The most effective and fast diet at home for 7 days-minus 10 kg: protein and vegetable diet reviews

Now mono (the so-called short diet) have a huge popularity among many women. Most of these diets last no longer than one week and at the same time give the opportunity to lose 5-7 pounds of unnecessary weight. The results, of course, very impressive, some and one month can’t win this «victory» all the time in regards to eating and exhausting your body with exercise.

Features short diets

But it should be clearly understood that these systems of power have a negative impact on health and the body because they provide a significant restriction of the diet against this:

  • there are frequent dizziness;
  • exacerbated by various chronic diseases;
  • there is a constant uncontrollable feeling of hunger, it causes insomnia, and depression, which many women can’t go out for a very long time, even after the diet;
  • appears rapid fatigue and weakness;
  • be swellings and pain in the abdomen, which is caused by a sudden change in diet.

In addition, many after short diets the stomach ceases to take daily food, all this may result in vomiting and nausea.

And this is just a small list of what you as a «bonus» will be able to give these short diet. Because before they «get it», must all be carefully considered, to visit your doctor and complete a survey to determine the condition of the body.

But for many women appearance is much more important than their own health because they are ready for weeks, eating solid food and even to obtain from this process a certain pleasure. As diet for seven days herding the fat from the thighs, buttocks and waist very well and the reflection in the mirror creates an even greater incentive to lose weight and to lose 2-3 kg.

If you are so determined, you don’t have any health problems and you are not afraid of those consequences which can appear after a short diet, then you probably can’t wait to see what mono for 7 days are the most effective and from what menu they are. Let’s look at some ways diets that you can choose a nutrition program suitable for you.

Types of mono-diet

Kefir diet for a week

This fast diet for seven days will allow you to lose 4.5-7 lbs. As the name indicates, the main source of energy there will be yogurt. To drink it you will need 1.5 liters per day during the week. Moreover, this beverage must contain no more than one percent fat.

Kefir is very easy to digest and perfectly clean the intestines from toxic substances that poison the body inside and affect the whole body. After this week of cleansing you will feel an incredible lightness and a desire to flit.

But you need to understand that losing weight in this embodiment takes place through the cleaning and output stagnated in the intestines of feces. And to leave the fat, you need to monitor your diet and eat only those foods which are described in the menu below. Failure to comply leads to a decrease in the efficiency of mono.

Menu kefir diet

So during the week you will need every day to drink 1.5 liters of yogurt. It must be divided into equal shares and to drink in 3-5 receptions. You can also have:

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  • in the 1st day of unsalted boiled potatoes small size, not over 4 PCs.;
  • in the 2nd day of unsalted chicken breast, no more than 120 gr.;
  • in the 3rd day of boiled unsalted beef, not more than 120 gr.;
  • on the 4th day boiled and unsalted fish, no more than 160 gr.;
  • on the 5th day of raw fruits and veggies (not grapes and bananas), no more than 450 gr.

Diet 6-day consists only of yogurt and at 7th, even it is forbidden to drink only non-carbonated mineral water.

Weekly diet

This is the most effective protein diet for a week, because observing it can throw up to 10 kg. in the Beginning it may seem unreal, but it is in fact the case. Just need to clearly observe the menu of this diet and you will be released. I have to say that the diet is quite hard, because all the time listen to your body. When a strong pain below the stomach, loss of consciousness and dizziness, from diet, you should opt out and apply to the doctor.

Menu effective diet:

  • 1st day did not eat, can only drink non-carbonated mineral water. Liter of water should be divided into 4 equal portions and drink throughout the day;
  • 2nd day again prohibited there, only low-fat milk, but not more than 850 ml, it should be divided into 4 equal portions and drink throughout the day;
  • 3-day only non-carbonated mineral water. 2 liters of water should be divided into 6 servings and drink throughout the day;
  • 4th day you can eat only a vegetable salad with little lemon juice, or oil of olives. Drink only unsweetened green tea and mineral water;
  • 5th day this menu the 2nd day;
  • 6 day a liter of still mineral water (split into 4 servings), salad from vegetables;
  • 7th day you can eat everything but in small quantity.

Oatmeal diet for a week

This diet is considered the most «soft». It is very easy to carry and gives you the ability to throw up to 5 kg. within a week you will need to eat oatmeal that was made on the decoction of rose hips or water, without sugar, salt, oil and other spices. One serving should be no more than 120 gr. This amount of cereal is about 87 kcal.

Oatmeal you need to eat three times a day. In addition, the first 3 days you can drink unsweetened green tea and non-carbonated mineral water. After in the menu you can add raw fruits and vegetables, but no more than 450 gr. a day.

This protein diet effectively cleans the organism from toxins and slags. Against this background, normalizes the metabolic processes and the work of all internal systems and organs. And cereal, while in the stomach, creating the effect of fullness, so you won’t feel great hunger.

Diet «minus 5 kg for a week»

This diet «minus 5 kg for a week» too, is well tolerated and safe. In just a week you can lose 5 pounds, and you will not feel a constant feeling of hunger and proper nutrition.

The basic rule of the diet is considered to be compliance with drinking diet. In the day you need to drink at least 2 L. of still mineral water. This will enable to increase metabolic process, which in turn will lead to rapid weight loss.

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Menu «minus 5 kg for a week»

1st day:

  • Morning: small serving of low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of herbal or green tea;
  • Dinner: lean boiled fish (120 g), you can eat a couple of leaves of lettuce and one tomato;
  • Afternoon snack: the message of fruit.
  • Dinner: boiled beans, a small salad of cabbage and carrots.

2nd day:

  • In the morning: a little bisque cereal with a glass of yogurt;
  • Lunch: boiled brown rice and boiled veal;
  • Afternoon snack: medium orange;
  • Dinner: sauerkraut and boiled beans.

3rd day:

  • Breakfast: a few slices of rye bread and cheese, a Cup of herbal decoction or green tea;
  • Lunch: serving of soup with vegetables and a small piece of boiled chicken breast;
  • Afternoon snack: the message of fruit.
  • Dinner: boiled potatoes in their skins (not more than 3), some tomato, boiled beans.

4th day:

  • Breakfast: small portion of salad Greek, a glass of herbal tea;
  • Lunch: vegetable salad and boiled beans;
  • Afternoon snack: fruit of your choice, no more than 2 pieces;
  • Dinner: dried fruit, Cup of low-fat yogurt.

5th day:

  • Morning: unglazed portion of cereal with a Cup of drinking yoghurt;
  • Lunch: serving of soup, vegetables, small piece of boiled chicken breast;
  • Afternoon snack: the message of fruit.
  • Dinner: a little salad.

6th day:

  • Morning: small serving of oatmeal, a Cup of herbal decoction;
  • Lunch: small portion of soup vegetables, any cooked meat;
  • Snack: one grapefruit;
  • Dinner: boiled beans, trout, made a couple.

7th day:

  • Morning: small serving of low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of herbal or green tea;
  • Dinner: lean boiled fish (120 g), you can eat a couple of leaves of lettuce and one tomato;
  • Afternoon snack: the message of fruit.
  • Dinner: boiled beans, a small salad of cabbage and carrots.

If you have a lot of excess weight, then the diet can be continued for another week. The main advantage of this diet is that the menu has carbohydrates, proteins and fats, without them the human body cannot work normally.

Another advantage of this power system is considered and the fact that it allows for physical exertion. You can easily exercise without worrying about health. While physical exercise increases metabolic process and eliminate the overhang of the skin, which is important during fast weight loss.

Vegetable diet for a week lose 10 pounds in 7 days


  • Breakfast. Up to 55 gr. boiled red fish. Vegetable salads in any volume, a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch. A few pieces of rye bread and a boiled egg. Up to 120 gr. cooked turkeys.


  • Breakfast. In any quantity the root of celery or parsley. Also one boiled carrots and potatoes. Up to 85 gr. cooked beef. Unsweetened green tea.
  • Lunch. 240 ml yogurt, 55 gr. low-fat cottage cheese. Possible a bowl of bran or oatmeal. For dessert, no more than 5 dates.


  • Breakfast. 240 ml low-fat chicken broth. 3 slices of rye bread. Up to 55 gr. boiled chicken.
  • Lunch. Up to 55 gr. cooked beef. 2 slices of rye bread. For dessert, an orange and an Apple. Spinach in any quantity.
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  • In the morning. 2/3 of the plate boiled in water buckwheat. 240 ml low-fat yogurt. Salad with tomatoes with no spices.
  • Lunch. A serving of brown rice. 240 ml fresh juice. 35g. low-fat cottage cheese. Kiwi, grapefruit, 5 PCs. prunes.


  • In the morning. 1 egg, up to 55 gr. cooked beef. Can the salad of peppers and cucumbers.
  • Lunch. Green beans, or instead one potatoes. 55 gr. cooked chicken breast. One orange and an Apple, dried apricots, walnuts.


  • Breakfast. Lean cooked red fish up to 55 gr. 120 ml of broth of fish. 3st.l. boiled peas. Green tea with honey.
  • Lunch. Plate boiled brown or white rice. Salad with tomato and green leaves, lemon juice, sesame seeds. A Cup of milk, kiwi, banana.


  • Breakfast. Two bell peppers. 120 gr. buckwheat and 65 gr. cooked ham. The message of raisins, a few tablespoons of cottage cheese. Black tea.
  • Lunch. A half portion of lentils. 75 gr. boiled veal. Blue grapes, a Cup of yogurt. You can eat a message, almonds and pine nuts.

There is a large number of diets that give the opportunity to lose weight more than 5 kg in just one week. If you have decided very quickly to throw off unwanted pounds, do not forget that without damage to health it you will fail.

Almost all diets that promise to give excellent results in a short time, causing great damage to health, due to sudden weight loss mood changes, you may lose your cycle, as well as other health problems. Often, diet has a negative effect in the case where she uses it incorrectly.

Marina Kiev

Leave a review, relatively easy diet. To diet to bring results, it is necessary to correctly observe, and accordingly, the day the girl should clearly drink 1.5 liters of this drink. Of course, not to drink all at once, you need to divide the whole amount into 5 or 6 portions, so as to drink it throughout the day.

Vika Yalta

Diet actually helps to throw in a week 4.5-6 kg, but then the pounds quickly come back, because in the future to maintain the result. Diet just «shock» m strict, and not all of it like that, so I would advise women with a strong character.

Lena Moscow