The drug for weight loss Karniton with L carnitine: recommendations and instructions for use, price, reviews

Karniton dietary Supplement includes the amino acid L -carnitine which the human body regulates metabolic processes. With the help of this substance fatty acids are transferred into cells and there are split. L-carnitine can reduce fatigue and increase efficiency, it improves reproductive function in men and helps to restore the body after diseases. Amino acid is often used to improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems, with physical, mental and emotional stress.

Karniton: composition, usage instructions, price

Today, many people know that L-carnitine is the best fat-burning tool. It turns fats into energy, not harmful and has no side effects. However, many dietary supplements in which it is included, sometimes not only help to lose weight, but can even add extra pounds. It all depends on the quality of the drug.

Drug Carniton designed just for weight loss and has many positive reviews. It includes L-carnitine and AIDS:

  • calcium stearate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Aerosil.

The dosage of the drug

The recommended duration of taking dietary supplements Cornichon – 1 month. Children aged 7 to 14 years to the day, you can take half a tablet. Adults – 1 tablet. Taking the drug at mealtime.

People who are practicing sports or have a large enough physical exertion, the dosage can be increased. Sports children aged 7 to 14 years should drink 1 tablet a day. Adolescents over 14 and adults are recommended for one and a half pills a day.

The price Karniton depends on the region and can be from 300 to 400 rubles per pack of 20 tablets.

Recommendations for use of Karniton for weight loss

Since L-carnitine is not breaks down fats and turns them into energy to apply it is recommended that in parallel with physical activity. It goes well with aerobics, dancing, training on cardio and Cycling, Nordic walking, light Jogging and intensive exercises.

Taking the pill prior to training. During intense training, L-carnitine improves heart rate to 50%. Need to engage in at least 30 minutes a day 4 to 6 times a week.

While taking L-carnitine it is recommended to follow a fitness diet. A strict diet and fasting is better not to apply. Nothing good except the disruption they will bring. When applying Karniton you can use fractional power, which means taking about 300 grams of food at least five times a day. Should be deleted:

  • refined sugar;
  • simple carbohydrates;
  • alcohol;
  • sweets.

You can use:

  • not less than 60 g per day of fats;
  • fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities;
  • proteins at the rate of 1 g per kilogram of body.

Indications for use

L-carnitine can be taken not only for weight loss but for energy to support the body. It is frequently recommended in the following cases:

  1. After diseases and operations to stimulate the vital organs and energy processes and reducing rehabilitation period.
  2. At high physical activity for normalization in muscle energy processes.
  3. Mental and emotional stress to stimulate mental activity, resulting in improved memory and focused attention.
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Results when taking Karniton

The uniqueness of L-carnitine is that it does not accelerate the disintegration of fat molecules and reduces the rate of formation of fat and its deposition in the subcutaneous adipose fold by converting it into energy. So start taking food supplements for weight loss starts loss fat reserves. One month without any diets people can lose from 5 to 15 kg. of Course, everything is very individual. But to break down fat and get rid of it even and exercise.

According to numerous reviews online, taking L -carnitine had a positive impact on endurance and bring the body in tone. The main thing is to take medication, eat right and don’t forget to move. And before using slimming supplements be sure to consult with your doctor.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug Karniton not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers, and people with individual intolerance of its components. In some cases, it is contraindicated in coadministration with other drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Side effects L-carnitine is virtually. In some cases, you may receive disorder of the intestine, nausea, stomach pain.

The reviews about the drug Karniton

As now sit on a special diet, and intensive training is not enough, I start looking for a source of L-carnitine. Know about him that during training he well burns fat and gives additional strength to study. I read the recommendations and reviews and settled on the manufacturer Karniton because the magic of L-carnitine in it as much as 500 mg local pharmacy price Supplement was 252 rubles. Take her a week and already feel results. In addition, the endurance during training was higher, improved sleep, markedly increased activity in the brain and throughout the day not sleepy.

Today I was in a serious training session – 57 minutes of intense weight training and 40 minutes cardio on the treadmill. For the first time in 8 months made it easy and fun. Before training, however, took two tablets. Everything else I have left to the stomach, but it’s not only L-carnitine but also a balanced diet. Anyone who leads an active way of life, for the addition of energy recommend to buy Karniton. BAD increases appetite, so without exercise weight you can gain. Keep this in mind. I became a fanatic of this drug and will it take before intense training once a month.


Someone who knows about the properties of L-carnitine and wants to lose weight, you are dreaming about pill for weight loss. In our bodies, amino acid, speaking in simple words, captures our fat and drags it to oxidize. Thus from the fat reserves of the body has the energy. L-carnitine comes from food and is produced in the body, but people engaged in physical activity, it is sorely lacking. Also, the lack of L-carnitine is felt in some diseases. Therefore, active people and athletes, the drug should preferably be taken further.

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I chose Karniton for a low price and high contents of L-carnitine (500 mg). So, for example in Sport Pete its only 320 mg, and it is more expensive. My husband and I go to the gym, so a dietary Supplement with L-carnitine we need. But you should know that to accept it is necessary with breaks, otherwise the body will get used and will no longer produce this wonderful amino acid.

Anna Koroleva

I regret that they had not thought of during training «fuel» to your body. Sports nutrition for me has always been associated with muscular uncles and it seemed unnecessary. About L-carnitine I heard on TV. After reading the reviews, I decided to test it for yourself. At the time I wasn’t into sports, and my muscles weakened. Want to tell a little about L-carnitine. The substance is a natural fat burner that in the body our liver produces. But the number of products that contribute to this development, we are hardly consumed in sufficient quantity. To fill them, you need to take biologically active food supplements.

I decided to start with the domestic drug Karniton. Manufacturers promised that he will help both with physical and mental stress. I again started to go to training before which saw one and a half pills. The effect was stunning – I was flying! Sports rhythm I joined immediately and Steve did not die. In addition, on the day after intense training the body is not sick. I felt just fine. Even during class the drug increases sweating. So if you are actively practicing, you should try L-carnitine. If not, it will not help you.


My review will be useful to those who want, but can not lose weight. I every day for a month doing an intense workout and refused to unhealthy products, but as a result lost weight in a volume of only 1 cm So I began looking for special fat burners. Based on many positive reviews chose Karniton. 30 minutes before workout take it two or three pills. Know what the manual says a smaller dosage, but for normal result must have at least 1000 mg of L-carnitine. Since one tablet of Karniton 500 mg, you need to drink before workouts at least two tablets.

Results weight loss yet, but stamina appeared immediately. One-hour training session is kept with ease. Since I hate sports, and very lazy, for me it is a great achievement. I noticed two major minus. First, greatly increased sweating, and secondly, wakes up ravenous hunger. Famine begins to haunt the next day, and during workouts I think almost exclusively about food. Be prepared for this and hold on to avoid falling and not pounce on the food. 20 pills, I gave 400 rubles, not very happy, so look at weight-loss results, and then I will decide to take on L-carnitine or not.

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L-carnitine from different manufacturers, I drink for a long time. Bought and Karniton at a price of 300 rubles for 20 tablets. Lack them only for 10 days as you need to drink two tablets per day. The biggest disadvantage of this drug is a strong feeling of hunger. When the pill from other firms felt only a surge of energy, and the appetite did not Wake up. Here everything is Vice versa, so there was no results. All that burned in training, then recruited for lunch and dinner. Very much drawn to sweet and greasy. In short, I do not recommend wasting money on this drug.


My whole life I have been chubby all the time struggled with it and bought Karniton reliable for weight loss. About him I read a lot of reviews, I realized that it breaks down the fat, and decided to try L-carnitine as assistance exercise. Six days no effect was noticed, yet for some reason did not take the drug around 9 PM. Lately I am very tired at work, and at 19.00 there were no forces at all, and I went to bed. And this time, the first hour after taking the supplements I difference felt, and I also pulled to sleep.

But then something happened that is beyond words. The impression is that in my blood something sbryznuli, with the result that the brain is involved, the dream vanished, I wanted to move and something to do. I began to do the things that I postponed for a long time. Now take the drug in the evening. The case were solved, gone fatigue, there is energy. Sports have also moved to the evening. The desired effect of weight loss Karniton not brought, but a surge of energy in the evenings like this that give him the highest rating.