The range of effective fat-burning exercises for slimming the sides and belly

If big ass and rounded hips today, even fashionable, the sides and belly remain the problem areas of women who dream to have a slim figure. So the question is, how to lose weight fast in the sides and stomach are very relevant, as any, even the most beautiful dress will look so spectacular with a bulging belly.

How to burn fat on the sides and belly?

Before giving examples of exercises and advice that can help remove fat in the hips and abdomen, need to say that to lose weight only in a certain part of the body is impossible. You can only focus on problem areas where excess amount of fat.

Why most people think that exercises that involve abdominal muscles, can help remove fat on the abdomen, in addition, it is believed that if you use some weight, the result will be much better. It is a myth, you actually pump the abdominal muscles on the stomach, however, reducing fat in the abdominal area and the sides is almost not affected. Note also that exercises for burning belly fat is possible to achieve only 25% of the total effect, so that the abdomen was flat, it is necessary to use a complex of measures, which we will discuss below.

Proper nutrition

First, what you need to pay attention and change, it is, of course, the diet. About nutrition has been said a lot, but it is possible to define the most important rules of nutrition.

  • try to do meals with a minimum amount of salt, since it in the body retains water, it causes swelling;
  • it is desirable to reduce consumption, but rather to remove from the diet fast carbs (bread, sugar, etc.);
  • drink at least 2 liters of water a day, it will accelerate the metabolic processes that result in a beneficial effect on weight loss;
  • eat small portions (up to 220 gr.) 5-6 times daily;
  • as cooking, it is necessary to give preference to steaming, stewing, cooking;
  • use of lean fish and meat.

What to pay attention to when you exercise?

Rules of performance of exercises for weight loss and burning fat on the sides and belly:

  • If you have decided to lose weight in the sides and stomach, then forget about the different weights, all the exercises at home for weight loss, you must perform only with the help of its own weight. Otherwise, you build muscle, but it will give visual increase of the form.
  • To lose weight fast in the sides and stomach missing 2-3 lessons per week, for one exercise, pick 4-5 exercises, do them one at a time in 3 sets.
  • The best time for exercise is the morning when you haven’t had Breakfast or hours after Breakfast. At this time a lot more than the body burns fats.
  • Take turns to exercise for weight loss and cardio training, this combination will relieve you of unnecessary fat in the area of the sides and belly much faster.
  • In order to achieve results, you need to regularly observe classes, unacceptable long interruption. In addition, doing exercises for slimming the sides and belly you have to regulate the activity of carrying out a complex exercise and not to give in, feeling a slight fatigue.
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Hoop exercise for weight loss the sides and belly

The study identified the three most effective exercises that can help get rid of the sides of the abdomen, you can do one exercise per workout or perform exercises comprehensively, making classes more diverse. But remember that in the initial stages you better do a normal speed hula Hoop and only after advances in technology, go to more challenging and effective exercises.

«Yoga spin»

Become straight, bend your arms at the elbows, palms together at the back of the castle, feet together. Spread the sides of the elbows. Spin the Hoop, producing a smooth circular motion (small amplitude) around. Make 77 spins in one direction and after 77 spins in the opposite direction. The most important aspect of this exercise is breathing, try to breath for a few seconds, hold his breath and, at the same time, to draw maximum belly. In the early stages, perform two more repetitions on all sides, with each workout increasing the number of repetitions to 10.

«The planets»

This exercise is a little more difficult, place feet shoulder width apart, hands behind the back of his head. Start rotating the Hoop in any direction, run several rotations of the Hoop, then they slowly start to turn on the axis, following the wrap. Make 15 turns in all directions.

«Celestial arrow»

A rather difficult exercise, it requires a developed sense of balance and sufficient physical training. Your body should be similar to the hour hand, feet connected, raise up on toes, raise hands above head and roll brush. It is in this position, rotate the Hoop, and the execution speed of rotation does not matter. Do this exercise for 15 min.

Twist wrap static

Exercise is also quite heavy, but very effective in the fight against excess fat on the flanks and belly. Take a position: arms behind head, feet together. Twist the Hoop for 7 min one side, and legs must be absolutely still. Only the waist.

How to spin the Hoop?

In the early stages of start spinning the Hoop for 6-8 minutes per workout, with each exercise gradually increase the time to 1 hour. The other important aspect that you should consider is the time when you start spinning the Hoop, or rather, 2 hours before or 2 hours after the main meal. Otherwise, you can seriously damage your health.

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To remove the stomach and hips with the Hoop must correctly rotate, it rotate, but not to catch a falling circle, which you need to perform a circular rotation of the bottom housing with a small amplitude. Keep feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend their knees. The muscles of the waist and the press should always be in tension.

Twist the Hoop should in a clockwise direction, without any sudden movements, so as not to damage the lower back. Do not worry if you do not immediately come to spin the Hoop for a long time, believe me, the technique is to hone through time. In the course of employment with the Hoop need to follow the breath, it should be smooth. Proper breathing can help to speed up the metabolic processes, this, in turn, activates the burning of fat.

Don’t forget to remove fat from the abdomen and back with the Hoop, it is necessary to observe the regularity of training, and, of course, to ensure proper nutrition. You cannot use the Hoop in such cases:

  • During pregnancy at any stage;
  • When inflammation of the ovaries;
  • During menstruation;
  • In chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • Three months after giving birth.

The most effective fat burning exercise for stomach and sides

If the class with a Hoop for weight loss enough or you just decided to add to your workout variety and to alternate exercises for different parts of the abdomen and flanks, we offer you the most effective exercises for fat burning, you can easily do at home. This is an unusual exercise for stomach and twisting, as they do not affect the fat accumulated in the abdominal area and sides, and just pumped up muscles, it really is exercise that can help to remove fat. You can choose to practice some exercise or to do a sequence, which is described below.

Turns to the side

Original position: feet apart at shoulder width, slightly bent knees, straighten your shoulders, pull in and tighten your abdominal muscles, arms bent at the elbows and placed at chest level in front of him. From this position execute a slow u-turns to the left, then back to its original position, after the right and again to the original position. Thus, all turns are performed with a pause in the center. In the process of reversal remember that you need to draw and strain your abdomen, you clearly are required to experience the work all the abdominal muscles. To warm up, you can choose a slow pace (12 to 17 turns), then do 20-30 turns in all directions.

Strap and polyplank

Initial position: stand on knees, hands rest on the floor, lower your head to the floor face. After you pull the belly, straining the abdominal muscles, curl your pelvis, then get down on hands bent at the elbows. Elbows must be directly under the shoulder joints. Hold this position for 40-50 seconds, all the time, tightening the abdominal muscles. Then align the legs, going into a regular plank on the elbows, and save it for 7-9 bills. Then go on your knees and stretch forward, pulling the muscles. Do exercise 4-6 times.

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Mobile strap

Take a regular plank on the elbows (bent elbows and focusing on the toes, the body should resemble a straight line, elbows located directly under the shoulder joints, the pelvis is not hanging). From this position pushes up the pelvis, doing, like hill, then again down to the original plank position. In the process of exercise will certainly fix the lower back.

The vacuum in the stomach

This exercise can be done absolutely anywhere, even on a walk or at work. The exercise can be performed standing on all fours, sitting, standing and even being on the back. So, inhale maximally through the nose, then exhale all air, hold your breath, strongly pull your stomach and hold this position for a few seconds. Do this exercise 7 to 12 times.

This, of course, not all exercise for weight loss, effective also classic deadlifts and squats, which involved a large number of muscles, thereby burning more calories, accelerating your metabolism, which fat is burned in the center of the sides and belly.

Don’t forget that all that refers to the process of keeping fit and losing weight requires a systematic approach, in addition, obliged to strike a balance between weights and cardio, and a healthy diet. Balancing these three main aspects, you will quickly be rid of, as from the sides and belly, and, in General, will find elastic and proportional body.