The use of barley grains: use, properties, what cereal do it

People who realized the benefits of healthy eating, try more often to include in their menu dishes made from cereals. They are not only useful but also contain a lot of vitamins. One of them should be included, and barley, which for many centuries was actively cultivated by ancient civilizations. He used to get barley grains from which it is possible to prepare delicious meals.

In cooking there are many dishes of this cereal, the use of which allows to satisfy the body’s need for important vitamins and minerals.

Features barley grains

For most people barley grits is a mystery, because they don’t know what the fine ground barley. However, in reality it is a grain of barley fine crushing. She has not decided to allocate grades as it provides classification numbers which she gets after crushing.

You can determine the amount of processed grains. The most frequently encountered in selling grain that may be in the same package at the same time. However, sometimes in stores you can find cereal products, where in one packaging could be the only grain with a specific number.

Barley cultivation began centuries ago. The first information about this noble grain is contained in materials relating to the period BC.

The first to grow this grain culture were residents of Asia, from where it subsequently spread to other areas: the Himalayas, Greece, the Roman Empire, Norway, etc.

Nowadays, the barley can often be found on the table, because it attracts many not only taste, but also useful properties possessed by the grain of barley.

Croup is characterized by its usefulness. The most valued only that which is presented in the form of unpolished, and unpolished barley grains. It is worth saying that between barley, which is one of two varieties of this cereal, and barley cereal there is a big difference.

If the first subjected to grinding and polishing, pre-treatment of barley grains is limited only by removing the impurities and flower films. Therefore, dishes made from this cereal, it is possible to save the natural resources of fiber. The barley in this respect is not so rich: as a result of polishing and buffing it loses many of its natural beneficial properties. This is the reason why experts say that barley porridge is not as valuable as barley.

The use of barley grains

Due to high usefulness and nutritional value of this cereal can be cooked porridge that can be given even to children.

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If the body is provided with a sufficient amount of natural nutrients that are contained in the rump, it will be consequences for his condition:

  • Increase visual acuity and improve the condition of the retina of the eyeball.
  • Recover the important organs and systems of the body, including the kidneys, heart, brain, thyroid gland, etc.
  • The body begins to be cleansed of toxins.
  • Less will bother rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Manifest anti-aging effect, this will change the appearance of the skin.
  • Less will bother allergic reactions.
  • The body will better withstand diabetes, obesity, chronic constipation, bowel diseases, etc.
  • Increase the immune system, the body will better resist viruses and infections.

However, this herb has other useful properties. With regular use it starts to provide anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antispasmodic, emollient and other impacts. This fact knows traditional and folk medicine, which is why this grass is often used for medicinal purposes.

Damage barley grains

Unprocessed barley is quite rich in mineral elements, so the desired effect can be achieved if included in the diet dishes of this cereal at least 2-3 times a week.

However, if they will be present at the table more often, it can cause harm. Although many people barley grass is viewed as a dietary product, allowing you to actively lose weight, in some cases, it can lead to absolutely opposite result.

This effect is explained by the presence in the grains of barley starch, which at constant intake will increase fat reserves.

But even if the person will use it in moderation, then it can hurt.

First of all, you need to be careful with barley dishes people who have individual intolerance to the components, as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Health hazard barley porridge can create and people diagnosed with celiac disease. It is a congenital disease, the main feature of which is the inability of the body to completely break down gluten in the stomach. Given that this cereal is very rich in gluten, the frequent use of dishes can seriously worsen the condition of the sick person.

Barley grits: application

Today, ACCA is known popular cereals, so invented many dishes of this cereal. Barley is mainly used for cooking porridge in water, milk or vegetable oil, is used in the form of a garnish or a separate dish.

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ACCA goes well with such foods as vegetables, mushrooms, meat, legumes (e.g., peas or lentils), other cereals, dried fruits, etc.

Also this cereal can be used for preparation of various salads that you can eat not only in ordinary days but also during the post. In the old barley-based cooked Christmas pudding. The barley added to the grain of wheat, thoroughly crushed and put raisins, honey, nuts and milk.

Today features allow you to cook more creative dishes of this cereal. An interesting option is the roasted barley grain, barley rissoles, casseroles, etc.

Very tasty dishes made from barley, served with light spicy sauces, summer salads and raw vegetables. They are able to highlight the unusual taste of this cereal.

How to choose fine ground barley?

The taste of porridge made from barley depend not only on the recipe, but the main component grains. You are happy to absorb meals from barley, you will need to read some simple rules, observing that when choosing grains you can be sure that their taste will be exactly what you expect.

  1. In the process of learning information about a product must pay attention to the date of production. To get grain, which is long been sold from the date of manufacture, is undesirable because every day increases the likelihood that it is tainted. To put it in disrepair can various insects or it may acquire an unpleasant bitterness. Therefore, in order to be sure of the product quality, it is good to buy cereals early manufacture date.
  2. Be sure to assess the condition of the beans. This rule must be followed at the choice of any cereals — in package and in bulk. Sign of quality is the absence of dark or compacted granules, lumps and non-integral parts. Also make sure that the cereal does not contain bugs, stones and a lot of garbage. If any of this will be present in it, the dishes of this cereal would taste good, even the grain can not be stored for a long time.
  3. If you decide to purchase cereals in bulk, in addition to studying the appearance does not hurt to smell it. If you feel uncharacteristic of bean smell, it is likely you have a defective product.
  4. To have the guarantee that you are acquiring a product that has been made, be sure to select thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information to the product. It should contain information about the current Visitor, the date of manufacture, shelf life, composition, etc.
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How to cook barley cereal?

If you had no time to cook porridge from other grains, and barley grass, you will not have problems. But you definitely need to know about the features of this cereal to porridge turned out delicious and healthy.

  • First you need to rinse the groats.
  • Before cooking cereals it is necessary to properly determine the proportions of the main ingredients: Jacki always to take water in 2 times more.
  • Cooking porridge must occur on medium heat until fully cooked. After that the porridge off the heat and steep for 10-15 minutes.

To improve the taste of ready-made porridge, add a small piece of butter or fried onions.


Among the majority of us are not so much fans of barley grains, however it is very well known to fans of healthy eating, because the dishes of this cereal is incredibly delicious and healthy. Not everyone is aware that dishes of this cereal can give and children.

Valuable this product does what grains during processing are not subjected to such operations as grinding and polishing. So they retain all their useful properties, which they have bestowed nature. Therefore, with proper preparation of this cereal delicious and healthy meals. The only thing that can ruin your enjoyment of the absorption acki low quality of the product. It is therefore necessary to choose the cereal very carefully, after analyzing the information about the product.