The Japanese diet 9 days: results of mono -, reviews and the diet day supply

Popularity of days required multiple positive reviews of the stars of talk shows and pop scene. Changes in the forms, has requested the services of a dietitian from Moscow celebrities is so obvious that we, ordinary people, imbued with confidence to a wide experience of Queen Margaret. And we see in its recommendations known to all long ago, but the ageless rules, backed up by ruthless medical facts, and filed with disarming detail.

Again, the diet Queen has been able to help so different from each other and the Hope Babkin and Nikolai Baskov, it is likely that its recommendations will each be able to adopt?

«The people» the most popular and common are the days «13 days» and «9 days», which by and large, are a chain of three different mono-diet. We must not forget that the author is not directly provided for the application of this strict diet in isolation from the main process of eating.

Diet Queen «9 days»: description and features

Describe the diet Queen Margaret «13 days» and «9 days»:

  • Duration: 9 and 13 days.
  • Additional results: bowel cleanse;
  • Price: low;
  • Features: is composed of 3 mono;
  • Frequency: not more than twice a year, or the timetable for the rice mono can be use for fasting days personal scheme;
  • Effect: up to minus 15 kg;
  • Contraindications: breastfeeding, pregnant women, people under 18 who are prone to anemia. Before the diet it is advisable to consult with your doctor!

Menu and rules diet Margarita Queen «9 days»

A rigid feeding schedule, which is designed for 9 days, is the hallmark of Moscow dietitian Queen. This 9-day diet, which, according to some information, for the fastest possible return to form, very often use the majority of the Russian stars, is a type of mono-diet, but very much reinterpreted. Due to the fact that the power is 9 days divided into 3 phases, each of which «runs the show» a specific product, comply with it is much easier than «pure» mono-diet of the same duration in time. This approach can be seen in some of the other ways of losing weight. For example – in the diet 7 petals, which, by and large, has 7 phased mono-diet.

The Margarita Queen warns — apply this diet for 9 days on the principle of «from the frying pan into the fire» is undesirable. This power scheme is best for those people who have already normalized your diet and want to motivate the process of losing weight or to lose my extra kilos before important events. When people are accustomed to overeating, unexpected «sitting» on the three mono can lead to negative consequences in its exchange process, the psyche and health.

The three pillars that underpin the Japanese diet is vegetables, chicken and rice. The last two products enriched with the main macronutrients — protein (chicken meat) and carbohydrates (rice) and vegetables, due to being in the fiber, provide the opportunity for a final «blow clean», ridding the stomach of toxins and impurities.

Rice mono-diet

Three days you must eat only white or Golden basmati and long-grain rice – the same as in each of the variants of rice pohudenii. Prepare the rice according to this recipe: pre-soaked in cold water 300 gr. cereals Sutra thoroughly wash, add boiling water in ratio of 1:2 and serves a quarter of an hour.

The resulting volume of rice should be divided into 6 equal portions and drink throughout the day. The last main meal is allowed no later than 20:00. Also in the process of rice a day, according to the Queen, you need to eat 3 teaspoons of honey (separately, not mixing with the dish of rice) and drink at least 3 litres of purified water without gas.

Chicken mono-diet

Then, for a 3rd day on one figure, in the arena of appear chicken diet days. The menu for the day is chicken weighing approximately 1,250 g., made for a couple. Peel it and remove after cooking and throw out, and the meat is carefully separated from the bones, mix red and white and, again, divide into 6 servings which is consumed well before 20:00. Recommendations for fluid intake are maintained, the honey, unfortunately, is not included in the diet at this stage.

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Vegetable mono-diet

The final chord Express diet Queen: three days to eat vegetables and fruits. Daily ration: 0.5 kg steamed without oil or steam any vegetables and 0.5 kg of raw vegetables. Salt to add is prohibited, the entire amount is habitually divided into 6 servings and used until 20:00. 3 tsp of honey to sweeten the water (at this stage you need to consume 2 litres) and green tea (at your request).

Diet Queen: for celebrities and not only

We can not say a few words about the author of a common 9-day diet. A nutritionist from Moscow Margarita Queen is a woman of many talents. It is perfectly graduated from the medical faculty of the First Sechenov Institute, has published in professional journals more than 20 serious medical research, defended his thesis.

But the real popularity came to her not on scientific, but on a media career: they get work in the field of aesthetic medicine, the Queen quickly became one of the resident experts in various talk shows. She consults not only on losing weight but also versed in all modern methods that help them to be more attractive: from psychotherapy to electrical myostimulation.

Permanently slim, trim and smiling Margaret Queen has the title of «celebrity nutritionist,» helping to lose weight such stars as Andrei Malakhov, Tatiana Tarasova, Zhanna Friske, Anita Choi, Philipp Kirkorov and many other heroines and heroes of the Russian gossip. Grateful to «star» patients who wrote reviews and recommendations for the first book Margaret’s, «lose Weight forever! Easy to let the harmony» has ensured the popularity of the supply circuit of Queen Margaret, as if saying to all the fans: «We helped diet try it and you!».

Now personal nutrition consulting available to anyone interested in the author’s center nutritionist. A few hours of private consultations with famous nutritionist will cost 60 thousand rubles., and for 350 thousand rubles. you can buy a program unlimited time and chat with the Queen any amount of time (but, alas, not everything, but only on nutrition, but also this amount does not include the procedure).

Margaret’s book «Easy way to get slim» was actually a very popular publication: circulation several times zapechatyvanie, and, according to official information, now sales have exceeded half a million copies. Feature of the book was the fact that it is the Queen, characterized in that it is constantly working individually, describe the universal system of nutrition for weight loss 9 days, which allows for this time to throw off 10 kg. Not done in this publication and no General recommendations — in detail Margarita wrote my professional philosophy and addressed a compelling recommendation for change of life image to all the people who want to get rid of unnecessary weight.

Briefly the message of the book can be defined as: smile more, move, not fast, but do not overeat. These seemingly obvious things in the mouth of a successful nutritionist simply do wonders: our compatriots loved the Japanese diet.

A practical guide to diet

To make the task easier of those people who started «the Easy way to lose weight» diet Queen, she also prepared a practical guide called «food Diary», following the advices and recording the results, you may, in the opinion of nutritionist, «permanently lose weight». «Diary» is made on the principle of the calendar and has the calendar, days of fasting, and various reference tables that help to make the menu for weight loss.

In 2011, the Queen has released another research and writing a book called «the Rules of the well-fed harmony». This book came out in support of another project Margarita «Royal diet» (a play on words — or a menu designed for the Royal ladies, or is it a possessive pronoun from the name of a nutritionist). Another diet Queen programme is the delivery of ready meals, created about the principle has long been popular abroad Fresh Diet and Weight Watchers.

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Its objective is that, by making subscription to the «Royal diet», not willing to spend time thinking through your diet and are very busy, but still wanting to lose weight people several times receive daily fresh meals, designed by Queen Margaret.

In the publication «the Royal diet» are some of the recipes which chef programme cuisine. After reviewing their composition, it is possible to personally verify: plan healthy, delicious and so gourmet that power it actually required a separate service.

The rules of power from the Queen

In dietary philosophy Queen «reference point» is eating behavior, which are peculiar to man. Just received a set from his childhood relationships with food and dining habits, as a rule, is the root of evil that produces the unwanted weight, and that adjustment of the set of rules unconsciously performed showing the best results.

You have the wrong «food education» when:

  • feed your children regardless of their wishes;
  • take food as the main source of pleasure («cult of food»);
  • do not share satiety and hunger full: eat until and when there is food;
  • can’t cope effectively with stress differently, as with alcohol and food.

In the opinion of the dietician the Queen, unconscious gluttony creates a «looseness» of special centers of satiety and hunger, which are located in the hypothalamus. Abusing food, which causes a sharp increase in blood sugar (fast food, sweets, fat) we achieve that the data centers «otoshibuta» to respond to the actual increase in the number of glucose. In the end, the hunger pursues us even when the body really doesn’t need anything. But, controlling the diet, the hypothalamus can «rebuild».

The main step in this direction, as indicated by the diet Queen — the fractional and frequent meals in small portions, preferably separate, and ending after 19:00. Thus, there is in the blood constant amount of glucose, and the stomach is much easier to effectively allocate and digest anything it comes. The result: better digestion, better health, less body fat «in reserve».

The next step is to learn how to eat efficiently. It’s not about the composition of the portions, and on the right the ritual of its consumption. Hastily saturation leads to disturbances in the body, its overload. Know your limits, thoroughly chew it, enjoy the aroma and appearance of food is an integral component of a diet Queen. Important role a nutritionist pays the amount of food and mechanism of stretching of the volume of the stomach, which is an important symptom of physiological satiety. Because of this invaluable service to everyone who embarked on the path of harmony, are water and fiber.

Any diet Queen significantly increases the «healthy» conventional liquid dose counseled daily use of about 3 L. the usual non-carbonated purified water (to know individual daily record in a proportion of 15 ml/500 gr. weight). To monitor water balance is another fundamental principle of philosophy Queen to a healthy diet. According to her theory, drinking green tea or water only for half an hour before eating and one hour after otherwise changing the concentration of juice in the stomach and reduces the quality of digestion of food.

«Fasting week» in the days

Also the nutritionist advises her patients periodically, if you need to shed a few pounds, use the diet that nazyvaetsja «Fasting week». To implement it is not difficult, but be prepared: you need to eat at the same time with the same time period. This unloading week is called due to the convenience orientation. By and large, restrictions are within 4 days; start «unloading» it is necessary on Tuesday and be completed on Friday.

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Foods that are allowed on fasting diet:

  • 1 potato;
  • A quarter of a chicken;
  • Fat-free yogurt;
  • 2 cucumbers;
  • 120 gr. cheese.

Scheme of fasting:

  • From the 2nd to 5th day of 8.5 meals, alternating any of the allowed foods and yogurt (for example, after sleep — a Cup of yogurt, later, Yes hours — potatoes, after 2 hours a Cup of yogurt, even after 2 hours — cucumber, etc.).
  • The final, «half» meal — 0.5 cups of yogurt not later than 8 PM.

All foods are eaten and prepared without salt, sugar and butter. A day you need to drink 3 l of water.

Remember that «Fasting week» and «9 days» is only part of the program is a popular nutritionist. To get long-lasting and most effective results, it makes sense to harmonize and redefine your approach to food, resorting to unloading and mono-diet only periodically to stimulate weight loss in the first stage or to avoid jumps in weight. No matter what you had to taste – diet Queen or some other reasonable and thought-out eating plan, females important that the guidance truly order in the organism inside and, as a rule, requires more time and effort than any rigid diet.

Now the sixth (final chicken) the day as are on diet. Observe clearly. Without salt and spices. Rice took a wild with the addition of brown and red. Considered to be the most useful. He has an unusual and distinctive taste, so I sit in this rice easier than usual. Although, most likely, it’s not for everybody. The chicken was cooked only the breast. So that left 3 vegetable of the day. Expect green beans and cauliflower. On the scale still did not become. But it is already obvious: Boca crept, belly gone. Feel the lightness throughout the body.

Marina Vologda

A great diet. Works for me. It was difficult at first day. The evening was very angry with difficulty, «persuaded» ourselves to go to bed, not to eat sweets before going to sleep and falling off the diet. And then everything went surprisingly easily. Can’t stand the standard liquid. 3 liters is too much for me. But approximately 1,9 drink. Few days left on the vegetables. Then I want a few more days to sit on the buckwheat and cottage cheese. Diversity, of course, is not enough, but, in General, everything is quite acceptable. The result is today minus 4 kg.

Natalia Samara

Diet is actually working. To begin, I weighed 66 kg with height 165 cm. Now the sixth day, the last chicken day. I weigh 61 kg. Moreover, not step away from the diet, although the temptations were many. Any exercise is not done, is difficult. Satisfied, I feel great, something that was difficult to master, that’s of unsalted rice, so like normal.

Elena Moscow