The drug for weight loss fortrans: description of means for the purgation, instructions for use, reviews

Fortrans relates to laxative drugs with a powerful effect. After the application clear not only the lower but also the upper sections of the intestine. I often use it instead of cleansing enemas for preparation for surgery and as a means for weight loss. According to numerous reviews, after taking the fortrans and I always lose 2-3 pounds overweight. But to use the drug, it must correctly accept, having studied the pre-instruction.

Fortrans – description of the drug and instructions

The drug is available in powder form for preparation of a solution that is taken inside. As the active substance in the fortrans used Macrogol 4000. Due to his actions having frequent bowel movement and faster bowel movements. From the gastrointestinal tract into the systemic circulation it is not absorbed, so the other organs has no effect. Auxiliary substances are salt:

  • sodium sulfate anhydrous;
  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • potassium chloride;
  • sodium chloride;
  • sharing sodium.

Once in the human body, fortrans connects toxins and oxidized products with water molecules, thereby stimulates motor function of the intestine.

Usage instructions

The dosage of the drug is calculated individually. The calculation is made in the ratio: 1 sachet of powder per 20 kg of body weight. For example, if weight 60 kg requires taking 3 bags. Calculate the required number of packets, the powder is dissolved in pure boiled water at room temperature. One packet of powder must be dissolved in one liter of water, that is for three packages will need three liters.

All the solution is consumed at one time. However, this should be done not in one gulp in one go, but small SIPS. Drink the solution recommended at intervals of 10-15 minutes. Thus, the adoption of remedies for weight loss can take anywhere from two to four hours. You can split the acceptance of the solution on twice. A half portion of drink in the morning, and the remainder the next morning. It should be borne in mind that the drug is made two hours after a meal.

Because of the unpleasant taste, the solution may cause a gag reflex. Therefore, it should not stay long in the mouth. We recommend the use of quick SIPS. To remove gag reflex, after another Cup, you can drink lemon juice or gum lemon wedge.

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It is necessary to calculate the time of reception of fortrans, as the chair begins to stand out after about 1.5 hours, and lasts bowel movement at least 2-3 hours. So working people the drug is recommended to drink in the evening after work or morning of the day. The cleansing of the intestine usually begins after receiving the entire solution. If it started earlier, fortrans still need to finish it completely. Each next glass is consumed after another bowel cleansing.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects after taking the drug almost never happens, because it is not absorbed in the intestine. In some cases, you may receive:

  • small bloating;
  • skin rashes;
  • nausea or vomiting.

Contraindicated fortrans people in the following categories:

  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • children and adolescents up to 15 years;
  • in diseases of the colon with a lesion of the mucous membrane;
  • intolerance of polyethylene glycol;
  • in the presence of intestinal obstruction.

Specific recommendations

If the drug fortrans used as a means for weight loss, the procedure should be prepared in advance. To do this, some days you need to take care about proper nutrition:

  1. To eat mostly liquid food.
  2. Do not eat foods rich in fiber.
  3. Two hours before taking the drug to afford a light meal in the form of an omelette or cereal.
  4. After the use solution within a few hours you can only drink clean water. Food make not recommended.
  5. On the following day to secure the result you can eat only boiled without salt white rice.
  6. So as not to overload from the intestines, in the following days you must eat only light food.

After using the fortrans is necessary to restore the beneficial intestinal microflora, because the drug it washes away with toxins and slags. You can use Bifidumbacterin, Bifiform, baktisubtil and other detailed prebiotics.

Make fortrans is recommended 2-3 times per year. Frequent use can cause colonization of the intestine by pathogenic bacteria and thereby «acquire» chronic constipation, enteritis, colitis, avitaminosis and other problems associated with induced diarrhea.

The cost of the drug fortrans

Because fortrans is sold without a prescription, it can be purchased in any pharmacy or shop on the Internet. The price of the drug depends on the margins of the network and can range from 114 to 141 rubles per one packet. It is available in boxes of 4 sachets, so the cost of packaging may vary from 449 to 630 rubles.

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When purchasing fortrans, it is necessary to pay attention to the expiration date. Keep the preparation at a temperature not higher than 30C in a dry place.

Consumer reviews about the drug fortrans

On the Internet about the way to lose weight so many different opinions. Some fortrans have helped to lose weight and caused no side effects other drug of not very happy.

Positive feedback

I needed to clear the bowel before surgery, and my doctor prescribed me the enema or the fortrans. Klim do not really like, and I chose a laxative drug. The day before his admission poorly I ate, and in the evening did not eat dinner. I had to drink a solution of three bags. The first liter went well, and then became more complicated. In due time, I meet could not, therefore, been my go to solution when he began to act.

Suggest to allocate for this procedure two days. The first day you will communicate with the toilet, and on the second you will visit a significant weakness, and you will lie down. The effect of the fortrans I was very surprised. After receiving his discomfort no get and the body is dehydrated. Rinsed everything so well that in the end comes out perfectly clean water, but rather, a solution. The result is a significant weight loss. So leave your positive feedback and want to do the procedure again.

Maria, Mogilev

Fortrans relates to laxative means that in the stomach is almost no spasms. Tried it in low doses, by preparing a solution of only one bag. For an adult it is very small. The approximate required dose of three bags to three liters of water. Drinking all that follows in three hours. Drink slowly and wait for the result, which will not keep itself waiting long. Since I took only one pack in the evening, the intestine is emptied the next morning. It all happened very quickly and I quietly left for work. Got the full pleasure, and, if necessary, I’ll do the procedure again.

Galina, Moscow

The negative reviews about the drug

Before the examination my mom was prescribed to drink fortrans. She did everything strictly according to instructions, the result of which came the stunning effect. Thus, I think the bowel was not cleared anyone. Left all sorts of deposits, toxins, toxins! The effect was on the rise. Not to have dehydrated, had too much to drink.

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Was a real diarrhea! Mom said more fortrans will not accept, and if necessary to clean the intestines, it is best to do an enema. So in your opinion I want to say that taking a laxative drug an individual matter, but the fortrans I do not advise anyone. If you only need to lose a couple extra pounds in an extremely short period of time.

Regina, Bobruisk

This is not a drug, and just some horror! Taste horrible, undrinkable. I was constantly sick and vomited. Turned out the cleansing on both sides. Not only that, for me, almost impossible to drink a gallon and was the drug ineffective. The procedure was disrupted because of poor bowel cleansing. I did everything strictly according to instructions, fortrans were taken through tears, but it was in vain. It turned out that the money thrown in vain.

Pskovichi, Saint-Petersburg.