The princes of separation of power: compatibility matrix proteins, fats and carbohydrates

In 1928 the famous American doctor Herbert Sheldon laid the foundations of the theory of rational eating and arranged in the form of tables basic rules of compatibility of food products, however, the peak of its popularity came in the second half of the twentieth century. He has conducted research and found that some products do not match completely, some only partially.

Many nutritionists and General practitioners often debate about the usefulness and harm of separation of power. Fans of this diet insist that the use of incompatible foods at the same time, digestion is hampered, resulting in the food hard to digest, and excess weight increases.

Gastroenterologists remind you that for the digestion of different products needed radically different environment. Protein foods is well absorbed with an acidic environment and foods rich in carbohydrates breaks down alkaline. Poorly digested food, if it enters from the stomach into the intestine it may provoke the emergence of constipation, that adversely affects the quality of human life. To get rid of this and helps separate food.

The recommendations of nutritionists

  1. . Do not mix together meat, fish and side dishes in the form of cereals or potatoes. The best addition would be the vegetables in any form or salad. The same rule applies to hard cheese, mushrooms and nuts.
  2. A few protein products on the same plate will not be able to fully internalize. For example: meat, egg, and cheese.
  3. Mixing fat with protein reduces the secretion of gastric juice. Do not use oil to meat, cheese or eggs.
  4. Acidic fruits do not like squirrels. It may be fermentation.
  5. Foods rich in carbohydrates don’t combine with acid fruits, because the acid dissolved substance for the digestion of carbohydrates.
  6. Melon, milk, and watermelon are separate dishes.

The basic rules of eating different types of food

Basically, they are formed as a table for readability.


Fruits are very useful because they are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Of course, no one reduces their taste, smell and beauty, and avocados and olives are composed and even protein.

With a low sugar content, the fruits will belong to the group of sour. These include: all citrus fruits, pineapples, currants of all sorts, apples, pears, bunches of sour grapes.

To poluchilis fruits include: watermelon, mango, raspberries, sweet apples, cherry, peach, apricot.

Sweet fruits are very useful to humans due to the natural sugar they contain. These include all dried fruits, bananas, melon, persimmon, figs.

The basic rules for compatibility of fruits and foods from other groups:

  1. Fruit not combine with protein and starchy foods sweat because of different speed of digestion. For example, bread products and meat.
  2. Since the process of digestion of fruits in the stomach does not occur, then their entry into the intestine will be as fast as possible. If they get into the digestive system together with other products, this may cause the process of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines.
  3. Do not snack fruit. It’s only right that if this product were to be used alone, or half an hour before meals.
  4. Fruit juice is not a drink, and unlimited use is prohibited.
  5. Do not combine sweet fruits with nuts and sour berries with coconut and chestnut.
  6. Eat fruits separately from different groups (orange, figs or pineapple banana)
  7. The combination of sour fruit and sweets (honey or sugar) can cause acute diseases, such as arthritis or allergies.
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To eat fruits to lose weight, you must consider the time that must elapse after eating them. All necessary information can be found in the table of a balanced diet.


The main protein foods: meat of all kinds, fish, cheese, milk and dairy products, all legumes. Also for proteins include mushrooms, nuts, seeds.

Protein products are useful with all types of greens and vegetables. It is also possible joint use of proteins with fats. The important fact is the right combination of fats and proteins of animal origin and separately plant.

It is prohibited to combine protein foods with starchy (potatoes), all fruits and sweets. The exception would melt hard cheese, cottage cheese, dairy products and nuts. They can in rare cases be consumed together with fruits. Protein of animal origin with alcohol, because the alcohol-containing liquid is able to block the enzyme pepsin, which is the digestive process.

All who struggle with excess weight, have to cook meat products on the grill, steam, bake, boil in water. A prerequisite is the removal of product from skin and fat.


These products include all kinds of legumes (beans, peas, beans) and soybeans. These products due to the starch content blend harmoniously with the vegetable and butter oils. They also apply to proteins. For this reason, beans can be eaten with various vegetables and herbs.

Foods rich in starches (breads, all types of cereals, potatoes)

The least useful of this group are cakes and potatoes. Therefore forget about cheese sandwich, or sausage. It is better to stay on a combination of bread flour and oil. It is also allowed to combine starchy foods with vegetables and herbs. However, people with excess weight is to limit their use.

It is prohibited to combine starches with protein foods (potatoes and meat), dairy products (bread, milk, porridge), sweet (bread and jam), fruits and juices.


By the presence in their composition of starch, all the vegetables can be divided into starchy (carrots, pumpkin, zucchini) and not starchy (pepper, garlic, radish, pepper).

If you combine starchy vegetables with sugars triggered the development of flatulence. Unlike starchy, not starchy foods are not restricted and can be combined with any products.

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Vegetables can be divided into compatible and incompatible. To a compatible vegetables include lettuce, carrots, squash, beans, radishes, beets, cabbage (except color).

These vegetables can be combined with protein foods (meat, garnished with beet), fats (salad, seasoned with vegetable oil), vegetables, herbs and starches. It is prohibited to combine them with milk or desirable fruit.

To an incompatible vegetables include: cauliflower in any form, peas.

Well suited to the starches, vegetables, fats and greens, you can combine with hard cheese. It is undesirable to use along with animal protein (cauliflower with egg), forbidden – fruit and milk.

Rules of the use of vegetables seems pretty complicated, but with proper use of the table, the learning process will be easier.


Will work with any milk product is absolutely impossible. It is a separate dish.

Dairy products (cheese, curd)

These products are hard to digest. Correct combination of cheese and sour cream. It is prohibited to use in food cheese, because it is not natural, but artificially created by man.

Greens (salads, parsley, dill)

Green is useful with all products. The joint use, helps to digest starches and proteins, improves peristalsis.

Sugar and sweets (syrup, honey, jam).

Sweets don’t mix with anything and used separately from other products. It is forbidden to drink them after a meal. Only honey, as an exception, in small quantities helps prevent putrefaction in the intestine.


To fat-containing products include: oil (regular and baked), sour cream, cream, lard, vegetable oil. Appropriate foods to be consumed with fat will melt greens, vegetables (salad dressed with sour cream), starches (buckwheat oil). Rarely use the fats with fruit (fruit salad with cream or sour cream). Banned the fats Supplement sugars (sweet cream, cream cake).

In order to draw up a menu you can use the table of compatibility of products. It can help to choose the most correct combination of components of any food.

Separation of power in the lives of people with diseases and children

Separate food in life with diabetes is important. Go to this way of life only after consultation with experts. Nutritionists have come to the conclusion that the condition of patients with this method of feeding is greatly improved.

For diabetics also developed the basic principles of food combining. They completely banned flour, sweet and fried. Carbohydrates are used only after the injection of insulin morning and evening. During the day, will healthy vegetables with proteins, fruits, vegetable juice that will help cleanse the body, normalize the level of glucose in the blood.

To transfer a child to a separate power supply is necessary to consult a pediatrician. To start the transition gradually. Parents, it is important to show the example to the child process will not be painful. A positive feature of the system of separation of power is the best digestion of food and obtaining maximum with vitamins and minerals.

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Rules of children’s separation of power:

  1. Milk children should drink separately. Cereal with milk and blends cause constipation in children.
  2. Combine sugar and cheese and bread with cream cheese is not recommended.
  3. Drinking regime.
  4. Fruits and vegetables must undergo heat treatment.

The positive side of such a way of life

Thanks to this food digestion is getting better, and fermentation processes and rotting in the intestine is not started. You can lose weight and improve the condition of the whole organism. With regular use, the result remains for a long time. In disorders and degradation in the gastrointestinal tract separate food becomes very useful.

According to the results of previous years, the table of compatibility of food products was improved and now has the most complete list of possible components.

The negative impact of diet on human

Constantly being on a diet according to the principles of separation of power, man has produced not only a psychological habit, but the inability to eat mixed foods without any negative effects from the digestive system. Visiting an event and ate the «wrong food», you can feel the discomfort and malaise. This happens due to the fact that the body also has to adjust to the new regime of separation of power.

Also quite long and heavy is a period of adjustment to the new way of life. Often people feel hungry, grooming and ingest all the necessary nutrients. It should be not diet and way of life.