The use of activated carbon for weight loss: use, application, reviews thinner

The problem of excess weight worries people more than a decade. And they use, in addition to diet and exercise, a variety of harmless substances that, according to the promises, can in the short term to help get rid of extra pounds. However, it is difficult to say how in reality effective these methods are.

For example, in the late 90-ies of the last century there were people who tried to get rid of excess weight with the help of sea sand and oil, which is known as mineral oil. It is difficult to say whether they could achieve the goal. Also this list of tools can be enabled and activated carbon, which can bring not only benefit, but harm.

In the media of charcoal formed image is not the magic bullet that will help everyone to gain a slim figure. It is described as an ordinary pharmaceutical preparation, which, when correctly removes from the body toxins, toxins, and as an additional effect contributes to weight loss. At first glance it may seem that everything is very simple — you need to regularly take the pills and after a couple of months you can reach your ideal weight. But when you start taking the pills, it turns out that to get rid of excess fat is not easy.

How can you lose weight using activated carbon?

Whatever new technique guys use people for weight loss, you always need to know how to do it, minimizing harm to their health. In relation to activated carbon can distinguish the following modes of administration:

  • The most common scheme is to undergo treatment for a duration of 14-30 days, taking one tablet for 10 kg body weight three times a day. Take activated charcoal before lunch or dinner with liquid.
  • Lose weight with activated charcoal may be taking 10 tablets according to the following scheme: you need to drink 2 tablets before each meal, provided that a person eats 5 times a day. Or you can do a little differently: take 3 tablets before Breakfast and same amount before lunch and 4 before dinner.

It is very important that the body could get used to the medication. So first day start with one pill, gradually increasing their number by one. Similarly, it is necessary to increase the dosage to 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Many sources containing information about losing weight using activated carbon, contain recommendations on the transition to proper nutrition. The idea is to limit the consumption of fried, fatty and sweet, and also reduce the size of the portions. But it’s hard to tell what result it can give.

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Does activated charcoal to lose weight for real?

Whichever way to use activated carbon for weight loss choose the person, the effect in either case is achieved by the normalization of the bowel. Therefore, the main cause of excess weight should be considered a contamination of the body with toxins and dysfunction of defecation and bloating.

The advantages of taking the pills

According to the developers of diets based on activated carbon, they have the following advantages:

  • Helps to get rid of intestinal harmful products toxins;
  • Absorb gases;
  • Help to quickly remove the excess pounds, which is a logical consequence of the above two properties.

With this we could agree, if not for the human anatomy, which points to the contrary. There is no such reason that can be to the point to inflate the intestinal loops below the belly looked so fat. The presence of this defect allows you to make only correct conclusion is the result of abnormal or excessive nutrition, and gases.


The experience of the people who took activated charcoal tablets, shows that to lose weight using this diet really regardless of whether you want just to lose weight or to maintain their current form. But this requires a lot of attention to food: food should be low in calories, and the portions are small. It is also important to regular exercise to enter the body calories are transformed into fats.

But even a simple pill can help to improve the body. For this you need to take the pills 30-40 minutes before a meal, and can increase the effect of satiety. This will help reduce the appetite and the weight problem will be solved. But if a person has the habit to arrange snacks during the day, he or this method will not work.

Benefits it will bring to those who used to eat large portions. Then they should first take the pills, and then within the next 30 minutes to have Breakfast or lunch. If the meal will be held after this time, there is a risk to eat more than is required by the body. This is due to the fact that activated charcoal tablets are only effective for a short time. A serious mistake is made by those who expect that these pills will be able to burn fat.

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Activated charcoal: contraindications

Most drugs have their contraindications that must be considered before application. The tablets of coal are the following:

  • Bowel problems;
  • Ulcer and gastritis;
  • The use of oral means of contraception;
  • The use of medicines;
  • Failure to comply with the principles of proper nutrition.

It should be borne in mind that the tablets absorb any substances, which are present in the body. Therefore, doctors can not confirm the efficacy of the diet based on the use of tablets of activated charcoal. And if a person has set a goal to lose weight this way, it should take into account that assumes full responsibility for the consequences.

Weight loss with charcoal: reviews

For several years I was not satisfied with my weight, which I periodically go on a diet. With tablets of activated charcoal, I was able to achieve impressive results. I drink them in 3 pieces for an hour before a meal. The day I take no more than 10 tablets of coal. The full course of treatment is 10 days. Next, I take a break and assess their condition, to understand whether or not to continue taking pills. In the absence of deterioration you can repeat this diet, but after 10 days.


Unfortunately, the charcoal didn’t live up to my expectations. I learned about it from the reviews, most of which were positive. The dose for myself, I calculated that — one tablet per 10 kg of weight. Considering that in that time my weight was 69 kg, I was to drink 10 tablets in the morning before Breakfast. Not only that, the charcoal did not help me, so also I had constipation on the third day. Because of this, I immediately abandoned this diet. Only some time later I read that in such doses it is very dangerous to take coal. The daily rate should not exceed 10 tablets. And begin to accept their need for 3-4 pieces, gradually bringing up to the maximum daily dose.


I’m not too happy with her figure, so periodically take the coal. Usually combine it with another diet. If you correctly calculate the dosage, the benefits he gets are very important. I found the following chart: 3 tablets before meals three times a day. Charcoal helps rid the body of toxins, and this speeds up the process of weight loss. My experience weight loss with activated charcoal I shared with a friend.

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However, at that moment she did not pay attention to maximum daily dosage. And to lose weight quickly, she began to take 20-30 pills a day. Naturally, this affected her health. So, if you want to get only benefits from coal, follow the recommendations for taking the pills. Drink three tablets three times daily on an empty stomach for 10 days and then take a break.



The problem of excess weight is important not only for women but also for men. And everyone wants the extra weight went effortlessly. So still trying to find a magic tool that would help them to quickly find the ideal weight. Among this category of people particularly popular activated charcoal. These tablets really can be very useful, but if them correctly to hold the weight with activated charcoal. Reviews indicate that non-compliance with recommendations — the main cause of the lack of results.

Wrong to assume that regular consumption of coal, you can eat the same as before, and a month to get rid of protruding belly. The effect will be achieved if people begin to change, and it will have to reconsider your diet and add exercise. In conjunction with this activated charcoal tablets will help to speed up the process of losing weight and become beautiful and slim.