The diet of a breastfeeding mother in the first months of lactation: diet and the table of permitted products

After admission to hospital to discharge the baby home is usually 5-10 days. During this period, the young mother obliged to live according to certain rules and regulations to feed your baby hourly. It is very important to stick to a certain variety of diet during a given period, especially a month.

The perfect baby food – breast milk

For a newborn baby in the first months of the most useful nutrition is the mother’s breast milk. In our time, a worthy substitute for him was not invented. Feed the baby breast milk – then give him useful elements in the exact natural proportions. It is quickly digested and fighting pathogenic organisms, forming immunity. Breastfeeding in the first months has beneficial effects on psychological and physical condition of the baby. When the mother is breastfeeding, she is very helpful, because the body recovers faster.

Use milk for the baby depends on its quality and volume. To determine whether useful the milk, after research. The protein content in milk does not depend on the amount of protein present. Depending on the diet of mom, in milk varies the amount of minerals, fats and vitamins.

Menu nursing mothers in the first week

It is very important for well-being and health of the child to eat right in the first month. Immediately after birth during the day when you first have to feed your baby, be limited in the diet to allow the body to rest and recover. Thus it is necessary to consume plenty of fluids – fruit juices, herbal infusions, fruit drinks. For example, a hemostatic effect is nettle tea, but the drink of parsley tones.

Menu postpartum days

1 day

  • Breakfast – porridge on the water or oat.
  • Lunch – vegetable soup with yesterday’s bread. It can be prepared from turnips, cauliflower, potatoes, zucchini, onions and carrots.
  • For dinner or fresh baked banana (Apple), pasta with grated cheese.

During the day, copiously drinking black currant juice, compote of dried fruits, tea (weak).

Day 2

A similar list, but you can add more fruit.

Day 3

Sharply limited the amount of fluid, because it begins to arrive the milk. Mothers who feed the child, it is necessary to stretch the volume of water for the whole day. To get rid of thirst, should take a bite of the lemon or parsley.

  • For Breakfast – oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with butter in the water.
  • Lunch – pasta with boiled fish or boiled steam cutlets.
  • Dinner – vegetable ragout cauliflower, turnip, zucchini, potatoes, onions and carrots.
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Day 4

  • The Breakfast is the usual granola with yogurt.
  • Lunch – steamed vegetables with beef.
  • Dinner – cheese is not more than 8% fat.

During the day allowed to eat baked apples and bananas. Fluid intake limit.

Day 5

  • For Breakfast buckwheat or oat porridge with butter in the water.
  • Lunch – vegetable soup on the second broth.
  • Dinner – muesli with yogurt or kefir.

Day 6

Allowed combination of dishes from the diet of 3-5 days.

Day 7

Recovering fluid intake to 2.5 litres.

In the diet include rice, fresh apples and two eggs a week.

Diet for mom, feeding baby, months

At a time when the mother is in the hospital, her diet is food prepared there. Balanced diet be dairy products, low-fat soups, cereals and cooked meat. Relatives can bring green apples, bananas, yogurt, cottage cheese. This period will have to give up fatty, sweet and starchy foods. Such restrictions prevent constipation, leading to intoxication of the mother who feeds the baby.

  1. On the table need to have the seasonal vegetables and fruits and dishes from them.
  2. You should eat fewer foods that trigger flatulence (confectionery, legumes, cabbage, rye bread, radishes, grapes, corn, peppers, cucumbers). If the baby has colic, these products need to give up entirely.
  3. Suitable dishes for lunch are soups, salads and stews.
  4. At introduction in a diet of meat, should start with beef, Turkey and rabbit. Don’t forget about the boiled fish, except red varieties.
  5. Porridge can be boiled in water or dilute the milk with water 1:1.
  6. The curd is allowed to consume in any form – casseroles, cheesecakes, fresh. You can add nuts and dried fruit.
  7. With the introduction in the diet of mothers of new products, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the baby when feeding him – are there any rashes and which chair.

Products that are allowed and prohibited mothers who feed the baby

The valid diet

  • Dairy products – fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. You need to eat it every day or every other day. In these products, you can’t add the jam, sugar and honey.
  • Meat – chicken without skin, rabbit, Turkey, veal. Daily meat dishes should be in the diet, the first month in boiled, baked and stewed.
  • Lean fish – hake, perch, flounder, cod, Pollock
  • Cereals – oatmeal, corn, rice, buckwheat
  • Vegetables – cauliflower, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, turnips. Dishes should be prepared without butter stew mixes. Before use, it is permitted to add a little oil to the Pasta you need to choose the egg without additives.
  • Sweets – marmalade, app cookies, marshmallows and candy
  • Fats oils
  • Fruit – persimmons, apricots, apples without skin, bananas, pomegranates, cherries.
  • If the mother feeds the child, she can not eat these fruits on an empty stomach, and only after 2 hours after a meal
  • Nuts – hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts after eating 2 hours
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Prohibited products

  • Chocolate and sweet biscuits, cocoa
  • Canned food, cod ROE and Pollock
  • Sodas
  • Mustard and horseradish
  • Prepared foods, fish dishes and spicy herring
  • Cheese and soft varieties
  • Chilli and garlic
  • Hot sauce and mayonnaise
  • Smoked sausage and bacon
  • Kebabs and grilled meat

The main reason of prohibitions in the diet for lactating mothers in the first month is that these products harm milk cause heartburn, colic and allergies in children. All products shown in the table, you must follow moms. If one child can be fed with milk when you use these products, otherwise they only hurt.

Of course, once you abandon the whole list of products is not necessary, because simply nothing will be there. Dishes like that you can try in small portions and monitor the reaction of your baby. If you notice that the swelling started after cabbage, eliminate it for at least a month.

Daily diet, increases lactation

Mom diet in the first months significantly affects the volume of milk produced by the body. The inadequate diet, the quantity and quality of milk will suffer.

What to do to increase lactation? To begin to understand that every day you should eat up to 2,500 calories. Does not need to eat for two, just enough to pick up the food correctly, and then it will be something to feed the baby.

In order to improve the quality of milk each day, the diet should be:

  • a glass of milk or yogurt;
  • 200 g of fish or meat;
  • 30 g of hard cheese;
  • 100 g of cottage cheese.

So that mom had something to feed the baby in the first months, you need to focus on protein foods. To increase lactation is possible by adding to the diet of wholegrain bread, vegetables and fruits. They saturate the body with nutrients.

Drinking regime during lactation

Every mother who breast-feeds, is required to support within a few months, a special drinking regime. A day should be consumed at least two liters of fluid. Within one month after delivery do not need to enter a lot of water in the diet. Before you begin to breast-feed during the production of colostrum, the liquid volume should not exceed one liter. Otherwise, milk will be in abundance, and this complicates its separation.

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When mom is breastfeeding, she should avoid drinking whole milk, because it includes foreign protein, causing the child’s allergies. Commercial juices are eliminated in full, and homemade drink in moderate amount. Drinking diet mom who feeds the baby, consists of broths, carbonated water, kefir, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, yogurt, herbal teas, stewed fruit and decoctions.