The use of cedar oil: properties and characteristics of the product, the benefits and harms as taking the oil and the price

The technology of producing high quality and useful cedar oil is quite simple. As raw materials for him to use fresh pine nuts, were treated by the method of cold pressing.

Compliance with this requirement is to ensure that the use of oil in food the body will benefit, not harm. A sign of a quality product is dense and heavy resinous texture, Golden yellow color and subtle pleasant nutty-woody aroma.

Useful properties of cedar oil

Spetsializiruyutsya on the sale of the drug pharmacies and health food stores. Although in recent years, cedar oil can be found in conventional supermarkets.

This product was spread in various appointments: as a dressing for fresh vegetable salad, for desserts, but most often it is used in cosmetics and medicine.

Cedar oil, which has a lot of positive reviews appreciated the fact that is rich in vitamins and important trace elements. This product contains vitamins A and E. it is Also useful for skin, hair and nails. The benefit it brings the nervous system and helps maintain a strong immune system.

  1. An important element in the composition of this formulation is vitamin E, especially need pregnant women since this vitamin is essential for the full development of the fetus.
  2. Also pine nuts are rich in amino acids and unique unsaturated fats, the use of which is to remove from the body toxins and radionuclides.
  3. Pine oil is useful to accept all people without exception, regardless of age and health. In the first place, it is recommended to people living in areas with bad ecology.
  4. An important component, which is included in the composition of this formulation is lecithin. It is a substance necessary for the nutrition of brain cells, and it has a good effect on mental performance.
  5. Regular use of this product helps to avoid the appearance of plaques of cholesterol that has a positive effect on cardiac activity. The main effect here provide unsaturated fatty acids, the content of which in this preparation is very large.

So people in the first aid kit which is always present is the cure, rarely worried about hypertension, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Specialists cedar oil is known as medication, possessing wound-healing effect. Therefore, it is recommended to use in diseases of the digestive system — gastric ulcers, gastritis and hyperacidity.

There is an opinion that thanks to this product you can avoid the development of diseases such as tuberculosis and other ailments affecting the respiratory system. It is advisable to drink it and people with chronic fatigue syndrome — the oil will give them strength and increase efficiency. Also cedar oil is known as a tool that helps with gout and rheumatism.

The use of cedar oil

This natural product has been applied not only in cosmetology, nutrition and cooking. Often it is used as a means to provide the body with essential vitamins.

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In cooking pine nut oil cold pressed is used exclusively in salads of greens and vegetables. Use it for frying should not be, it is also not good and as an additive to hot dishes.

The cedar oil is one of the most common ingredients used in Italian cuisine. Also, it is always present in the composition of modern «fusion» recipes from the «healthy food».

For the treatment of various diseases, including diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, varicose veins, normalizes fat metabolism, you need to drink a course:

  • 1-2 weeks at 1 tablespoon (10ml) 3 times a day;
  • 4-6 weeks 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 3 times a day.

For nutritionists, the drug is valuable because it contains vitamins A, E and K. However, start to drink it it is necessary gradually to it did not lead to allergic reactions. Recommended daily allowance is 25 grams of pure cedar oil.

In folk medicine, a very different relationship to this product: it is considered to be a drug that can help any disease. There are even reports that pine nut oil can help in weight loss and removal of bile.

Features of use

Many sources provide information that this product is able to normalize the metabolism and to get rid of extra pounds. Moreover, this effect can be achieved even without dieting. However, in practice it turns out quite differently.

This product is useful because it is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it also contains a lot of vitamins. However, if you regularly drink cedar oil, you should not expect that the problem of excess weight disappear by itself.

The desired goal can be achieved only through an integrated approach, therefore, along with intake of beneficial oils it is also necessary to limit the number of calories coming in. True is the fact that cedarwood oil has cholagogue properties, which is confirmed by many reviews. However, even knowing this, it is not necessary to independently deal with this problem.

Definitely need to discuss this with your doctor, as otherwise you can harm their health. Ourselves at risk can expose people who have biliary dyskinesia or stones.

If one of the stones get stuck, it can cause severe pain discomfort person. Therefore, to begin the treatment of gallstone and other diseases with oil, taking it on an empty stomach is not desirable.

Pine nut oil capsules

In a similar appointment this product is a normal SUPPLEMENTS containing vitamins A and E. Among the useful properties it is worth noting the effect of rejuvenating, improving metabolism, and eliminating eating disorders caused by the lack of receipt of unsaturated fatty acids.

Take oil in capsules will appeal to those who are not ready to use it in the usual way or as a dressing for salads.

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Cedar oil for face and hair

Many women know about the benefits of this drug in cosmetology, so I often use it to care for the face and hair. This product is rich in vitamins A and E, so it helps to speed up metabolism, regeneration and rejuvenation.

While medicine was not able to create a drug that could bring us back 5-10 years ago, however, with regular use of cedar oil can quickly see a visual change.

Cedar oil can be a great replacement for night cream for face and neck. In the care of the hair you need to apply a small amount of the drug on the hair roots, to give them time to soak, and then rinse with water.

Damage cedar oil

Cedar oil has many useful properties, however sometimes it can harm.

  • Feel worse when taking this product in people with individual intolerance. However, this happens rarely.
  • Neatly taking this product need people with signs of obesity. However, if you follow recommended doses, nothing bad ever happens to them.
  • Especially need to be careful when buying this product because there is always a risk to buy a fake. If it so happens that the pharmacy sell a product in the manufacture of which was not met, there is no guarantee that this oil will benefit you.
  • Moreover, you can harm your body. Therefore, the choice of oil will appreciate its color and smell. If you offer a product of a dark, opaque liquid with characteristics of oxidation and rancidity, it is likely that the oil is substandard and its better not to buy.


Depending on manufacturer’s prices on cedar oil may vary. Often it affects the size of the bottle sold by this product. You can save significantly if you decide to buy this drug in a bulk bottle.

For capacity of 0,5 liters you will have to pay an average of 2 thousand rubles, if you’ve chosen a product of domestic producers. In this price segment is considered affordable cedar oil from the company «Gorny Altai».

Less accessible is essential cedar oil, which can be purchased at the price of approximately 100 p. per 10 ml. In stores and pharmacies it is offered in bottles with a volume of 10-30 ml. However, this oil a long time you will use since you will need only a few drops a day.

It can be added to the bath, however, it is not very economical, because you will quickly waste the whole bottle. To stretch a vial of cedar oil for a couple of months, you can drink it or add it to the composition means for skin care.


My child is often sick with colds, and to quickly get better, I often resort to the help of cedar oil. This is a very effective and inexpensive means. I use it in combination with eucalyptus oil, camphor and mint — this mixture I wet the cotton pads, then lay them next to the crib.

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It can also be used on the principle of sopelki: for this it fixed under clothes on the patch or just drip on the dailies. We love that after the cedar oil in our apartment there is a smell of the forest.

Anna. Saratov

For many years I was worried about the gastritis, and, after trying different tools, I decided to drink cedar oil. The first time I had an aversion to it, it was very difficult to make a thick, rich liquid with a strong odor.

However, after a while I noticed that heartburn started to bother me less. After a couple of months gone, stomach problems. Now I regularly began to go to the toilet, although some days were forced to endure due to prolonged constipation.

Olga. Moscow

Protein chemotherapy affected the state of my hair, which is very weak, began to fall out, become brittle. To help them to recover, I began to apply the cedar oil. This product is rich in vitamins, acids and mineral elements.

Also use it positively affects the condition of the blood, increases the hemoglobin. The first time bothered me a little allergic, but pretty soon I got rid of it. Cedar oil is a very effective tool.

Irina. Kazan

In recent years, with cedar oil was able to meet many fans of traditional medicine, describing him only positively. This product is known for its high content of vitamins and useful elements. So it can help not only in the treatment of various diseases, but also for their prevention.

Given that the drug is a natural product, it can be applied without restriction to all people. And you can use it in many different values — not only to combat certain diseases, but also to care for hair and skin.