The gallstones: symptoms, diet, treatment without surgery

If a person is diagnosed with cholelithiasis, often in the most radical way of getting rid of it is cholecystectomy, during which completely remove the gallbladder. But still the operation is a risk, and if you can avoid it, it is best to try conservative treatment methods. But such actions necessarily should be agreed with your doctor. So what treatments without surgery there are and what symptoms manifested cholelithiasis? Will try to figure it out.


The gallstones can occur for the following reasons:

  • the use of high-calorie foods that contain large amount of cholesterol;
  • hormonal changes in a woman’s body;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • disease causing violation of the outflow of bile.

Arising in the gallbladder stagnation of fluid in combination with an excess amount of cholesterol leads to the appearance of sand in this body. The symptoms accompanying the disease, at this stage, expressed weakly. After some time the grains begin to enlarge, are combined, resulting in formation of large stones, called concretions. They can be formed for a long time – about 20 years.

With the progression of the disease symptoms begin to grow. Appear sudden episodes of pain that occur after a fatty or fried foods. The discomfort occurs in the right hypochondrium, with pain radiates to the shoulder, arm or neck of the corresponding half of the body. Cramps can last up to 6 hours.

Symptoms of gallstone disease also appear in the following way:

  • the feeling of bitter taste in the mouth;
  • flatulence;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • irregularity (constipation, diarrhea).

Start cholecystitis is accompanied by the appearance of a constant low-grade temperature of 37 degrees. The basic symptoms characterized by formation of stones in the gallbladder.


To make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment, the doctor needs to examine the patient. The main method in this case is an ultrasound of the abdomen, during which the monitor screen clearly you can see the stones, determining their number and size. Such a study helps to determine the wall thickness of the body. This increase indicates that begins to develop cholecystitis.

This is not the only way of diagnosing the disease. Sometimes ultrasound can accurately determine the presence of disease, so your doctor may prescribe oral cholecystography. This examination of the bladder using drugs, contrasting the bile. In addition, occasionally retrograde stresses, during which the bile ducts injected contrast agent.

Methods of treatment of stones without surgery

If you experience the symptoms indicating the development of pathological condition, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Self-medication in this case as the probability of occurrence of serious complications, and as soon as the doctor will conduct all the necessary surveys, he determines the further tactics of treatment. Regardless of which method is chosen, the patient should follow a diet. In addition, it needs their actions to send to lower cholesterol levels.

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Depending on what condition is the gall bladder, choose the method of treatment. This can be a non-surgical method (crushing or dissolving of the stones) or the removal of the body. Surgery can be done in the case of biliary colic are repeated very often and in inflammation of the walls of the body or a too great size of the stones.

Alternative medicine proponents claim that there are many ways to treat the gallbladder without surgery, using folk remedies. But it is necessary to closely monitor their condition and if it gets worse, immediately go to the hospital. But it’s worth noting that the use of traditional medicine is a good complement to traditional treatment.


If the result of examination, it was found that the patient has cholesterol stones, I prescribe drugs. In this case, use henodeauxiholevu and ursodeoxycholic acid.

For the treatment of gallbladder without surgery used antispasmodics that enhance and extend the patency of the ducts. The result is a more efficient outflow of bile into the duodenum. In addition, the doctor may prescribe taking holespazmolitiki, such as:

  • «Drotaverine»;
  • «But-shpa»;
  • «Papaverine»;
  • «Eufillin»;
  • «Metacin».

Treatment without surgery may lie in the use of special drugs that help to dissolve gallstones. These include «Ursosan», «Henofalk», ursodeoxycholic acid. Thanks to the use of such medications in the bile begins to decrease the level of substances that lead to formation of stones. Besides them, there are chemical and contact ways to dissolve stones.

Treatment henodezoksiholevoy acid

If you can avoid surgery, then treatment is recommended with henodezoksiholevoy acid. Are drugs «Chenodiol», «Chenoan», «Henofalk», «Hinojal» which promote partial or complete dissolution of stones. Due to the acid there is a decrease in cholesterol synthesis in the liver and increases its solubility, causing the amount of bile is reduced.

These drugs may appoint a doctor and only in case, if the stones have a size of not more than 2 cm and fill the bubble no more than half of its volume. In addition, they cannot take hepatitis, cholecystitis, in case of inflammation of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, ulcer of the duodenum, hepatic or renal failure.

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Treatment with ursodeoxycholic acid

The gallbladder treatment is also carried out by drugs on the basis of ursodeoxycholic acid. This «Ursofalk», «Urolithin», «Ursochol», «Ursosan», which reduce the amount of cholesterol in bile. They are strictly prohibited in liver cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder and his ways, disorders of the kidneys.

You should know that the removal of the gall bladder stones with medication is a long process and can last up to 2 years. Surgeons argue that such treatment is ineffective and even in the complete dissolution of stones, the probability of their re-education. This is true in the case that the patient continues to eat foods rich in cholesterol. If after successful treatment of diet, stones in the gall bladder will not occur.

Application of shock lithotripsy

Upon detection of gallstones you should not immediately undergo surgery. Although symptoms may indicate that this organ is inflamed, but the doctor may recommend a procedure called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. Its essence lies in the fact that the stones under the action of ultrasound are crushed into tiny grains of sand. But if you observe the diet and apply the appropriate medications, they are easily excreted into the duodenum.

But this procedure has a number of requirements:

  • the stones should not be more than 2 cm;
  • no signs of cholecystitis;
  • gallbladder 75% have retained their function.

After conducting shock-wave lithotripsy, the doctor appoints drugs that dissolve cholesterol deposits.

The use of folk remedies

When symptoms of gallbladder disease need to seek medical help. If it is possible to do without surgery, alternative medicine proponents recommend traditional treatments. But sometimes they may not bring any effect, and in some cases can even cause deterioration of health.

Thus, once the patient will starve, he needs to take a potent choleretic agent. It could be a black radish, magnesia, lemon juice mixed with olive oil and other options. Due to starvation in the bladder begins to accumulate concentrated bile, and after the application of stimulating means its emission intensity. The liquid is able to capture small stones and bring into the duodenum.

But this is a very dangerous way, as the stone can simply not pass in the duct. It can fail to turn or to catch hold of something sharp angle. In this case, block the move of bile that will cause severe cramps, excessive production of bile and even may suffer the pancreas. Only emergency surgery will save the life of a person.

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Regardless of which method of treatment was chosen, the patient must follow a diet. In order to get rid of stones, it is necessary to refuse from fat food. After each use of food is recommended to drink half a glass of warm water with juice of one lemon. But this drink should be drunk 2 times a day, not to hurt the stomach.

Diet involves the use of honey and juice of fresh onion. Mix these ingredients in equal proportions and take 1 tbsp 3 times a day before meals. Usually the stones dissolve within one month, especially for small stones.

When dieting it is helpful to mix a glass of mineral water Borjomi 1 tbsp sorbitol or xylitol. The water must be warm and still. Drink this composition must on an empty stomach in the morning, and this is done only once a month.

Also, the diet calls for consumption of fresh carrot juice. A day is recommended to drink at least two glasses of this drink. But this should be done with great caution, as as carrots, can cause yellowing of the skin and body.

Thus, if the resulting symptoms indicate the formation of stones in the gallbladder, then you should consult a doctor. If you can do without the surgery, the doctor prescribes treatment with drugs, the patient must follow a diet. Otherwise, the effect of the medicines will absolutely insignificant.