The use of fish oil capsules: how to drink it, the main advantages and rules of admission

Fish oil is one of the most effective and popular drugs since Soviet times. Its beneficial properties can help to cure some diseases or to exert a preventive effect. Use it if you lose power to restore the immune system or during the depression.

This substance in its natural form has an unpleasant odor and taste causing a feeling of disgust, but modern production has changed a bit the composition. Now it comes in capsules with gelatin, and when it disappears the unpleasant taste and smell. In addition, missing and the effect of oxidation when exposed to air causing the substance can be stored much longer.

Tips for use of fish oil

Like any other drug, fish oil has its own admission rules that should be followed to avoid side effects. How to take fish oil? In accordance with the recommendations, make the fat, you can only after consultation with your doctor. The doctor writes out in accordance with the physiological data of the person individual dosage. Typically, the number of capsules that can be taken per day is influenced by such factors as:

  • age;
  • purpose of use (treatment or prophylaxis);
  • contraindications.

Naturally, many people don’t like to go to the doctors with this question, and independently decide to undergo treatment or prevention using fish oil at the same time and dosage of each appoints himself. Given the «independence» of many people, it is possible to identify criteria for safe dosage of intake. For example, for adults, for prevention of body and improve immunity permitted to take no more than 1-2 capsules a day, and the duration of intake should not exceed more than 1 month. A similar treatment can be held 3 times a year, with the exception of the summer period.

In summer, fish oil may have a negative impact on the human condition, due to the high concentration of vitamin D. this time of year, vitamin D through the sunlight is produced in large quantities. A combination of two substances with a high content of vitamin D, on the contrary, weaken the immune system.

In diseases of dosage and intake of fish oil change.

  1. If the tests have detected high level of triglyceride, which enters in large quantity into the human body with fatty food, then you are allowed to apply no more than 4 grams of fish oil twice a day.
  2. During inflammation of the joints, the dosage should be between 3.5 to 3.8 G.
  3. During pregnancy syndrome (Hughes) is authorized to increase the dosage of fish oil up to 5 g.

It is important to remember that fish oil can and should be taken not only in diseases but also in case of lack of calcium or phosphorus in the body. This substance has many minerals which are basic elements for the formation or repair of cartilage and bone tissue.

The rules of admission, everything is quite simple, but there are plenty of recommendations that can help the substance to be absorbed much faster in the human body. For example, it is better to use fish oil on an empty stomach to drink it in water, but not keep him long in the mouth.

The issue price

Despite its simplicity, the fish oil undergoes numerous tests before to go on sale in pharmacies. All the products can be divided into two types, which differ by the presence and number of useful properties. For example, foreign products have a high cost, and to treat medicines. The average cost of foreign fish oil is in the range of 1000-1500 rubles per 30 pieces.

Domestic product is much cheaper and for 100 rubles, you can buy about 100 pieces, cod liver oil, but it has so many useful components. Domestic products are equal to the (BAA) active biological additives.

The usefulness of fish oil

This product has a tremendous amount of nutrients and not just high concentration of vitamin D. it is advisable to learn about other useful properties, which can in a short period of time to dramatically improve human health not only physically but also psychologically.

For instance, fish oil consists of various acids. Oleic acid makes up almost 70% of the total substances, but in addition it is also palmitic acid. They can help to protect the body against the formation of clots in blood vessels and increase brain activity. In the elderly, fish oil can help prevent clogging of blood vessels and thus prevent stroke or heart attack. Increased activity of the brain will be useful for the young generation who need to develop intelligence and improve memory.

If you use foreign products, for example, omega-3, we can distinguish another interesting effect. We are talking about a considerable improvement of quality of hair, skin, nails and mucous membranes. This effect is achieved not only thanks to the high concentration of vitamin D, but A. Vitamins easily and penetrate deeply into tissue cells. Fish oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and also helps with inflammatory reaction of the joints. The most interesting property of the drug, this increase of the hormone of joy, which frees people from stress and out of depression.

The main thing — remember that the product despite its organic origin, has a lot of minerals that are required for the body in small quantities. Their overdose may lead to unwanted diseases.

Which fish oil is best?

Fish oil can be divided according to many factors, but among all, first and foremost, distinguish a product in capsules. In addition, there are manufacturers that supply the best products to the domestic market. Norway is the main supplier of fish oil of high quality, but their performance is not inferior also in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk oblast.

What you need to pay attention to?

Like any other medication, fish oil has its own licensing quality, useful features and other criteria that you need to pay attention when choosing.

  1. The first thing to pay attention to the quality certificate, which indicates the absence of toxic substances.
  2. On the box productions can be found polyunsaturated fatty acids — and, more precisely speaking, information about the amount of pure fat and omega-3. For example, a compound with high quality has 15% fat and a small fraction of omega-3. Fish oil, cod liver, has the smallest percentage of fat, while a high proportion of vitamin A, D, E. If the fish oil is produced from the muscle fibers, the content of vitamins in it much less.
  3. Attention should be paid and the method of differentiation of molecules that indicate the quality of the product.
  4. One important aspect is the quality of the gelatin used for manufacturing capsules. Gelatin of animal origin is worse than fish. Fish origin gelatin is practically insoluble in water, but it is an important indicator for encapsulated product.


Fish oil has its contraindications, which should pay attention. Application is not recommended for people who have problems with urination, gastrointestinal tract, or thyroid gland. In the event of build up of calcium or high cholesterol, fish oil can only complicate the situation. It is also important to remember about the individual intolerance of the product or allergies, so it is best to consult with your doctor.


Fish oil is a very useful and also biological product that can take almost any man, if there are no contraindications. It helps to improve physical and psychological condition. Children aktiviziruyutsya memory and brain activity, improves the formation of bone tissue, and in adults and the elderly reduced the risk of heart attack or stroke. The important thing is to follow all recommendations and the right to use the drug to protect themselves from the undesirable diseases.

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