The use of protein cocktail for weight loss at home: benefits, cooking, reviews

Heard about protein shakes, for sure, many of us have an inflated image of athletes-bodybuilders. However, it is necessary to say that these drinks are consumed by people who have a single goal — to pump.

Experts advise to include them in menus and overweight women who dream of a slim figure. With regular use protein shakes man will not be long to leave a feeling of fullness, causing you can better control calories.

However, the combination of these with other measures to reduce the weight to achieve more impressive results. If you decide to confine them, it’s enough to drink one serving of a protein shake, replacing them with ordinary meal, and then you will be able to see noticeable changes.

What is the essence of protein shakes for weight loss?

Before you start to drink these high-protein mix, you will need to more about them to know what to expect.

The purpose of the application

Given that you decided to resort to this method in order to reduce weight, you can afford to abandon the standard 1-2 meals in favor of a protein shake. This will help to limit the number of calories coming into the body and more effectively lose weight.

According to the results of a 2003 study that was cited in the American journal «Nutrition Journal,» found out the following: it was found that the participants who were trying for 40 weeks to drink protein shakes instead of 1 -2 servings of the basic foods, lost more weight than subjects from the group that was kept on a low calorie diet suggests three meals a day.


Protein shakes primarily rich in protein, which, along with fiber necessary for every person who wants to lose weight. Its positive effect is to extend the feeling of satiety food, how is it superior to all other foods rich in carbohydrates and fats.

  • for the body it is the source for the construction, repair and maintenance of muscle mass;
  • if protein drinks you can complement regular exercise, pretty soon you will find a beautiful and slender figure;
  • regular use of protein powders, a composition which contains not less calcium than in traditional products, such as cheese, skim milk and yogurt, you can avoid bone loss and to create favorable conditions for normal growth of bones. This is especially useful for women who in this way can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


When you use any product you must comply with the measure, which applies to protein shakes. If they drink too much, then a month later, their use may adversely affect the condition of the female body. Although these protein shakes the body gets enough calcium, having a preventive effect on the appearance of osteoporosis, long-term adherence to a high protein diet it can produce the opposite effect and start a process of washout from the body.

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Excess protein is also a danger that can cause the appearance of such conditions as:

  • diverticulitis;
  • constipation;
  • heart disease, liver, kidney;
  • cancer.

In the best case long-term use of protein shakes can lead only to weight gain, not weight loss.

Experts do not recommend too much to drink such mixtures due to the fact that the background your body will receive important nutrients. We must not forget that only natural foods contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and other beneficial compounds. And they protein shakes will lose out.

How to make protein shake at home?

Many athletes and people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle often practice the use of protein mixtures prepared in the home. So they not only save money, but you can be sure what ingredients is consumed protein mixture. Most people used to eat protein powders, using them as the basis for cocktails. However, this does not mean that you should do the same: become acquainted with the recipe of this drink, you’ll be able to effortlessly prepare a delicious and protein-rich smoothie.

The process of making protein cocktail for weight loss at home provides for the performance the following simple steps:

  1. The preparation will take place in the blender: pour one to two cups of skim milk, among which one serving must contain 9 g of protein and 12 grams of carbohydrates.
  2. Instead of protein powder you need to take half Cup of skim or part skim ricotta cheese derived whey proteins. The product contains 14 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbohydrates and about 10 grams of fat. Whey is highly digestible, so it’s great as an ingredient for triggering mechanism for the development of muscle protein.
  3. Also in blender you need to put half Cup of skim milk cheese, which has a special ingredient — casein, wherein the slow digestion. Once in the intestine, it turns into a gelatinous mixture, as a result, the digestive process slows down, and in such conditions the amino acids begin to enter the muscle cells, increasing their number. The benefit of casein is that it helps to avoid muscle breakdown and suppresses appetite. A serving of half a Cup of cottage cheese contains 5 g of carbohydrates and 14 grams of protein.
  4. Add to the already present ingredients and 150 grams of fat-free yogurt to taste, then begin to stir the mixture until smooth. Yogurt is rich in probiotics, healthy bacteria that have a positive effect on health. It includes a lot of calcium which is very necessary for the body to weight loss, and will oppose further accumulation of fat. The specified number of yogurt will satisfy your cocktail 14 g of carbohydrates and 8 g of protein.
  5. Put in a blender one tablespoon of cream to make your drink distinctive flavor.
  6. Add some fruit, fresh or frozen, which will give the drink a special aroma and saturate it with vitamins and healthy carbohydrates. Will be no harm in this cocktail and frozen bananas, due to which your drink will resemble the consistency of ice cream.
  7. In conclusion, in a blender, put a few tablespoons of Flaxseed or olive oil, you can also use other healthy fats. They will help to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and to maintain good health. A useful property of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats is the ability to reduce the harm resulting from receipts into your body saturated and TRANS fats.
  8. Drinking a protein shake is recommended fresh. If the prepared amount was too much for you, the rest of the dish must be poured into special containers, which must be hermetically sealed and kept in the refrigerator. Before use, thoroughly shake the drink as the individual components are prone to delamination.
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I was nearing the wedding, and for this day I decided to lose weight. From a friend I learned about a great tool — a chocolate protein shake from leovit. Time was very small — only a few months, which greatly worried, often through unnecessarily.

To give up the opportunity to become slim bride, I didn’t want and started treatment. Took drink twice a day — morning and evening, replacing them with two meals. For lunch, I cooked vegetable soup, also my menu was a Cup of yogurt, fruit, salads, vegetables, chicken, in order not to lose strength.

A month later, I found a positive change — I have a greatly diminished appetite, and if at some point, and there is hunger, I quickly suppressed fresh vegetables, fruits and salads. Pretty soon I completely eliminated from your menu carbohydrates, realizing that the pleasure of them I had not received.

It took me only a month and a half to get rid of the 7.5 kg of excess weight. And I have never experienced the slightest stress. I’m really glad I learned about this cocktail that is now constantly present in my diet.


I am very happy that I learned about the existence of such a fine drink. I take it in the morning for Breakfast, adding a banana and acidophilus. After I got permanently retain a feeling of satiety, which does not leave me for three or four hours. Also the cocktail I put the bran, which makes it even more useful.


I’ve used a variety of methods to combat obesity. Also tried all the famous Herbalife. In the first weeks very abruptly lost, but the cost of purchasing this wonder drug were very large. Now I’m more addicted to green protein shakes, which are prepared by itself. And performance they are not inferior to the Herbalife. I don’t add a banana because the already have a very appreciable excess weight. Instead, I use other fruits that grow in my garden — apples, pears, peaches and native plums Kuban honey.

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In recent years the problem of excess weight has acquired a large scale. Therefore, among women especially, there have appeared those who dream of a slim figure. One of the flashy tools are protein shakes. Numerous testimonials confirm the effectiveness of this drink. The main point is to abandon the usual meals and consume instead protein-rich smoothies. However, as in the case of any other means, large quantities of protein mixtures can harm the health.

People who do not follow the recommendations of the experts, often get quite the opposite result: instead of losing weight they begin to gain weight. So with your health you need to be very careful — even homemade protein shakes for weight loss should be consumed in moderation. Very harmful just to sit on these mixes because they don’t give people enough of the necessary vitamins, nutrients and other beneficial compounds. As a result, it poses a threat to health, which can lead to the development of various diseases.