The most effective exercises for thighs and buttocks at home: description and performance technique

Every self-respecting woman tries to closely follow the figure. Beautiful and toned buttocks on the female body are truly a work of art. Many men with a girl for the first time, focus their attention on the buttocks.

How to remove fat from buttocks and thighs?

Some women with this beautiful buttocks from nature and to keep them in this state as long as possible, it is not necessary to do something special. But the main part of the fair sex need to make significant efforts to have a beautiful shape. This is achieved by performing special exercises, their effect is aimed at solving several problems:

  • toned muscles;
  • eliminate sagging areas;
  • removal of accumulated fat in the buttocks and thighs.

For tightening the thighs and buttocks it is necessary to increase the volume of muscles, more precisely, their to pump. In turn, pumped up and bulk buttocks, tone yourself.

The best way to achieve the necessary tasks, in our case, are strength exercises. What about yoga, running, gym, massage, we can say that these methods have a positive effect on the body and the body in General, but can’t help to pay special attention to only the buttocks and hips. Using the training exercises described below, you will be able to make perfect her figure. Regular classes in the gym with an experienced instructor would certainly provide the desired effect and quick. Alas, not all girls, due to various reasons, there is this possibility. Some people do not have enough money, some time, the reasons are many.

In this situation, do not worry, effective butt exercises you can do at home with a minimal amount of sports equipment. The yoga is not the main point, the most important aspiration and desire. For effective weight loss buttocks at home need more time than in the gym, but at the same time you almost don’t need to be away from everyday worries.

Anatomy of the buttocks

The basis of the buttocks are the three main muscles: small, medium, and gluteus Maximus. During exposure to load well they «respond» to their growth. The main role in formation of volume of the buttocks is assigned to a large muscle, therefore, if you want to make a firm butt and tone, you need to focus on exercises for this type of muscles.

Muscle growth is due to the load, and effective load is only possible during the execution of strength training. At home it is hard to load the muscle thus to provide them the required growth. If only the house is your gym, or at least a barbell, set of dumbbells and a weight bench for squats. In this situation, the incentive to increase the muscles will be huge.

Today, more and more coming into fashion «Brazilian butt». A lot of girls aspire to this goal, but before that dream a reality, you need to clearly realize that without the fitness of the situation in this case is clearly not enough. And don’t believe the popular myths that the buttocks can make the elastic just a couple of days or a week. Believe me, all the stars of show business, which can boast of ideal forms is quite a long way to this goal through constant training in the gym, or put a huge sum for the implementation of modern methods of plastic surgery. So no need to build illusions, and if we got down to business, there is no need to stop halfway.

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The most effective exercises for buttocks at home

If more you look, the list of exercises for buttocks at home not so great that absolutely is not a problem for many. This amount of exercise is enough to create an optimal scheme of training of the most effective exercises.

For the buttocks the most effective exercises are:

  • long lunges back;
  • bridge;
  • classic squats;
  • «Bulgarian lunges»;
  • «plie» squats.

Let’s look into each exercise in more detail, consider their main features and equipment.

Classic squats

Observing the correct technique for performing sit-UPS, you can very quickly see positive results. This is probably the most effective exercise for buttocks and thighs, which in the field of fitness has no equal. There are many variations of squats, taking into account the technology of the movements of used equipment, starting position, etc. doing Squats with a barbell, one vulture, dumbbells, or simply under the weight of its own body weight.

Squats involve a large set of muscles of the body, the main accent falls on the buttocks and thighs. Movement with this exercise, act as a catalyst for metabolic processes, thus, muscle growth and fat burning is greatly accelerated. Squatting, you give a good incentive not only for the gluteal muscles, but also legs that as a result positively affects their harmony. For one exercise you will be able to kill at once two hares.

Immediately before squats should be warm up. Great attention should be paid to hip and knee joints, as they need to be responsible for movement during loading. The perfect tool to warm up is considered to be running. 20 minutes of running will give you the opportunity to effectively develop the muscles of the entire body.

Technique squats is this:

  • Be in original position. The alignment of the feet need to choose specifically for yourself. Why close your eyes and bend at the knees as if to sit down on the chair. Find the distance of your legs when you feel comfortable in to sit down.
  • In this position, spread your toes slightly to the side, back and shoulders align, palms pinch the lock and pull forward. Throughout the cycle view must be directed to one point in front of himself.
  • Start doing squats on the non-existent chair, to the level of parallelism of floor and hips. Retract buttocks back and bend at the waist. Ensure that the direction of the knee and socks were the same. Squatting should be done on the inhale and on the exhale – lifting.

This technique is absolutely safe, since the risk of injury is minimal. Do squats on the maximum number of repetitions in 4 sets. To increase the load, you need to use a working weight. It is possible dumbbell or primitive analogs in the form of filled with sand or water flasks from. Our recommendation – buy collapsible dumbbells, weight which can be adjusted to suit the required load. Changing the nature of the movements when doing squats, for example, performing squats and raising slowly or not until the end straightening the legs, it will also be possible to manipulate the weights.

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Attacks long ago

If we consider the pumping buttock at home, then this exercise is classified as the most effective. Lunges work great muscles of the buttocks, accentuate the natural lines and give them a shape, which used to be under the layer of fat.

The technique of this exercise is this:

  • Install feet on width of shoulders, hands are on waist, toes pointing straight, shoulders straight, back straight. This is the original. When it is taken you can start.
  • Follow the breath in and one foot slide all the way back, the other leg without losing the previous situation, only at a right angle bent at the knee.
  • The heel of the supporting leg pushes off the floor on the exhale and gradually return to its original position.

At the initial stage, do 4 sets of 25. When this threshold will be for you for a very easy, and you will not feel the load, then it needs to be increased. This brand of course, as with every class I feel stronger and can take larger loads. This «request» need to satisfy and in the same way as in the above case, it is desirable to have a collapsible dumbbells.

Squats «Plie»

Here the brunt are the muscles of the inner thighs and the gluteus muscles. This exercise completes the top three in our list of the most effective exercises for the buttocks.

Technique exercises:

  • Hands pinch at the waist. Install the legs on the width of the pelvis, straighten the back leg slightly at the knee bend. So it can be spread on the sides of the socks.
  • Starting from this initial position, lower yourself down in a similar way served as the classic squats. The final level lowering is at the point parallel to the floor and hips.

The optimal load for the first workout is 3-4 sets of 17-25 reps, taking into account the level of physical fitness. If by the time the process will not bring any effect for the muscles and 25 reps you are doing very easy, so came the increase of the load. Use a bottle or a dumbbell with sand of various sizes.

Bulgarian lunges

Again, we will carry out familiar attacks, but completely different. Bulgarian lunges are the same normal lunges, but they are not from the floor and from the bench. They create a strain on the thighs and buttocks. At home, as a support you can use not only the bench, but any items that are on hand: table, sofa, chair, etc.

Technique exercises:

  • Take a flat position, legs are together, the support have to be behind and not be above the knees.
  • Svecite bearing on top of the toes of one foot, push a bit forward the working leg. Keep your hands at waist. The edge of the knee does not protrude over the toe during the whole cycle of attacks, relative to the vertical imaginary line.
  • During inhalation, begin to mark parallel with the floor bend the knee. Stay in this position for 7-8 seconds. and return to its original state.
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You need to make 3-4 passes on the greatest number of sit-UPS at intervals of no more than 3-4 minutes. When this temp is normal, the load must increase with the help of dumbbells or other weights.

The bridge

This exercise many people know since the days of physical education lessons in school. This exercise found its origin long ago, one could even argue that aerobics and shaping began their development from him. This exercise isolated load gluteal muscle because there washed him to do at the end of the session to «score» the muscles after all the loads of four of the above exercises. The bridge can be done not using a prop, but in this embodiment, it is desirable to use a high chair, a chair or any other raised platform.

Technique exercises is the following:

  • Become back to the subject of support and sit down to thrust against her roughly at the level of the shoulder blades. Legs rest against the floor, arms spread to the sides, if there is a longitudinal support, or put them on the belly. Align the back and lift it as horizontally above the floor.
  • Begin to move the pelvis. On the inhale it lower and exhale to lift, strain at this time of the muscles.

Similarly to the above exercise, in this case, you need to make 3-4 passes on the greatest number of repetitions. The last approach should feel a burning sensation in the working muscles of the buttocks. At the end of the workout it must be felt in each buttock. Otherwise the muscles will not get enough exercises they needed.

Pump up buttocks at home is not very easy to solve this problem is hardly possible without an iron will and great desire.