dietary purposes, then it is best boiled, steamed or added raw to salads. Low calorie useful vegetable will help to lose weight.

Composition and benefits of green vegetable

Broccoli is very rich in its composition of nutrients. It is a balanced product of nutrients. It contains a lot of fiber, which is very important in the diet. Also in the broccoli is popular unsaturated fats omega-3, amino acids are important in cleansing the body and slimming. Cabbage is an important product of many popular diets.

Broccoli is a great supplier of vital vitamins, mineral substances:

  • A, C, K, PP, U;
  • iron and sodium:
  • potassium and phosphorus:
  • chromium and copper;
  • manganese and boron:
  • the calcium and magnesium.
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The content of vitamin C, it exceeds citrus and gives even more than is required for the body per day. Because it is a subspecies of cauliflower in it many of the same substances, but several times more. It is two times more mineral salts and plant protein than regular cauliflower.

According to doctors, daily intake should be 200 grams. This will serve as an effective preventive food product with many health problems:

  • reduce the risk of cancer, heart and vascular system.
  • strengthen the immune system and nervous system;
  • improve the activity of the digestive system;
  • benefit in diabetes;
  • improve the condition of hair and nails, skin;

Doctors and nutritionists recommend to include broccoli in your daily diet to improve health.

The cabbage has contraindications. It is not desirable to use the high acidity of the stomach and in diseases of the pancreas. If you want to turn it into a permanent diet it is better to verify the absence of contraindications.

If there are no contraindications dietary product is able to prolong youth, will help to lose weight and improve health. Healthy vegetable can be prepared in different ways and add variety to the menu for the whole family without harm to health.