The most effective and efficient diet for quick weight loss: reviews and results dropped weight

Diet, diet, diet… Most girls and women tend to choose diets to lose weight. And here they are right after without diet, or at least without going on a healthy diet effective weight loss not be.

What effective diet choose to weight loss? How to understand that this is the diet that will help effectively lose weight? After all, there are diets can hurt the body.

How to choose a proper menu of healthy diet for weight loss?

Let’s do a little investigation and choose the safest, most effective, the best diet for you lovely girls. There are diet quick on the basis of a healthy diet, there are those that are contrary to healthy eating. You need to put all of the diet on the shelves, and to understand which ones are the best.

Diet is the best remedy against extra weight. But if you still do gymnastics and go to the gym, and on weekends spend time in the sauna or in the steam bath, the result will be stunning and will delight all girls and women.

The menu list of healthy food for effective weight loss

Stellar diet from Julia Roberts

Everyone knows Julia Roberts is a wonderful actress with a talent from God, the mother of three adorable kids and a beautiful woman. In the hectic life, she always finds time for myself to look fresh, beautiful, fit, sexy. Particularly praiseworthy is her figure. This is a stunning result of the daily work of the stars. Hurry to share the secret of the stars!

The secret of a beautiful body and face from Julia Roberts

In one of the magazines Julia Roberts answered the question, what is the secret of such beauty and constant energy? To which she replied simply: life in motion. You need to constantly move to keep your body in shape.

In the night you need to drink up to two liters of water and eat rationally. Julia Roberts with the help of a dietician and a beautician developed the diet to include: fish, vegetables, fruit. Completely forget about sweets, starchy foods and those foods that contain starch. A three-day menu is now available every girl

  • Cook steam red fish.
  • Chopped salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, season with olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Wash berries (raspberries, strawberries, strawberries) and cut in half fresh lemons.

Such a diet is necessary to observe three days twice daily. Drink brew green tea, remember to drink water.

Like any diet, it needs to be designed for a short period of time. More than three days diet, the stars are not advised to observe very harmful to the body.

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Observing a healthy diet from Julia Roberts, you get rid of toxins and unnecessary substances, your skin becomes smooth and wrinkles disappear, the face becomes noticeably firmer.

There is another menu of healthy food, which is sexy and beautiful star has been practicing a couple times a year. It is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle. It’s important to eat fresh and natural products. Main components — carbohydrates 50%, fat 25% and protein 30%. In a short time you will lose unwanted pounds.

Now let’s talk about fashion healthy eating. In the world of diets also has its own fashion. Constantly girls use one menu, then another, and some diets remain popular. What is fashionable now? Before you TOP 10 most fashionable diets, which are the stars, socialites, and just girls.

TOP 10 most fashionable and best diets

1) the Kremlin

The Kremlin diet is one of the most fashionable for a long time. Although its effectiveness is less than its hyped popularity. Not everyone will like it. It is necessary to drastically restrict carbohydrates.

2) Japanese

Actually it is not true to the traditions of the East, but quite popular in Russia. You will not only lose weight but also will completely rebuild the body, due to which reduced weight will last several years.

3) the Diet according to blood group

The author of this diet is Peter D’adamo believes that power depends on blood groups. It is important what foods are right for a specific person and help to reduce weight, and which are harmful and contribute to the rapid collection of kilograms. So learn your blood type and choose your menu.

4) the famous Diet of Larisa Dolina

This diet has become very popular, thanks to the rumors, because with such diets the singer Larisa Dolina prettier and thinner. On this menu is very difficult to hold, but if you want to test my willpower and lose weight, then go ahead! If you need to lose weight, use healthy diet the famous singer.

5) Olive

Olive food should not take more than five days. Olives have advantages, but have a great variety of nutrients, so it should last no more than five days. After recommended to return to a healthy food to weight loss was assigned a high results.

What is in this food? I will share healthy menus, because sometimes when I have skin problems appear, I include in the diet of olives.

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For Breakfast and dinner prepare:

  • 30 g olives
  • 30, rucolla,
  • 3 cucumbers,
  • 1 tomato,
  • 1 red pepper,
  • balsamic vinegar,
  • olive oil.

You can eat nuts: almonds, cashews.

At lunch you can cook buckwheat, barley, oat porridge, rice. In the afternoon you can eat black and green olives. But for greater effect better to use green olives. As a result of this power your skin is visibly tightened, you will lose weight and feel good.

6) Menu for weight loss on a corn flake

Diet for corn flakes really work. This is a quick diet, if you need to lose a few pounds. It consists of two bases: corn porridge and corn flakes. This diet need to observe a week, and you will be able to lose 4 pounds consistently.

7) Menus for weight loss for apricots

Delicious name, right? Apricot is the most healthy fruit loved by everyone. It contains helpful potassium salt, which quickly help the body to absorb and digest carbohydrates. Apricots supply the body with valuable nutrients, thereby strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

8) Ukrainian

Very hard menu. It cannot be used to people with increased acidity of gastric juice. If you decided to use Ukrainian menu to lose weight, better consult with a dietitian and read reviews online. This menu allows for the week to throw more than five pounds. You must eat only at certain times, or effective weight loss not be.

9) Tea

The tea menu includes green tea. This is the best drink that instantly burns fat. If you enable it in the diet, the faster you will lose weight. Tea removes from the body toxins, strengthens blood vessels and fills the body with useful substances. This is confirmed by reviews of many women who were able to lose weight with tea.

10) Protein

Protein diet helps to lose seven kilos in a few weeks. It can be used by those who do not have a dependence on sweet and rich, but used for fish and meat. Such a long diet the body gradually adjust to the new regime. It is important to hold on this menu and not off, in order to effectively lose weight.

Reviews of girls who managed to lose weight

Here are described the best diet that effectively fight excess weight and allow you to lose weight quickly. If in winter you’ve gained a few pounds, these diets can be safely used. They don’t just clean unnecessary, but make your body healthier better.

If you tried one of the diets share with us, share your experience, write a feedback we will work together to support other girls and help to lose weight.

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If you are interested, you can read reviews of girls who used one of these diets. They boast effective results:

I had never been overweight, always kept myself in shape, I do gymnastics. But after the baby gained 20 pounds. It was a real nightmare! I knew that after birth, all the better, but not Yes the same degree. Looking for many diets, but after they again gained weight. Then found the Japanese menu, which lasts 30 days. It is important to drink only water and eat raw fish with raw vegetables and fruits. Last week, dropped 5 pounds. I am very determined to lose 25 kg. I Wanted to be refined and fragile lady. 30 days passed, I dropped 21 kg.

Anna Fedorova, 30 years, Barnaul

The most effective is the protein diet, the essence of which eating fish and meat for a couple of protein products, but not eat sweets and butter. My goal was to lose 10 lbs. When sick, I had hormonal drugs to take, weight 10 kg. For Breakfast I made myself a porridge on water and tea. In the afternoon saw the vegetable broths and herbal infusions for cleaning the bowel. You also need to take a multivitamin. If suddenly you will have loose stools with mucus, do not be afraid. Because most of the diet consists of liquids. I lost 12 kg and very happy! I decided to leave a review, because I think that the results should be shared.

Ataeva Nastya, 20 years, Minsk