The use of magnesium sulfate: how to use as a laxative, precautions

People who are accustomed to use traditional medicines, are familiar with the magnesium sulfate. This drug, which many know as magnesia or Epsom salt, has remained popular in recent years due to their chemical and pharmacological properties, the effectiveness of which could make a lot of our compatriots.

Mainly, salts of magnesium used for bowel cleansing. Moreover, the effectiveness of this tool indicate not only an alternative, but also traditional medicine. A similar tool is often used by those who want, with minimal cost to get rid of the discomfort. In this respect, magnesium sulphate is an excellent choice, because it is not only very affordable, but also allows you to quickly provide the desired result.

Magnesium is a powerful laxative

Before, when the choice is osmotic laxatives were small, most doctors prescribed magnesium salt of sulfuric acid. Over the last decade in the pharmaceutical industry appeared a lot of modern medicine having a minimum of contraindications, therefore, magnesia refer not so often. However, fans of alternative treatments today continue to use this drug to maintain the liver and intestines.

The mechanism of action and indications for use of magnesium sulfate

If more familiar with the properties of magnesia, it becomes clear that this is not a sorbent. Therefore, when you use it does not show adsorptive properties, which is typical for activated carbon. The action of this drug is similar to other analogues, for example, Lavacolla, Realaxiom. When taken, it acts on the contractile activity of the intestine divisions, forcing them to move more rapidly, which helps to speed up the withdrawal of their contents.

The low ability of the drug to the absorption in the intestinal wall allows you to stay liquid and maintain at a high level of osmotic pressure in it. However on the receptors of the rectum is irritating, and in addition, we provide a choleretic effect.

There are a lot of various conditions in which the most effective use of sulphate of magnesia:

  • from epilepsy to conventional magnesium deficiency in the body;
  • from mental disorders to hypertension of varying degrees;
  • the toxic effects of salts of heavy metals necessary to interrupt preterm labor.

The majority of the magnesium sulfate is used before a diagnosis of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as complex operations. In these cases, the drug effectively manifests itself as a laxative.

Release form of the drug

Magnesia is presented in several dosage forms, among which you can often find the following:

  • ampoules with a solution designed for intravenous and intramuscular injection;
  • jars and sachets containing white powder, on the basis of which is preparing a suspension for internal use.

The last option is the most popular because of ease of use in those cases when you need to clean the intestines.

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Diagram of a bowel cleansing with magnesium sulfate

To the cleaning procedure did not cause complications, it is necessary to prepare everything in advance. To do this two weeks before the cleanse you need to completely change your diet. From the menu you want to exclude:

  • fried, smoked, spicy, salty meals;
  • food concentrates;
  • pasta etc.

Minimize the use of the following products:

  • fish;
  • Fig;
  • potatoes;
  • cheeses;
  • nuts etc.

Try to make the Foundation of your diet was raw and baked fruits and vegetables, cereals from whole grains.

Be sure to include in the menu, purified water, herbal teas, Apple and carrot juice, if you want easier to move the purification of magnesium sulfate powder.

Instructions for use of magnesium sulfate

Among the options programs colon cleanse, you can allocate method, the essence of which is disposable acceptance magnesia in the morning, for 3-7 days:

  1. The day before the cleanse must be purchased 10-30 gr. of magnesium sulfate. Make sure that the bag or jar is of the correct weight. Each manufacturer has their own rules for packaging products. So it happens that on the bag or jar can be given a weight of 10 to 30 gr.
  2. The best time to cleanse — 7 am, however, taking it after this time is not recommended. To do this, take 20-30 grams. of the drug and dissolve it in 100 ml of water. Properly cooked mixture should not contain sediment or the quantity must be small.
  3. Adopt the interior solution. But be ready that this procedure on its taste properties will not be very pleasant. To make it easier to endure the bitter taste of magnesium sulfate, to prepare a slice of lemon or grapefruit. Alternatively, you can just hold your nose or drink the solution through a straw.
  4. After 2-6 hours, you will notice changes in your condition and will feel the urge to defecate. To totally free your intestine, you’ll need to go to the toilet more than once. During the colon cleansing you may feel not very pleasant feeling — bloating and abdominal pain.
  5. After the procedure of cleansing powder, magnesium sulphate is only 3 — 4 hours. Considering that the cleansing is in the morning, you have to forget about Breakfast.

It is extremely difficult to say exactly how long do I need to clean a powder of magnesium sulfate at home. In some sources it appears the information that the desired effect is achieved after a seven-day course. However, there is opposite opinion, that will be enough for positive changes in the body to clean a powder of magnesium sulfate, not more than two or three days.

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Forced a one-day cleansing method

If you’re going to clean the bowel with magnesium sulphate, it is better to take an official day off or schedule this procedure on any day. All activities involving taking a laxative, repeated bowel movements, and the rest will take at least 10 hours.

For cleaning the intestine you will need the following:

  • purified water – 2 liters;
  • magnesium sulfate – 25 g;
  • the juice of one lemon.

The way of using the product includes the following actions:

  1. The evening before colon cleanse you need to prepare a solution of 25 g of magnesium sulphate diluted in 1 Cup water. Once the substance gets into the glass with water, you need to give him yourself completely dissolve during the night.
  2. The next day at 6 am, because those hours are peak activity of the intestine, it is necessary to drink last night prepared solution of magnesium sulfate . You also have to be «lemonade» for which, take a glass of water and add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice . The water will help you to eliminate unpleasant taste of magnesia.
  3. After drinking the solution, try in the following hours to drink water, slightly acidified with lemon. To make this tool you need every 20 minutes for one glass, then you should feel the urge to defecate;
  4. Usually have to wait 2-4 hours after taking the laxative to produce a strong desire to visit the bathroom. However, in each case, it takes different times because every person’s metabolism occurs individually;
  5. When you first go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water. Similarly, we must act after each bowel movements. After the fourth visit to the toilet to drink water stop. However, in this case, you will still be tempted to go to the toilet. If you perform this procedure in strict accordance with the requirements at the end of the bowel will appear almost transparent liquid.
  6. An hour after the last bowel movement you can return to normal eating. This can be any easy vegetarian dish, such as cooked vegetables or carrot-cabbage salad.

Although the above-described methods have a lot in common, all the same technique, they differ from each other. In the second case, you have to be very careful, because the problem for many is that it often appears incomplete laxative effect, as a result, the fluid retained in the stomach, absorbed by the kidneys, and in the end excreted by the kidneys, not the intestines.

Manual safe cleaning

You need to be very careful with the use of sulfate-magnesium cleansing, because when they are excessive quantities the risk to health:

  • dehydration;
  • leaching of useful microflora of intestines;
  • violation of water-salt balance;
  • the development of lazy bowel syndrome;
  • burning sensation in the anus.
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It is important to remember that the use of laxatives can cause serious health problems. Therefore, in order to prevent any deviations necessary during magnesium bowel cleansing to comply with security measures. To reduce unpleasant effects following the procedures of purification can be carried out the following operations:

  1. Every time after using the toilet, lubricate the anus with a small amount of vegetable oil or emollient cosmetic. This will help prevent the unpleasant burning sensation.
  2. Upon completion of the cleaning procedure is recommended for 2-3 days to drink at least 2 litres of clean drinking water. Observing this requirement, you will be able to return to optimum level of water-salt balance.
  3. Go ten-day course of prebiotic medicines to restore intestinal microflora.

Reviews about the bowel cleanse with magnesium sulfate

It should be remembered that when conducting the sulfate-magnesium cleansing in some cases it is possible to face certain unpleasant sensations. The laxative effect of the use of magnesia is not in doubt. However, there are cases when the effect of the drug is so powerful that after sitting in the toilet for several hours, people have the rapidly flowing diarrhea and pain in the abdomen. So after this suffering, for them it is very dangerous to use the drug for bowel cleansing.

But it is not necessary to be critical of this procedure. You know a lot of people who were completely satisfied with the results of sulfate-magnesium cleansing. Not worried about the aggressiveness of magnesia, because this drug helps in the treatment of intestinal strengthening and choleretic effect.


Magnesium is among the medicines, which are used by our fellow citizens here for decades. Such high interest is because throughout the entire time of use of this substance it demonstrates itself in a positive way. However, you must remember that all of the magnesia is first and foremost medication, while there can be some side effects. So you need to be ready for them and take measures for their prevention by reducing the frequency of cleaning procedures. But it is best to know in advance about contraindications during consultation with a doctor.