The most effective wrap for weight loss used in the home, advantages and contraindications

If your figure has lost its beauty due to the recruitment of extra pounds, come to the aid of beauty salons, where you will be asked to take the wrapping procedure. They are used for effective weight loss, getting rid of cellulite. The skin will become smooth and supple. However, if the salon you can not afford, do not despair, because to conduct such treatments at home.

Types of body wraps and their benefits

Fight for a beautiful figure, you can use any of the wraps, they are all effective and equally as metabolic stimulation occurring at this moment, help rid the body of toxins, toxins and excess fluid.

Wraps are hot and cold. The latter can be used on the part of the body, on the entire surface of the body. For increased sweating requires the use of underwear or thermal blankets that create a sauna effect. With their help, it is the increase of blood circulation and open the pores. From the skin away unwanted substances, making it is cleaned, receives useful elements of the mixture applied under plastic wrap.

The cold wraps are more secure, have whiter low percentage of contraindications. Cooling effect adds a part extract of menthol, mint or eucalyptus. They contribute to strengthening and toning blood vessels, fight cellulite, reduce swelling and fatigue.

The result from one or the other option is to reduce the volume of solid in 2-2,5 see

Method of correction in the home has the following advantages:

  • The availability and ease of use.
  • The procedure can be carried out independently.
  • Does not require substantial financial investment.
  • Everything needed is purchased at the pharmacy or store.
  • The procedure promotes relaxation, you can just relax, watch a movie or read a book.

How to conduct a wrap at home?

To a mixture of wraps brought more tangible results and better supplied with nutrients, should be to the beginning of the procedure to prepare the most problematic areas of the body.

  • Beforehand you should prepare a towel, thermotite, mix for wraps and plastic wrap.
  • To prepare the body need to take a shower, using a scrub to remove dead skin cells on the area that you will undergo the procedure. After the scrub is washed away, take a contrast shower.
  • Further, on skin, apply a thin layer of mass and will not wrap tight with foil. On top of it put on your underwear and lie down to rest one hour, covered with a warm blanket. Will help you relax relaxing music and aroma-lamp.
  • An hour later, the tape is cut with scissors, the mass is washed off with warm water, and on the body with massage movements rubbed the anti-cellulite cream or a mixture of aromatic oils for weight loss.
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Such wraps at home are a course, consisting of 10 or 15 treatments, repeated 2-3 times a week.

The wrapping procedure is done an hour after eating, after the procedure must also pass an hour. After the course you should rest for at least 2 weeks, after which you can re-do correction of the figure, dedicating time to problem areas.

Contraindications to body wraps

The procedure for wrapping is not carried out in the following cases:

  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Hypertension.
  • Renal failure.
  • Of inflammatory processes.
  • On damaged skin.
  • Allergic to a component of the mixture.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • So as not to cause skin irritation is not worth it for a few days before the procedure to make the depilation, if there are burning substances, such as cinnamon, ginger, red pepper, aromatic oils.

The most effective wraps

At home the most effective body wraps are considered to be algae. Kelp can be purchased at the pharmacy. To perform a hot wrap should be soaked leaves of kelp in warm water for 20 minutes. If you want cold, then in cool water for 50 minutes. After that, spread of algae on the skin of problem areas and apply the wrap, leave it for 40 minutes.

Clay and mustard wraps

To enhance the effect of the procedure, it is necessary to arrange sports. For example, pedal on a stationary bike, spin the Hoop or jump rope. For the procedure you will need blue clay, and cinnamon. They need to take a pack, mix and dilute with warm water until thick sour cream. Apply on body and leave on for 20 to 50 minutes. This wrap causes burning, so if will be very itchy and burn the skin, flush immediately with water.

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Procedure with a mustard wrap is also hot, causing a burning sensation, but very effective. To begin wrap for weight loss at home, should take equal parts dry mustard and honey. Mix ingredients and dilute with warm water. Apply the mixture for 20-40 minutes and lie down under the blanket, you can work out.

Coffee wrap

The positive properties of coffee are manifested in the toning of the skin, strengthening the tissues, and burning fat, so helps you lose weight. Coffee wrap is not uncomfortable, but rather nice. Take a few tablespoons of ground coffee, one large tablespoon of olive oil, add to the mixture of warm water, mix well. To be applied on the problem areas of the body to withstand hours.

The second method coffee wraps for weight loss performed with the addition of ingredients. To the above components, add a large spoonful of sea salt, squeeze the juice of half a grapefruit, mix and apply on the hour.

To achieve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin do not rush to wash off. Massage your body using weight as peeling, the effect will not keep itself waiting long.

Honey wrap

This product is very useful and is able to get rid of cold, it is good to cleanse the body if you drink it on an empty stomach. Wrap with honey and cream and promotes weight loss and gives the skin elasticity and smoothness.

To prepare the masses for weight loss, you want to mix fresh nezasaharennogo honey (2 pieces) and heavy cream (1 part). Then apply to skin, leave on for 40 minutes to an hour. Then rinse and massage a cellulite cream.

The second recipe body wraps for weight loss with honey will provide extreme volume reduction. It is held as follows:

  1. Take honey — 2 parts
  2. Add sea salt — 1 part
  3. Drip oil rosewood.

The mixture is applied on the body and is aged for 40-50 minutes.

Chocolate wrap

Relieve stress, improve mood, burn fat, displays the excess fluid is all it can chocolate. In addition to correction, wrappings of chocolate will give the skin a light tan, eliminate pigment spots. How to prepare the mixture?

  1. Cocoa powder — 500 g,
  2. Cinnamon — a small spoon.
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These ingredients are filled with warm water and applied for 30-40 minutes. After this time the mixture is washed off with warm water and a moisturizing cream which contains 2 drops lemon or orange oil.

Wraps from Apple cider vinegar

This procedure must be done with confidence in the absence of irritation or skin damage. Mix Apple cider vinegar and water in ratio one to one. Apply to cleansed skin, wait half an hour. While a film is happening fat burning, you can do your chores, or just lie down under a blanket.

Green tea

This drink contains caffeine, which contribute to weight loss. So often in the media for getting rid of extra pounds is present in this component. Preparing the wrap:

  1. Two large spoon of green tea filled with boiling water to get the consistency of porridge.
  2. Add two drops of essential oils of rosemary, anise and lemon. Can 6 one.
  3. Wrap with foil and let stand 30 minutes.

So a lot of recipes body wraps for weight loss at home. Doubtless, having tried each of them you will find the most effective option. For security purposes, it is desirable to conduct a test on a small skin area to exclude allergic reactions and also subject to burning.