Therapeutic properties, indications and contraindications of mistletoe, reviews gardeners about the plant

Despite the fact that modern medicine is growing by leaps and bounds, many people still trust traditional medicine. Folk remedies have long saved our ancestors from many diseases. Now, with the help of the popular methods of not only treatment but also lose weight.

Currently, nutritionists actively offer to lose weight with celery, ginger, oats and other grasses and plants. Every day, new miracle diet that allows in the shortest possible time to get rid of excess weight and extra inches. But, aiming for the cherished goal of weight loss, many people completely forget about their health. In order not to lose health and lose excess weight, you should pay attention to such plants as mistletoe.

Viscum album (other names — oak berries, bird glue, witch wreath, the damn potion, zolotisty, swatzel, witch’s nest, bird mistletoe, winter seeds, goat nuts, bird nuts, witch’s broom, cross grass) is a parasitic shrub, from a biological point of view. The bushes cross the grass grow on the trees. The roots of the mistletoe penetrate deep into the host tree through holes in the bark. Lives cross the grass in deciduous, rarely in coniferous trees.

Parasitic shrub, mistletoe is a perennial and evergreen plant. Visually it’s actually pretty simple to learn. External description cross grass — green ball-shaped shrub, growing on the branches of deciduous trees. The mistletoe Bush looks lush due to the pairwise arrangement of oval leaves. In the spring of mistletoe blooms yellowish-green flowers in autumn and in their place come the berries white. Mistletoe is propagated by seeds, which are spread by birds.

It is widely known to people another name for mistletoe — witch’s nest. This is due to the fact that this parasitic shrub is very dense and remains green all year round, and it looks menacingly in winter in the dark.

Medicinal properties of mistletoe

Rightfully the most useful property of mistletoe is to counter the poisonous substances and stop the bleeding.

Part of the mistletoe consists of a poisonous substance, so its use should be strictly under control.

In the middle ages, during the wars, the witch shrub and its fruit was used for killing enemies. The plant was added in various strong poisons, which are easily possible to eliminate a healthy strong man.

Healing properties of mistletoe are used for the following purposes:

  • for lowering blood pressure.
  • as sedative.
  • to expand the blood vessels.
  • for normalization of sleep.
  • to slow the growth of tumors.

The followers of folk medicine claim that by using the various infusions, decoctions, and similar extracts from oak berries can cure many gynecological diseases and even infertility.

Witch shrub has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Extracts from it have a beneficial effect on the stomach, relieves intestinal parasites, eliminates diarrhea.

Very often, doctors recommend taking the mistletoe together with other medicines for the treatment of oncological diseases, problems with the cardiovascular system, female genital diseases, digestive system disorders and many others. In getting rid of excess weight mistletoe is also active.

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Witch shrub is used for the treatment of diseases:

  • The varicose veins.
  • Cancer of the stomach.
  • Sclerosis.
  • Bleeding.
  • Asthma.
  • Impotence.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • TB.
  • Hypertension.
  • Injuries.
  • Diabetes.
  • Lymphoma.
  • Cancer of the duodenum.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Obesity.

Mistletoe is used as an internal and external way in the form of compresses. Actively cross-infusions of herbs used by herbalists. For those who want to lose weight it is useful information that mistletoe has fat burning properties. Decoctions and infusions are removed from the human body of impurities and toxins, thereby normalizing the metabolism.


Often, the description of the decoctions and infusions of mistletoe is mentioned that it can be used instead of coffee or tea and drink throughout the day in unlimited quantities. However, this is not entirely true. As previously mentioned, the plant is a few hundred years ago was used as a poison. On this basis the use of large amounts of witch Bush does not Bode well.

Contraindications to the use of mistletoe:

  • Individual intolerance.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Breast-feeding.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Diseases of the liver.
  • While reduced function of the thyroid gland.

How to use mistletoe for weight loss

Reviews on the use of mistletoe for weight loss is very inconsistent. Some argue — to get rid of excess weight with the help of the plant impossible, and others defend the view that all the same this is real. And this is indeed the case. To lose weight, consuming mistletoe is in the normal range, together with the improvement of the whole organism.

Active for weight loss used a decoction of Linden and the mistletoe. The broth on the basis of these plants fills the stomach thereby reducing the appetite. Also after intake of the decoction increased the pressure, and as a result, the person begins to actively move. Drinking the broth, be careful. Don’t forget about the toxic constituents of mistletoe.

In the case when, after drinking the decoction or infusion of witch Bush person start to feel sick and dizzy, then you need to immediately call an ambulance. And before arrival of doctors to try on their own to rid the body from the remnants of the mistletoe, by calling vomiting. Then take activated charcoal tablets.

How to prepare mistletoe for storage?

The season of harvesting mistletoe is autumn and winter. It is in these seasons shrub is most clearly visible in the trees. To store harvested leaves and berries witch’s nest. For harvesting mistletoe will need secateurs or loop. They are necessary due to the fact that the shrub grows to a considerable height.

The berries gently off the branches, then carefully poured on cloth or paper in a thin layer. The leaves in the home dried as well as berries. The raw material is stored in heavy bags that do not get sunlight, but in a well-ventilated area.

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The recommended shelf life of dry raw mistletoe — two years.

The rate of weight loss based on the mistletoe

The most common variant of the weight loss is based on the cross-decoction of grass and lime.

A decoction of Linden and the mistletoe

In order to achieve the desired goal, which is to get rid of extra inches and pounds, you will need to prepare a decoction. After preparing the broth, you’ll have only a day to take.

Boiled water reduces the concentration of poison in mistletoe, but does not eliminate it, so absolutely not allowed to exceed the maximum rate. It’s necessary to eat without a substantial reduction in caloric content. To lower daily requirement of calories you need, but so that it wasn’t a stress to the body. Food should be varied and contain all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are needed by the human body. The course of diet on the concoction consists of five days. During this time the average person loses about four pounds. The main function of the decoctions is the reduction of appetite in humans. Because the less we eat, the sooner you lose weight.

A course in weight loss:

  • First day — prepared lime leaves in a container and fill it liter of boiled water. Leave for two hours to a mixture of steep. The first day is consumed an infusion of lime leaves, cross the grass is not used. The resulting infusion is used for day. To improve the effect diet possibly is made up of low-calorie products.
  • The second day is similar to the first day, with the exception of leaves for the infusion. On this day filled with boiling water the leaves of mistletoe. Infusion is made and used in the same proportions, and lime on the first day.
  • The third day — in the middle of the course leaves of mistletoe and lime are combined in the same proportions as in the first two days. A handful of leaves pour two liters of water. Infusion, leave for two hours and consume during the day.
  • Fourth day — recipe prepare the same as on the third day, however, the infusion is allowed to add two tablespoons of natural honey.
  • Fifth day — manufacture of infusion corresponds to the previous two days. Also it is added with honey. And at the end of the course it is recommended to add the juice of half a lemon.

After losing weight with a decoction of mistletoe, we can safely stand on the balance and enjoy the effect of dropped the extra pounds. Dried Linden leaves and mistletoe are sold in every pharmacy.

An alternative method of losing weight with mistletoe is in the use of the decoction of the plant daily before Breakfast on an empty stomach. Made in the simplest way — two tablespoons of crushed leaves pour boiling water, leave for half an hour, decant. And during the day to stick to a low calorie diet.

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Want to talk about their experience using mistletoe. The drink I started taking on Monday and Friday is already finished (the course is 5 days). The main thing that I would like to note is quite a nice aroma and taste of the broth, what can be said about many other diet broth. And, of course, this is a tangible result after a course is the desired weight loss. Upon completion of the course the scales showed that I lost weight during these five days three pounds.

Vasilisa, 24 years, Minsk

Before the holiday have decided to freshen up. And as time remained practically nothing, I decided to lose a few pounds by using a short diet. Came across a recipe for a decoction of mistletoe. And how happy I was that in a matter of five days I achieved the effect wanted. I’m glad you can feel free now to appear in a swimsuit on the beach. Mom says I did it for a young body, but I think broth-based mistletoe will help people of different ages.

Olga Loktionova, 19 years old, Murmansk

I have very serious health problems, therefore do not expose your body to additional stress in the form of diets, I just could not afford it. But what teenager does not want to become prom Queen? So I scoured the Internet in search of a suitable I way of getting rid of the hated kilograms.

I decided to try a decoction of mistletoe. A course of 5 days I was completely satisfied. The broth did with the Linden and the mistletoe. The composition of the broth consisted of all natural plant substances. On the third day making the broth, I felt nausea, and then I did start to tear. In the end had to call an ambulance. A decoction of mistletoe is contraindicated for people with liver disease, to which I belong. Contraindications I did not notice and so, therefore, he paid.

By the way, I still lost three pounds because he went. Now I promise that I will lose weight at a snail’s pace on the right food and exercise. The rest, I sincerely wish to learn the contraindications and easy to get rid of unwanted inches and pounds.

Galya, 16, Saint Petersburg