The use of activated carbon: what it means how to drink for cleansing the body, indications

In any home, along with tablets from the temperature be sure to find such a well-known drug as activated carbon. Many know it as an effective tool that assists in various types of poisonings. Moreover, unlike many proposed in pharmacies new-fangled medicines, activated charcoal is a very cheap drug, which explains its high popularity.

The scope of this sorbent is not limited to holding events to help in acute intoxications. Keep it in the refrigerator at home and those who pays great attention to their health, wants to keep a beautiful figure and regularly clean the body of toxins.

But the effect of using activated carbon in line with expectations, you must know how it should properly apply.

What is activated carbon?

One of the reasons why the coal acts as effectively connected with its natural origin. For its production uses only natural materials, no chemical additives. Technology of production of activated carbon is reduced to organic compounds is heated, placed in a closed container without oxygen. In compliance with all requirements of the output is a porous substance, has excellent absorbent abilities. Therefore, activated carbon absorbs well the following low molecular weight compounds:

  • gases;
  • bacterial and plant toxins ;
  • the results of the metabolism;
  • acid of the gastric juice;
  • the bile and the products of its metabolism;
  • alcohol and its different forms.

Coal represents a group of substances chemically inert, so it does not react with other compounds not absorbed in the gut. After absorption in itself of poisons and toxins the drug is eliminated from the body after 12 hours on their own during the next campaign in a toilet. Activated carbon is one of the known adsorbents. Unlike many other drugs of this group, activated charcoal is inferior to them in ability to absorb harmful compounds, however, given its low cost and natural, the interest is not reduced.

Pharmacies in coal is presented in the form of black porous tablets with a mass of 0.25 g, paper which are Packed in blisters.

Many people use to cleanse the body and white charcoal. However, before you use it, be aware that it differs from the black activated charcoal. The main effect when it is used ensures that the powder that resembles white clay. Because of individual differences for effective application of this adsorbent it is necessary to use some other dosage and follow certain indications for admission.

Features of activated carbon

To produce the same effect, which is counting people, using the activated charcoal for cleansing the body, he first needs to learn the specifics of this drug and strictly follow the rules of its use.

  1. A feature of the drug is that it sucks on its surface along with harmful compounds and nutrients, including glucose, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. In this regard, many would like to know how to drink activated charcoal – before meals or after? To it’s best effect, taking it in between meals. By this time the nutrients will be absorbed from the intestine into the blood. Usually tablets administered 2 hours before a meal and after the same time after her.
  2. The above rules should be followed and in that case, if a person takes a course of antibiotics. Take both tablets of coal and medicines is not recommended. This leads to the fact that it neutralizes their effect or himself will have only half effect. As for tablets, they need to take a break for at least 1 hour.
  3. Because activated carbon when injected into the intestine is not absorbed into it, it is considered to be the drug of local action. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the pill. In General activated charcoal is a completely safe drug that can be taken without risk to the health of pregnant women and children.
  4. For better absorption of tablets of coal before receiving the you need to prepare: first, they are much crushed, so that they become a powder, then add half a glass of ordinary or boiled water and mix well. In the end, you should get a thick grayish fluid. Usually activated carbon is in the form of such suspension or consume a little differently: you need to take the required number of tablets, to chew, swallow and drink water. However, it should be noted that this version of the drug will not provide the maximum effect. In addition, it will have to wait a lot longer before it will work.
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Due to the absolute safety of the drug can be taken under different condition. However, most often it is used to cleanse the body.

Cleansing the body of toxins

This application of activated charcoal can cleanse the bowel from harmful products of metabolism accumulated in the mucous deposits in the intestinal wall. First and foremost, it is useful to carry out similar cleaning people who are often tormented by bouts of flatulence. Regular application of coal it is able to eliminate the resulting gases.

For best results, observe the following rules of the drug:

  • the optimal dose is determined, the scheme — one tablet per 10 kg of body weight;
  • calculated daily dose must be taken two to three doses;
  • activated charcoal take 1 hour before meal;
  • duration bowel cleansing activated charcoal — 3-7 days without interruption;
  • per day the pill should be limited and be at least 14 and not more than 30.

In some cases, to cleanse the body can be intermittent. Regimen would be as follows: once a day in the morning 30 minutes before eating. After that you need to eat a light Breakfast. Tablets should be administered according to the described scheme for two consecutive days. After that, the rest of the week should refrain from taking charcoal. In General, the duration of the purification course is 8 weeks.

Administration of activated charcoal slimming

Activated carbon is a popular tool among women who use it for weight loss. And they do it knowingly, because this drug perfectly displays the intestinal toxins, reduce gas and heals the entire digestive tract. Helps activated charcoal and with overeating, since it absorbs a certain amount of nutrients and absorbs harmful metabolic products accumulated in the intestine when the capacity of the organism for the rapid processing of food is not enough.

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Tangible effect in the use of diet pills is achieved with the following scheme: the drug is taken 1 tablet for 10 kg body weight for two weeks. Drink them in the form of a solution in the morning, 1 hour before meal. Simultaneously, treatment with activated charcoal can be combined with the intake of complex vitamins, which will help to eliminate the risk of hypovitaminosis. In this case, the vitamins a few hours after activated charcoal.

If the course of treatment with purification tablets or slimming of the body is held for many months, that it’s dangerous problems with bowel movements. However, this problem can be solved if during the course drink plenty of water.

You also need to forget about the diet during weight loss activated charcoal. The basis of the diet should be light and varied products. In principle, permitted to eat everything, however, it is recommended to rely on protein products.

Simultaneously, it is useful to take measures for the restoration of the intestinal microflora. During the course of the pills have no effect on beneficial gut microbes, however, given the state of the organism, your message is too long to take advantage of this opportunity to fill the body with beneficial bacteria.

A more effective solution to this problem is the intake of probiotics:

  • «Battistini»;
  • «Baktisubtil»;
  • «Bifidumbacterin Forte»;
  • «Bifidumbacterin»;
  • «Acipol»;
  • «Biosporin», etc .

Other indications for use of activated charcoal

Very effective to combine cleansing the body activated carbon during therapeutic interventions aimed at addressing food and skin allergic reactions. But taking this drug is allowed only if it is prescribed by a doctor. Treatment involves conducting a two week course, during which you must restrict consumption of fatty, spicy and sweet dishes.

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One of the most common ways to use activated charcoal is for poisoning.

  • noticing the deterioration of health, need to take 5-8 pills. A few hours later to drink again the same number of pills. The treatment is carried out until symptoms resolve;
  • if the poisoning is chronic, take the pills you need 2-4 pieces three or four times a day. The course duration should not exceed 5 days;
  • while alcohol poisoning treatment pills the same that in the case of normal intoxication. In order to prevent health problems it is advisable to drink 3-4 tablets before a meal and upon its completion;
  • it is useful to take pills to people who will undergo abdominal ultrasound. They need to take 1-2 days prior to the scheduled examination, not forgetting the diet that excludes the intake of gas-forming foods.


Despite its natural origins, in some cases, the use of activated charcoal can lead to poor health. Therefore, its use should be refused to people under the following conditions:

  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • predisposition to gastric bleeding;
  • the reception of coal together during treatment, toxic drugs;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.


Activated charcoal is one of the best known drugs used in various disease States. Given its natural origins, it is very useful to take to healthy people to prevent, because it perfectly cleanses the body. However, in the case of poisoning still need to be careful not to rely only on the effectiveness of this drug. Activated charcoal can be used only as an operating aid, but in the future it is necessary to consult a doctor to prescribed the most effective treatment.