The rules of the diet minus 60 Mirimanova Catherine: the basic principles of menu for each day, reviews

The main principle of the diet minus 60, authored by Catherine Mirimanova, is the observance of the principles of proper nutrition without interruption, which is already enough to get rid of significant excess weight. The positive effect of the use of the system minus 60 provides a special set of actions involving dietary menu that allows you to eat favorite foods for Breakfast, exercise and the appropriate mental attitude.

Naturally, those those interested in this method of weight loss, would like to know about the foods that are permitted with this diet and what results you can achieve with it.

The basic principles of the diet

In accordance with the principles of the diet minus 60, you can eat all your favorite foods are no exception even sweets. The safety of this system for health is confirmed by many doctors, which allows its use to all women regardless of age and extent of the problem of excess weight.

The positive effect of this diet is achieved through a special combination of different types of food and the proper selection to receive them, the time of day. Judging by the reviews from people who have tried this diet, that in an average month, you can get rid of 2 pounds and occasionally up to 10 kg.

Consider the basic rules of the diet Mirimanova, under which it is possible to achieve the desired result:

  • Mandatory Breakfast. In the morning, the body must receive a portion of food because it allows you to run all the organs. Within this diet are allowed two breakfasts. For the first meal resolved almost all kinds of products.
  • Confectionery. The Breakfast menu can include sweets, but it has to be dark chocolate.
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol. In this diet you can drink these beverages with added sugar. Instead of the usual alcoholic beverages is recommended to drink red wine.
  • The steamed rice. Dishes from it have the same taste, and boiled, but it brings far greater benefits to the body.
  • The use of bread. In the morning on the table must be white bread, and during lunch you can eat a small piece of rye as a complement to meat dishes.
  • The pasta and potatoes. This is a great option for Breakfast can be cooked for lunch, by filing them with vegetables and cheese.
  • Early dinner. The last time the food must be ingested not later than eight o’clock in the evening.
  • Water. Most diets suggest to maintain optimal water balance, but in this case, no special recommendations are given, the body itself should determine its need.
  • Salt and spices. Diet Mirimanova they are resolved, but we need to observe measure, in the choice of spices, there are no restrictions.

What are the benefits diet?

Diet minus 60 will be able to assess those who find it difficult to withstand the toughest food restrictions. With its help you can quickly remove the extra pounds, which is confirmed by numerous reviews on the forums.

A system of proper nutrition Mirimanova has the following advantages:

  • Allowed to eat favorite foods that also help to lose weight and not to harm health.
  • In this case the food do not need to control calories, the basic principle of the technique is separation of power, which makes it easy to use.
  • Diet minus 60 tailored calendar holidays and stressful situations, which is often difficult to adhere to proper nutrition. This approach allows you to lose weight gradually.
  • Going on this diet, people do not expose their bodies to stress, he is gradually adapting to the new meal plan, over time, exclude from the diet harmful to figure products.
  • Under this diet products available in the kitchen of every housewife.
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Diet minus 60 Mirimanova Catherine: menu for each day

To begin to lose weight with the help of this technique, you must change the eating schedule and the list of products which are tied to a specific time of day.

  • Breakfast will be served until 12 noon;
  • lunch – about 13-14 hours, but not later;
  • dinner – an average of 18 hours until 20 hours.

We offer this system for recipes, which are the basis of food menu for the week, are easy to prepare. So all you need to do is to use products that meet established system Mirimanova minus 60.

Menu every day: Breakfast, lunch, dinner


In accordance with the rules of the system minus 60, as the first meal is allowed to eat starchy foods, chocolate, ice cream and cookies and soda. If the body is not ready for the full Breakfast, it can be replaced with a snack. In this case, after a while you can eat a normal Breakfast.

Sample menu for the morning can be represented as follows:

  • scoop of mashed potatoes with a piece of fried chicken, a little white bread and a Cup of coffee.
  • scrambled eggs served with ham, sausage sandwich and a Cup of coffee.
  • Cup of any cereal cooked in milk, a sandwich and a Cup of tea with sugar.
  • Portion of pasta with cheese, a Cup of tea with sweets.
  • Vegetable stew, served with slices of cooked chicken, a little white bread and a Cup of coffee.

Second Breakfast

  • Cup of yogurt and green tea.
  • One banana and a glass of juice.
  • Classic sandwich and a Cup of coffee
  • Biscuit, a small piece of cheese and a Cup of coffee.


Diet minus 60 permits during the week hearty meal involving the use of useful ways of cooking — baking, braising and steaming. Cooking them is recommended without the use of mayonnaise and sour cream. You need to remember that meat and potatoes are incongruous products, therefore, add to soups and main dishes, you need only one of these ingredients. Lunch system allowed pickled products and cured meats, fish and seafood. After a main course you can drink tea, kefir, wine or juice.

Schematically the lunch menu for a week might look like this:

  • Soup cooked in meat broth, stew of vegetables with chicken, fruit salad and a glass of juice.
  • Portion of soup, cooked pumpkin or broccoli, goulash and stewed cabbage, compote glass.
  • Plate of vegetable soup, mushrooms, served with steamed vegetables, a Cup of tea.
  • A classic cabbage soup with potatoes, chicken, peas and a glass of tea.


The final meal should be low in calories, so given the preference to boiled or steamed dishes. Eligible fruits with dairy products low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fish or meat you must eat it without the dressing. If you select the option, where the meat is served with fruits, you can add a portion of boiled rice. To eat sugar for dinner is forbidden. If after dinner there will be a feeling of hunger, it is possible to satisfy any cheese or fruit.

An exemplary embodiment of the dinner might look like this:

  • Vegetable salad with vegetable oil, tea.
  • Steamed curd pudding, a Cup of coffee.
  • Portion of cheese with the addition of any choice fruit — kiwi or Apple juice.
  • Boiled chicken without skin, tea.
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Physical exercise in addition to diet

Going to a new system of power should gradually day by day to begin to exercise, however, when you select their intensity and duration is necessary to consider the condition. The load should be such so as not to bring themselves to consciousness loss or other unpleasant symptoms. But classes should be regular. If, because of body features to do not a lot of work, then exercises can be replaced with a self-massage that can be performed at any time of the day.

According to the author minus 60 (system slimming), the menu for the week should be observed at all times, but it can enhance the effect of the diet with its personal set of exercises to strengthen the body:

  • Kicks to the side, performed in a standing position. Each leg must perform 5 swings, and over time their number was adjusted to 20.
  • Exercise «cat». You need to get on all fours and bend the waist so that she stepped forward. Complete the exercise by adoption of the upper arms with curved back. Do this exercise from 1 to 10 times.
  • The work of the body in the prone position. Its implementation will require the chair to put the legs bent at the knees. The meaning of the exercise is to lift the upper body 3-5 times.
  • Mahi leg back. Perform, adopting the position on all fours 5-10 times.
  • Lift your legs at an angle of 45 degrees. To take the prone position, in which legs are held in a raised position for 15 seconds. Exercise performed 3-5 times.
  • Jumping-scissors — up to 5 times.

The right mental attitude

Do not expect that the transition to a healthy diet and regular exercise will help to achieve the desired result. All changes made by man — it is a personal experience that should help him understand how to live and avoid previous mistakes. The diet includes a special set of mental preferences, which will help to change the perception of your lifestyle:

  • To begin to lose weight, a person must be resolute in his actions, otherwise he will only dream of a slim figure.
  • Not too far to regret the extra weight. It should be left in the past and to start looking ahead, thinking about how to change yourself.
  • Slimming available to anyone. This requires another look at your diet and be more careful when drawing up the daily diet.
  • It is not surprising that women periodically increased appetite. You need to respond appropriately and add it to the menu for Breakfast, lunch and dinner additional amount of food.
  • To better motivate yourself to lose weight, a person must be aware that it is necessary only to him. He should not listen to other people who do not believe in achieving their goals.
  • To abandon the usual diet in favor of a menu system minus 60 should gradually, otherwise the sudden changes can lead to failure. Losing weight should happen gradually, just as it was with weight gain.
  • To determine what weight you would like to achieve in the first stage, very simple. For this weight you would like to lose, divide by 6.


Once on one of the sites I read about the diet of minus 60. To pay attention to her made me lack of restrictions. Clicking on it, I still became a Breakfast tea and biscuits, but I have started to leave the extra pounds. But other than that, I have maintained and other recommended diet. Note that fast to lose weight with the help of this system will not work. I’m sitting on it for about a year and during that time managed to lose about 12 lbs. that I have not removed from your diet meals and foods that I usually eat.

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I am completely satisfied with this system. 6 months have already passed, as I sit on it and can boast that I was able to lose about 10 lbs. And I didn’t even have to exercise, which I do not like to do. I think this is a great way for easy weight loss. Clicking on it, even my appetite has decreased slightly, although it was hard for me to get used to not eat after 18:00. Now I can’t smile without remembering previously arranged snacks for the night.


In principle, I’m not even going to go on this diet, but once in conversation with a friend I learned what a great result it was able to achieve with it. Encouraged by its success, I also decided to go on this diet. Although to consider this technique the diet seems to be wrong. Honestly, it’s more a way of life. Respecting the rules of nutrition, I managed over 40 days to lose 10 kg, although some of the recommendations I’m still broke. My family is amazed at how I am with every day are becoming more slender.



The main reason for the popularity of the diet minus 60 — it permissiveness. In the absence of specific limitations, it allows to achieve impressive results. The basic principle of the program is that you can continue to eat familiar foods. The effect is achieved by the fact that changing the schedule of reception and chosen the right menu, where dishes combined in a special way.

A feature of the diet is that it allows to use the products that are included in the list of prohibited many other methods of weight loss. This helps to avoid nervous breakdowns and to make a major lifestyle diet Mirimanova. The menu for each day in detail you need to study and always follow it. Only then the result will not only continue, but will be continuously improved.