The use of cheating in the diet: the principle of action, that is, the pros and cons

One of the most popular methods of weight loss among women is diet. During its existence, many were convinced of its effectiveness. The main problem that arises here is — how to survive and not break prematurely. So for those who find it difficult to follow the rules, nutritionists came up with sitting.

What is chitting, why is it needed and how does it work?

On the long term monitoring of patients nutritionists concluded: diet attracts many at first, but stick with it long people are unable. That’s why they fail. In principle, this can not be overemphasized, if the result of the failure of the people tasted something forbidden in small quantities.

Often, however, it covers such severe hunger that he empties out everything it finds in the fridge. In such cases, his fate will be very sad: all the energy spent on getting rid of extra pounds, will be in vain, and people will return to the same shape that it had before. As a solution to this problem was created citing. This word has an English origin: if you translate it, it will sound like «cheating, cheating». And I must say, it fully justifies the meaning of this technique.

The meaning of chitting

To describe the essence of cuttinga: during the diet, the female is allowed to move away from the strict schedule of meal and there are dishes, which are among the banned. To see the deception in this method, it is possible if to learn more about the process of weight loss.

Usually a person has to monitor the amount of intake of carbohydrates and fats and limit them. However, it is fraught with the fact that the body is a much smaller amount of energy. And if earlier it was enough not only for their livelihoods, but also to increase deposits on the thighs, stomach and buttocks, but now it does so little that in the organism there is a shortage of energy, which is not even enough to maintain its natural vital processes.

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Once in such conditions, the body is translated into a new mode of operation, when it begins to consume fat tissue. It is due to this and provides a slimming effect. In the future, people continue to limit themselves in food. However, for this body does not go unnoticed, as he sees changes. Incoming energy is not enough, you gradually begin to decline, and fat reserves.

All this leads to a slow metabolism, so any food taken into the body, immediately enters into strategic reserves, which will be spent in case of General shortage of energy. As a result the person ceases to lose weight and can’t understand why this is happening. To solve this problem and called cheating.

Cheating is «cheat day», when people allow everything that is prohibited during the fasting day. Frequent holding of such «downloads» of the body during a diet and is cheating. He has a feeling that reserves enough energy. Metabolism in the normal mode, adipose tissue continues to burn. The point here is that losing weight protected from possible breakdowns. It is this deception and allows us to achieve pretty impressive results.

The pros and cons

The first thing you need to know what advantages has this method.

  • Diet becomes more gentle. Therefore, this technique will appreciate especially those people who are extremely difficult to withstand various food restrictions.
  • If it’s too long to sit on a diet, most people’s weight reaches a certain point and stops. And to reset every next kg, you have to make tremendous efforts. Cheating strasti allows the body to continue to lose weight without stopping.
  • the cheating is more than suitable title «holiday belly». Usually when dieters are frustrated, they begin to resent themselves, they feel ashamed that they have failed in their weaknesses. In the case of Cottingham everything is quite the contrary, since the breakdown occurs deliberately. Useful it makes the ability to prevent apathy and depression that we feel when a person is forced to limit themselves in their favorite dishes.
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Have this technique and its disadvantages:

  • cheating is effective only if it is performed in very rare cases. However, often, when, yielding to the temptation to eat delicious food, people have no desire to return to the diet.
  • Although this brings tangible benefits, but because of him, to diet have and a half to two times longer.
  • In any case you will have to keep track of calories, because when they increase the process of weight loss will stop.

How to?

Acquainted with the essence of this technique, do not think that chatting will allow you to improve your results. So cheating was the most effective, you must adhere to certain rules.

  • To carry out the «startup day» is necessary in very rare cases. Usually just once a week. If your strength enough to endure the diet without cheating a little longer, then it can be done less frequently. The main attention should be paid to its status and peculiarities of the chosen diet.
  • cheating can have different duration. Some people enough one day and others take two. However, if you decide to relax in this way does not for one but for three days, then immediately forget that you will be able to lose weight.
  • Define menu. Given that we expect «downloads» to speak about any restrictions in food is not necessary. But ensure that the diet was not simple carbohydrates that are so rich in cakes, food, fast food and other harmful food. But if you strongly drawn to sample these products, it is advisable to eat them in the morning. Experts recommend to consume complex carbohydrates as they provide the body with energy consumed for current needs. They are rich in foods such as nuts, muesli, porridge. In addition to your diet you should include more vegetables, meat, fruits and berries, but also seafood and fish.
  • Very careful you must be with the determination of the amount of food eaten. Here it is necessary to comply with the measure, otherwise you run the risk of overeating. You should eat this amount of food to the feeling of satiety. Moreover, specialists recommend to limit the consumption of prohibited foods and increase the amount of dietary.
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During the existence of the diets many people managed to verify the effectiveness of this method for weight loss. Their disadvantage is that not everyone tolerates them, so often breaks down. However, to eliminate this drawback could nutritionists who proposed to use such a powerful technique, as chitting. It is useful because it allows you in certain moments to forget about the restrictions within used diet and eat whatever I want. However no need to make such «partying» too often, because then the diet will lose any sense.