The Japanese diet for weight loss menu when unloading days from the dietician

Margarita Koroleva — known nutritionist, which has helped to lose weight the huge number of Russian celebrities. The basis of the diets from the Queen – the presence of fasting days different nature. All these fasting days is provided so that people could not only achieve significant results with weight loss, but also to preserve health is normal. As you know, many diets do not contribute to the preservation of health. What feature of the diet from the Queen, and you’ll learn below.

Description of the diet for 9 days

Nutritionist Margarita Koroleva is the author of several weight loss diets which are built on certain fasting days. But the most famous is the diet for 9 days, which is divided into three trimesters during which a person must be a certain diet.

Menu data handling days consists of three products:

  • rice;
  • chicken (fish);
  • vegetables.

Moreover, the feature of the diet is that you should for 3 days at a time to follow a mono-diet on the basis of each of these product without consumption of salt.

The first three days the menu consists of boiled rice, the next three only of boiled chicken and the last three days need to eat some vegetables.

During all 9 days of fasting you should drink up to 2.5 liters of clean water. Her normal every day need to share about 10 pieces and divide between meals evenly. First glass need to drink on an empty stomach, about 20 minutes before Breakfast.

Diet from Queen Margaret: what is prohibited?

Of course, for weight loss have to give up many favorite foods. In the second period, the diet Queen Margaret you can substitute the chicken for beef, lamb or pork. But if you practice fasting days for the first time, but choose chicken or fish.

In the period of the diet should be stricken from your menu to the following:

  • pastries and cakes;
  • ice cream;
  • sausage of various types;
  • canned foods;
  • pickled vegetables;
  • compotes;
  • dairy products;
  • mushrooms;
  • sugar;
  • salt;
  • sauces, ketchups and mayonnaises;
  • oil;
  • spices;
  • seasoning in addition to herbs.

Diet from Queen Margaret and its components

Feature diet from the Queen is to combine fasting days in the diet. Brief characteristics of the fasting days is as follows:

  • rice days – you can only eat white long grain rice (basmati) or gold grade;
  • chicken during the day to eat three pounds of meat, steamed. You can’t eat the fatty part of the chicken and the skin;
  • fruit days, one day eat two pounds of raw, steamed and cooked vegetables. You can expand your menu green tea and a few spoons of honey. Drink more in each trimester.

Now consider each of these in more detail.

Rice fasting days

During this period, your goal in losing weight is to saturate the body with carbohydrates. Besides rice, you can drink water and eat a little honey.

Rice is prepared every day in the morning. The cooking method is like this:

  • take 250 grams of rice and in the evening fill it with cold water;
  • in the morning rinse well and place in a pan;
  • pour hot water in proportion 1 to 2 and cook for 15 minutes.
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The resulting volume of meals divide into 5-6 equal parts. Eat each of them, keeping equal intervals between meals. The latter need to consume a maximum of 20.00 hours. During the day you can afford to 3 teaspoons of honey, but they can neither drink, nor eat it with rice.

Second trimester diet from the Queen

4 to 6 day diet need to get enough protein and allow to dissolve fats. During the day eat only boiled chicken or fish low-fat varieties:

  • cod;
  • sea bass;
  • ice, etc.

The rate of consumption is about 1200 g of chicken meat and 800 grams of fish, respectively. You can alternate during the three days of fish and chicken days, but mix them in one day is prohibited.

To cook the fish or meat should:

  • boil fish fillet or chicken in the evening, preferably in a double boiler;
  • clean from a hide or skin, remove the bones.

Received the product scope will split it 5-6 times and like in the previous case, eat them, observing equal intervals of time. The last meal – 19 hours. Fish can be seasoned in such products:

  • herbs;
  • parsley;
  • dill.

The third part of fasting days for weight loss

Weight loss is impossible without cleansing the colon of toxins and impurities. And this time period is used for this purpose. During the day you need to eat up to a kilo of vegetables and drink a lot.

Most of your menu should be green and white vegetables:

  • bow;
  • cucumbers;
  • cabbage;
  • zucchini.

A little less should be coloured vegetables, such as:

  • pepper;
  • tomatoes;
  • carrots;
  • beet and others.

Half of the vegetables should be boiled, and eaten without salt, and the second part to chop and make salads. Divide the entire volume into 5-6 pieces and eat it to 19 PM. Daily menu can be diluted with a few tablespoons of honey dissolved in water. And part of the amount of fluid you can replace green tea without sugar.

Also, when choosing components for the vegetable menu, give preference to those vegetables which contain the maximum amount of water when losing weight they help. With you 40% better to get rid of excess weight than the consumption of other vegetables. Greens should be consumed without restrictions.

The recipes in the diet from Queen Margaret

The nutritionist said that not everyone is able to consume every day is the same. If the first day on the chicken or vegetables to survive, but the days that followed, resist the temptations will be extremely difficult.

Below we present you a few recipes that allowed the menu at observance of days of fasting from Queen. Some of them are very tasty and will save you from monotony.

Salad of aromatic herbs

During vegetable days, you can not just chopped into the salad all the possible vegetables and herbs, and cook something delicious. So, for this salad take:

  • 150 g arugula;
  • the same amount of spinach;
  • as many leaves of lettuce;
  • 100 g asparagus;
  • 100 g Basil.
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Hands tear all the greens. Then connect with fragrant dried herbs and vegetables, for dressing, use natural lemon juice.

Grilled chicken fillet

And this dish is perfect for those who practice fasting days according to this method a second time. The chicken so you can not only cook, but to cook on the grill without fat.

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • 200 g chicken breast;
  • half lemon;
  • a sprig of rosemary;
  • half a teaspoon of curry.

First you need to squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix it with curry. Then RUB the rosemary chicken and swirl it in the mixture based on lemon juice and curry. Bake the meat on the grill until tender.

Eggplant with tomatoes

For vegetable stage of the diet approach here is this recipe. You will need 2 aubergines, 4 tomatoes and herbs. Vegetables cut into rings and place in a baking dish, alternating one vegetable with another. Sprinkle herbs on top and place in oven. Bake the dish until cooked and serve.

What do patients say about diet Queen

The reviews of those who have practiced this diet, indicate that rice days – the most difficult. But those who are accustomed to eat meat every day, first and last stage of unloading will be the most difficult. However, the results in terms of weight loss is always there and depend on the original physique of the person. If it is average, but it is possible for 9 days to lose 5 pounds, and if the person is a full – can and 10 kg, respectively.

Practice the diet from Queen Margaret more than once every six months is not recommended, because it refers to quite strict. There are contra-indications for its prescription is diabetes and anemia. But even if you do not suffer from these diseases, it is better still to initially consult with a nutritionist if you fit this method of weight loss.

It may be simply to exclude from the menu all unhealthy foods and exercise. It is not always possible to fix after diet results weight loss. Very often, having reached the expected, people relax and go back to the original form. Therefore, when any diet you need to follow their rules.

Rules of nutrition from Queen Margaret

Even those who are not yet ready to sit on such a strict diet can lose weight, if you take into consideration these tips on losing weight from the Queen:

  • eliminate from your menu, white sugar and bleached grains;
  • replace sugar with honey;
  • table salt replace with sea or seaweed in powdered form;
  • the salad is better not to fill, but if you will not be able to use them for dressings, choose olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs such as thyme, Basil or oregano;
  • drink on an empty stomach a glass of water a day drink 2 litres of pure non-carbonated water 250 ml at a time;
  • eat 5-6 times a day with the breaks for 3-4 hours;
  • to include in the menu of spicy vegetables and spices that help to burn fat;
  • when frying foods, use water instead of oil, the best oil to add to the finished dish;
  • be active and exercise. The load should be moderate and take at least 40 minutes, while the fat burning process starts after 20 minutes.
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Fasting or a strict diet energy is expended at the expense of muscle. If they are very faint, calories are burned more slowly, so when losing weight it is always important to exercise, these two categories are always interrelated with each other.

If you are a professional athlete, you still need to pick up a menu so that calories did more than burned. Simple aerobics will relieve you from only 200 grams of calories.

Why you need to count calories even after days of fasting?

After the diet challenge is the exit and consolidation of the results of weight loss. Nutritionists say that you can’t mindlessly lash out at food, and I advise you to count calories. Only 3500 calories and you again gain 0.5 kg of weight. And your daily requirement is 1500 calories.

Regardless of how you got the extra calories, they still are deposited in the body in the form of so-called stock. Diet Queen is good because it is low in carbs, and you lose weight by burning fat from this stock.

After the diet came to an end, you need to carefully monitor their diet. Not necessarily go on a special diet, you just podkidyvat calories and zeroing out at 500 calories. During the week, you can lose not less than 300 grams of weight. Fasting is prohibited only in the unloading.

When fasting, the body is rebuilt and looking for any opportunity to make the stock, and after fasting he begins to work especially intensively. Weight loss method the Queen is quite effective and harmless to the body. Of course, have to abandon many dietary habits, but in the future, you have the incentive to better monitor their diet.