The Dukan diet: menu for the week and a recipe for each day, the phase of attack and a detailed table

The Dukan diet is not considered in the direct sense of understanding of her diet (such as buckwheat), and is only a power supply system (exactly the same as the diet Protasov). The author of this plan, Pierre Dukan (Piere Dukan) from France has extensive experience in the field of dietetics for over 25 years, and the result was a multiphase and effective method for weight loss.

The menu of the Dukan

This menu and recipes diet based on foods with a low content of carbohydrates and high amount of protein and are eggs, lean meat and fish. These products can in any quantity to be consumed at the initial stage of the diet. Protein low carb food does not contain a surplus of calories and is suppresses the feeling of hunger. The author’s method diet limits the duration of the first phase is not more than a week, otherwise you can cause irreparable harm.

This menu Dukan fit perfectly into today’s pace of life, when all day I need a higher concentration and performance, which is hard to achieve in other low-carb diets.

The duration menu Dukan can be up to several months, with menus and recipes diet are quite different, and weight loss for the body is not accompanied by stress. And during this long time the body gets used to normal and the new diet, that is, metabolism.

Basic requirements diet menu:

  • every day add to your diet are oat bran (the amount depends on the phase of the diet);
  • every day should drink at least 1.6 liters (not mineralized and non-carbonated) water;
  • every day take a walk on fresh air not less than half an hour;
  • daily to do morning exercises.

Menu Dukan has 4 distinct phases, each with its own special requirements for used products, recipes and diet. It is clear that the performance and efficiency will depend on accurate and complete compliance with the rules at any stage of the diet:

  • the stage of attack;
  • phase alternation;
  • the stage of consolidation;
  • the stage of stabilization.

The initial phase – «attack»

The first stage is different and a significant reduction in the amount of food and great weight loss. In the first phase, the most stringent requirements for diet and very desirable impeccably all of them to perform, as the total loss of body weight in the whole diet is determined on this stage.

The composition of the diet in this phase, preference is given to products with an increased amount of protein is a menu of animal origin and some dairy products with low fat content (or completely defatted).

At this phase, possible dry mouth, dizziness, and other signs of poor health. This suggests that the diet works and there is a loss of fat cells. Therefore, the duration of this stage has a hard limit in duration and will depend on your state of health – when the body does not accept this mode of supply, reduce the duration phase to the minimum, if health allows, then increase the duration of the phase to the maximum in your range overweight:

  • the extra weight over 30 kg – duration of the first phase of 5-10 days;
  • the extra weight 20-30 kg, and the duration of phase 5 to 7 days.
  • excessive body weight up to 20 kg – duration of the first phase of 3-5 days.
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The maximum duration of the first stage should not be more than 10 days.

Products allowed at the first stage in the Dukan diet:

  • every day drink at least 1.6 liters simple (non-saline and non-carbonated) water;
  • certainly every day you must eat oat bran about 1.6 St./L.;
  • veal liver and kidneys;
  • lean beef, horse meat, beef;
  • veal or beef tongue;
  • Turkey meat and chicken without skin;
  • eggs;
  • any seafood;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • can food add salt, vinegar, spices and condiments;
  • any fish (grilled, steam or boiled);
  • low fat and lean ham;
  • the garlic and onions.

Any allowed in the diet foods during the day you can mix as you like.

In the first phase prohibits the following products:

  • goose;
  • pork;
  • sugar;
  • rabbit meat;
  • the duck meat.

The second stage – «alternation»

This is the name of this stage is quite complicated because of the power supply system, when with equal length alternate two different menu diet «protein with vegetables» and»protein». If before the beginning of the diet weight was less than 10 kg, then the system of alternation can be shortened or extended at any time. Approximate options:

  • 5 days of «whites» — 5 days «vegetables plus proteins»;
  • 3 days of «whites» — 3 day «vegetables plus proteins»;
  • 1 day protein and 1 day «vegetables plus protein».

If the diet extra weight was more than 10 kg, the system of alternation only five days (i.e., 5 days of «whites» — 5 days «vegetables plus proteins»).

The duration of the second phase of the diet will depend on lost weight for the first phase of the diet according to the following scheme: 1 kg weight loss in the initial phase «attack» — 10 days in the second phase of «alternation». For example:

  • mass loss phase «attack» diet 5,3 kg – duration of the stage of alternation of 53 days;
  • mass loss in the first phase, «attack» 4.6 kg – duration of the phase of rotation 46 days;
  • mass loss in the first phase, «attack» 3,1 kg – length of the second phase for 31 days.

During the second phase records the results of the initial phase, and a diet as close to normal. The main task of this stage is to prevent the likely return reset for phase «attack» pounds.

Menu of the second phase of the diet has all the products from the first phase to perform a «protein» day and the same products with the addition of vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, spinach, asparagus, radish, celery, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, beets — day a La carte «vegetables plus protein». Vegetables can be consumed in any method of cooking and the number – cooked, raw, made steamed or baked.

Permitted foods at the second stage:

  • necessarily every day to drink at least 1.6 liters (not mineralized and non-carbonated) water;
  • sure daily add diet 4 teaspoon of oat bran;
  • vegetables without starch;
  • any products the menu of the phase «attack»;
  • fruit (forbidden bananas, cherries and grapes);
  • cheese (fat content less than 7%) – 35 oz.;
  • milk;
  • cocoa – 0,5 tbsp;
  • gelatin;
  • starch – 2 tsp;
  • garlic;
  • cream – 0.5 St. l;
  • hot spices, adjika, pepper;
  • ketchup;
  • gherkins;
  • vegetable oil for frying (3 drops);
  • red or white wine 60 gr.;
  • bread – 2 slices.
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Additional products of the second stage should not be mixed as the products of the first phase «attack» — of which every day you can choose only two of some product. Moreover, the products of the first stage, as before, can be mixed arbitrarily.

In the second stage are required to be excluded:

  • grains;
  • Fig;
  • lentils;
  • avocado;
  • peas;
  • beans;
  • pasta;
  • potatoes;
  • corn;
  • beans.

The third phase – «consolidation»

During the third stage stabiliziruemost weight that was obtained for the first two phases. The duration of the third stage of the diet is calculated as the duration of the second stage dropped body weight during the first phase of the diet «attack» (1 kg dropped of body weight in the initial phase is 10 days in the third phase «consolidation»). Diet even more close to normal.

In the third phase, you must observe one rule: throughout the week, one day must, is held on the first stage («protein» day).

Permitted foods in the diet in the third phase:

  • daily need to drink at least 1.6 liters (not mineralized and non-carbonated) water;
  • sure daily add 3 tbsp of oat bran in the diet;
  • all the vegetables the menu of the second stage;
  • all the products of the first stage;
  • bread 2 slices;
  • fruits every day (in addition to cherries, bananas and grapes);
  • can black beans, rice, potatoes, peas, corn, pasta and other starchy foods twice a week;
  • cheese low fat (45 g.).

Twice a week I can eat anything, but only instead of one meal.

The fourth stage – «stabilization»

This stage is not directly diet – this diet until the end of life. You need to follow only four easy limitations:

  • be sure to add a daily in the diet of 3 tablespoons of oat bran;
  • daily need to drink at least 1.6 liters (not mineralized and non-carbonated) water;
  • one of the days of the week (whatever) should be on the menu from the first phase of «attack» («protein» day);
  • every day any number of fruits, vegetables and protein foods, 2 slices of bread, slice of cheese, 2 any product with high amounts of starch.

These four simple rules will allow you to preserve your weight within certain limits, eating over the remaining days, whatever you want.

The pros and cons of Dukan diet

Benefits of Dukan diet

The main advantage of the Dukan diet – a weight not come back. Even the return to the usual mode, after the diet, creates weight gain for an arbitrarily long time (you need to follow only 4 basic rules).

The effectiveness of the Dukan diet is quite high with rates up to 7 kg per week.

Limitations of the diet are quite small, so it can be done at lunchtime at work, at home, in the restaurant or in the café. For example, even alcohol, so you won’t be the black sheep, being invited for a anniversary or other celebration.

The diet is quite safe – does not imply the use of any chemicals or additives – all products are completely natural.

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There are no restrictions on the amount of food consumed (this can boast only a small number of diet – Atkins, Montignac and diet).

There are no clear restrictions on the time between meals – suitable for those who wakes up early, and those who like to sleep.

Significant weight loss since the beginning of the first phase «attack» – you will immediately be convinced of its excellent efficiency. The effectiveness is not reduced, even when other diets you already can’t help.

Diet pretty easy to follow – simple rules do not require preliminary calculations of your diet. A basic number of products allow you to reveal your culinary talents (this is for those who love to eat and to cook).

Disadvantages of menu Dukan

Diet has restrictions on the amount of fat. Discuss with your doctor valid recipes and the diet. Likely, you’ll need to change the menu with an additional small additive oils (e.g., olive).

As each diet menu Dukan not considered to be fully balanced – therefore it is necessary in addition to the recipes to use mineral and vitamin complexes.

The first phase of the diet the «attack» is pretty heavy (but its efficiency is currently the highest). In this period of high fatigue.

Diet needs to be mandatory consumption every day oat bran. This product does not everywhere have the opportunity to buy – it may be necessary to pre-order with delivery. Of course, the order in this case must be made in advance, considering the time of its preparation and delivery.

Results menu Dukan

The practical effect is confirmed by clinical practice. Under efficiency in this case refers to stabilization of the achieved body mass via the two intervals: one is 6-12 months and another 1.5–2 years with the following results:

  • 6-12 months – 83,34 stabilization of body weight;
  • 1.5–2 years – 63.1% of the stabilization of body weight.

These data confirm the high efficiency and effectiveness of the Dukan recipes, as even two years after the diet, 63% of the trained people through observation, body weight remained within the bounds that have been achieved during the observance of all rules of the diet.