The use of vibration plates how it works, contraindications, reviews before and after

Many information sources offer a lot of options to help us get rid of extra pounds. So today for each available a variety of dietary Supplements, exotic berries, unique underwear and special equipment. And fans latest today becomes a lot.

Although today in stores are many different simulators, among them quite popular is the vibration platform. The promotional materials stated that the effect of weight loss with it is very impressive. However, if you look at the forums where people share their experiences in the use of such simulators, there is a completely different picture: many, after a few months, can not achieve any noticeable changes. So what to believe and whether to accept the acquisition of this new home trainer?

Vibration technology

The basis of the simulator on a fairly well-known principle. Vibration technology was available to mankind in the postwar period, when its flock is actively used in the field of space research. Tests on vibrating installations then become a mandatory stage of the training of future astronauts. Thanks to them, people can better adapt to living in weightlessness.

Distributed different ways of advertising materials gives a fairly detailed idea of what constitutes a platform. However, many buyers find themselves frustrated with the results that they achieve on these devices. From this we can conclude that advertising is not completely truthful information that is intended only to draw attention to the simulator.

How does the vibration platform?

The effect of vibration is that, experiencing such effects, human muscles begin to contract and relax repeatedly. Similarly, exercise and muscle stimulation. If you go to the doctors, and they claim that a high-frequency oscillating vibrations help to improve the efficiency of the muscle that has a direct bearing on the condition of the tissue.

Moreover, this technology also affects the bones, tendons and blood vessels. Therefore, the influence of vibration manifests on the whole body. However, only on the basis of this is not to say that these simulators can help to get rid of extra pounds. To workout to really be effective, the person will have to make some effort. Therefore, the platform must not stand, and hard work.

  • if you believe the promises of the manufacturers, then using a vibration platform can solve the problem of cellulite and excess weight. These units have a massaging effect on the tissues, saturating them with oxygen, and this not only improves their functioning, but also appearance;
  • manufacturers attract consumers ‘ attention the fact that during training no risk of increased stress on the heart, so even after hours classes people do not get tired. And this point is of particular relevance for people with various diseases which they can’t expose themselves to high physical loads;
  • training on a vibration platform is the ideal solution, because in this case the person has to demonstrate a certain level of activity, but the slimming effect is absent here. So remember, when you choose to shop vibration platform for weight loss.
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How to work on a vibration platform?

Before choosing a vibration platform, you need to decide whether the person is a fixture of the house. According to some users who have already adapted to work on this device, it significantly reduces the training time, which is perfectly complemented by the excellent results.

A properly selected set of exercises on a vibration platform can saturate tissues with oxygen, improve circulation, and this will help strengthen the entire cardiovascular system, including to avoid chronic venous insufficiency.


Whichever you choose trainer for weight loss, remember that he definitely has some contraindications. Therefore, before selecting it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

  • judging by the reviews fitness instructors, the most important thing that you need to find out to aspiring athletes — the training should correspond to the recommended. This rule is especially necessary to observe in the first weeks. Attempts to increase the duration of the occupation, even if you feel OK, no good can result;
  • to use the vibration platform for weight loss is unacceptable for pregnant women, women who gave birth less than 6 weeks ago;
  • not hurt before using the platform to consult a doctor, informing him of their diseases. Especially if they involve such an important organ, like the heart or can create a traumatic situation, for example, due to epilepsy;
  • you will also have to temporarily suspend the exercise, if not so long ago you had surgery.


It’s time to get acquainted with how to use the vibration platform. Based on the reviews of beginners, to master the exercises in the first days is very difficult. In reality they are quite simple, and they become a problem for people due to the increased burden posed by the trainer. Many find it difficult to work on the simulator due to the fact that they have no special training or there are too many overweight. Then, to quickly get used to the vibration platform, it is desirable initially to perform only a few basic exercises, and after a while you can add a new one.

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A basic set of exercises is quite simple and includes the following:

  • lifting on socks, with the aim of loading the muscles of the thigh and lower leg;
  • squat with pulling up;
  • inclinations in the parties for training the oblique muscles of the abdomen;
  • a variety of twisting from a sitting position.


Yielding to advertising, I decided to buy a vibration platform. However, the result I was not very satisfied: I a week regularly performed exercises and did massage. However, in addition to relaxation, other positive changes are not achieved. Being engaged in Taekwondo for on the platform within a month, I went on a diet, and at the time my excess weight was 15 kg. it took Me 6 months to get rid of this ballast. As for the platform, in my review, I can say that it is effective to save the result. However, lose weight with its help, I failed.


Unfortunately, vibra did not meet my expectations as to lose weight I couldn’t. I was hoping she would help me to get rid of cellulite, but there all the same. So I think about to give it to someone. Even from prolonged exercise effect was not almost nothing. So I will just unnecessarily spent money on it.


In General, this platform is useless, and it will not help to lose weight. To solve the problem of cellulite it is still possible, but if you want to remove the extra pounds, you can not count on it. This sad thing was my friend, who after unsuccessful attempts to get rid of this simulator. In my case the situation repeated itself: I do restrict calories, but this did not affect my condition. Apparently, in advertising, in which the present vibration platform slim girls, lies the catch. Therefore, no matter how engaged, and to gain a slender waist will not work.

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In recent years there have been many people who began to pay more attention to her figure. And to keep myself in good shape, many people purchase special equipment. One of the latest innovations is the vibration platform. However, opinions about its effectiveness are mixed.

Many are critical of her because of the fact that you can’t get rid of excess weight. This is due to the fact that triggered a publicity stunt manufacturers showing in the ads and articles slender girls working in these simulators. In fact, in addition to the relaxing effect of the vibration platform does not bring much benefit. It is difficult to expect that the person who is doing nothing and just standing on the platform, can become beautiful and slim.