The list and the technique of effective physical exercises for weight loss thighs, buttocks, legs and abdomen

A toned tanned body, six-pack abs, slim waist is the dream of every person who is trying to fight excess weight and excess inches. Rushing from diet to diet, people torturing your body and destroys health. Only diet excess weight not to remove, especially if it has been delayed for several years.

Through diet you can remove a couple of excess pounds, and some people manage to get rid of a dozen, but the body condition is poor. After losing weight on a diet, the skin remains hanging pieces, the girls often appears cellulite. And to go to the beach, even if an ideal weight it becomes embarrassing. So, anyway, but to resort to the exercise will have. Only regular exercise and a properly balanced diet will help to give body and weight to normal.

General guidelines to losing weight

Before you rush to implement all kinds of exercise, you need to sit down and think about what parts of the body most create discomfort. Determining problem areas you can pick up exercises on them. The repetition of memorized movements will not do good and will not bring you a step to figure dreams. So before mindlessly tiring yourself should take into account some points.

Recommendations to lose weight:

  • Rethink your diet. The problem of losing weight is best approached in a holistic manner. The weight loss happens at burning and fat breakdown, however, in the case when food goes into the body the amount of calories more than you need to sustain, slim toned body and will remain a pipe dream.
  • The number of workouts per week. In the pursuit of weight should be careful not to lose health. The muscles must rest, so training should not spend more than four times a week. Exhausted, the body will demand a larger volume of food and lose weight will not work.
  • Breath. Performing any physical exercise you need to control your breathing. Breathing should accelerate, consequently, increase the frequency of heartbeat. With palpitations, the blood runs faster through the body, the human body sweats, and with then go all the surplus.
  • The weight control. Many experts do not recommend to weigh once a week. But it’s still wrong. To measure the weight definitely need before you start training in a week at least twice. Controlling weight, you’ll be aware of whether doing right, as the wrong diet and exercise the scale will not move at best, and at worst will creep up.
  • To abandon in a hurry. Do not try to accelerate the weight loss exhaustion of the body. To anything good it will not. Losing excess weight should happen gradually and evenly.
  • The alternation of exercise. To build a beautiful and proportional body definitely need to alternate exercises.
  • The time of training. Before class it is not recommended to eat. The last pre-workout meal should be at least an hour. Exercise is best done in the morning or during the day but not before bedtime. Performing exercises, the metabolism is accelerated, and, consequently, the process of weight loss is gaining speed. And in the dream, as ever, all the processes slow down. So it turns out that thanks to the exercises, the metabolism was accelerated, and, lying down to sleep, you dramatically slow down, allowing you to accelerate at full power and get rid of excess weight.

Exercises for belly slimming

The type of shape each individual. Someone gains weight from above, someone in the hips, but often the weakest point in women is the stomach. To allow the appearance in the procedure, it is necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles. And this, possibly with the help of properly selected physical exercises.

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  1. Starting position — lie back on the floor, knees bent, feet rest against the floor. Palms put behind your head, elbows must look to the side. From this position, lift the torso to the knees. Chest must touch the knees. Watch out for the elbows, they absolutely should not be reduced, and obliged to look to the side. Lifts should be smooth without jerks and wobbles. Control the breath. The breath must be in its original position, and exhale is done by touching the breast of knees. For starters, the number of repetitions must be about thirty. If it is very difficult to start with twenty, and then increase the daily amount of ascents.
  2. Starting position is the same as in the first exercise. Hands, palms down can be put on the floor along the torso. Further, the maximum pull knees to shoulders. In this exercise, it is necessary to monitor the position of the lower back. It must be firmly pressed to the floor. The initial number of repetitions to twenty, and then each subsequent training session the number of repetitions increase.
  3. Original position, as in the first two exercises. From position, lying down, need to raise the body and turn a little to the left so that the right elbow was above his left knee. In this position, it is exhalation. Slowly descend in the reverse position. Take a breath. Now lift the body and turn to the right side. The left elbow should be above your right knee. When performing this exercise, the hips should be together, feet do not off the floor. Crunches should be ten in each direction.
  4. The exercise is similar to the previous one, only now you need to not raise the torso, but rather bent the knee to the shoulders. Lying on the floor, clinging to his waist. Bent knees are pulled to the left shoulder. Then fall down, but in any case not placed on the floor. Inhale, both knees now pulled to the right shoulder. Exhale. The number of repeats is also ten times on each side.
  5. Starting position — lying on the floor, arms bent at the elbow, palms up behind his head, legs bent at the knees and raised up, making an angle of ninety degrees. Inhale. At the same time shoulders and knees must move towards each other, to touch. During the contact should be exhale. And return to the starting position. The number of repetitions to twenty times.
  6. Starting position — lying back on the floor, arms along the body palms down. Lower back and hips tightly pressed to the floor. Inhale and straight leg rises. Now exhale and feet are slope down smoothly, but not placed on the floor. Legs held the weight, then rise again. Repetitions of exercises should be twenty.
  7. Widely known exercise — the plank. Strengthens not only abdominal muscles but also your whole body. Initial position: lying flat on his stomach on the floor. Hands should be bent at the elbows. Put your elbows on the floor, exactly under the shoulders. Press your toes into the floor. Lift your body up horizontally above the floor. The body should be parallel to the floor. Try to keep your back straight, not arching nor up nor down. The stomach also should be stressed. In this position, you must hold out at least thirty seconds. Then lie down to rest. And then repeat two more times, also for 30 seconds. Daily time strap should be increased to ten seconds.
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A list of effective exercises for slimming legs and thighs

Slender legs attracted the attention of everyone. But they looked beautiful, and your gait was light and flying, will have much work to do. The most effective exercises for weight loss feet are listed below.


Squats — one of the basic exercises for buttocks and legs. With proper exercise the additional load goes on the press, and on the back.

Stand up straight. Feet slightly narrower than shoulder width. Hands on the waist or connect to the castle behind the head. Exhale. Sit down, inhale, and then rise to the starting position. During the squat be sure the back should be straight and not SAG. And the knees in no case must not go beyond socks. Squat to up to the moment when the buttocks are at knee level, but below. The deeper the squat, the more muscles work, therefore, the faster the process of losing weight.

Part of the squat

For smartness gluteal muscles suitable partial squats. It is a physical exercise similar to regular squats, but need not be lowered parallel to the floor, but only half. But in the position of the squat should stick around for ten seconds and then get up and do an exhalation.


Stand up straight. Hands can be put on the waist or lower down. From this position, step your right foot forward. Scroll down so that the right foot did the angle to ninety degrees and the left foot rested on the waist band to the floor and was straight. All your weight should be shifted to the right foot while the left remains free and used only for balance. Then step back with your right foot. Thus, you return to the starting position. Now, the same need to be repeated, but with the left leg.

The swing to the side

Strengthen inner thigh mages with his foot. Lie on the floor with his back. Turn over on your left side. Raise your right leg up, then slowly lower. Do twenty reps. After you bend your right leg at the knee and place on floor in front of the left leg, remaining lying on its side. Make a low swing with his left foot. The number of repetitions as well — 20. After run, turn over on your right side and repeat all the same.


To lose weight in thighs and legs will help exercise — plies. It perfectly strengthens both external and internal thigh. Stand with your heels connect together. Make a half-step each foot out to the side. The heels still have to look inside. Supposed to be a sort of pose of a sumoist. From this position, gradually lower yourself down. Lower yourself as far as your stretching. At the lowest point hold for a few seconds and then rise up to starting position. The number of times to repeat the exercise 20 times.

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The gluteal bridge

The gluteal bridge will make the buttocks firmer and will deprive them of unnecessary fat. Starting position lying back on the floor. Arms stretched along the body. Legs bent at the knees and rested his feet on the floor. Slowly raise your buttocks up. Back bend and to bend is absolutely impossible. She is obliged to remain. Shoulders and head remain pressed to the floor.

At the top hold for five seconds, then lower your hips down into the original position. The breath should be done when the buttocks lower down, and exhale during the body is at the top. The number of repeats, as in the other exercises — 20 pieces.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of exercise

To increase the efficacy of the exercise and in the speedy time to get closer to the shape and weight of the dream will in the implementation of the recommendations to weight loss. No secret there, as well as magic pills.

General guidelines:

  • The first thing you will need in the difficult task of weight loss is perseverance and willpower. Very often will be tempted to quit, to procrastinate or skip. So stay on the path to a clear goal.
  • Carefully monitor the food. Half a pledge in good shape is proper nutrition. Avoid diets, however, diet is necessary to remove soda, sweet, pastries, fatty, fried, smoked.
  • Before you start training be sure to warm up the body. Follow a simple workout, and you protect yourself from injuries and sprains. Jump, jog, do a few bends in different directions you will warm up the muscles and at the same time will rise to the mood.
  • Be sure to drink water. The more water intake the better. The average for the normal functioning of moderate physical activity adults need to drink two and a half liters of clean water. Juices, teas, coffee and soups not apply to water, it is considered a liquid.
  • Start your day with a glass of clean drinking water. It activates all the digestive processes and will force your body to Wake up.

Most importantly, remember that the better the weight loss will take you more time and weight will not return, than a quick, but temporary weight loss.