Thyroxine for weight loss: how to use and reviews taking

People who are addicted to fitness and bodybuilding, quite often, take for weight loss L-thyroxine. Reviews of people who have used this tool for this purpose, are very different. Some enthusiastic praise this drug, the consumption of which does not decrease muscle mass.

Some say about the fact that much of the effect during its use have not seen. To measure and evaluate the harms and benefits of this tool, you need to carefully study its basic properties.

The nature of the origin of thyroxine

The thyroid absorbs iodine from blood plasma, which is connected to the amino acid tyrosine, as a result of thyroid hormones. Substances for the synthesis of hormones transported through the blood paths into the cells of the gland. Likewise of synthesized hormones out of the thyroid gland. Under the influence of TSH produce two hormones containing iodine:

  • Calcitonin, secreted specifically by the cell group consisting of the thyroid gland.
  • Triiodothyronine (T3). Biologically active, its activity is almost five times higher than that of thyroxine.
  • Thyroxine (T4, tetraiodothyronine). Biologically weak, under the action of enzymes can be transformed into triiodothyronine.

In his state of T3 and T4 have a small amount, usually it is associated with the globulin. It is the amount of free thyroxine will depend on the degree of impact on the body. The activity of the secretion itself is regulated by the body — if necessary it increases.

It goes through tireotroponogo hormone (TSH). This hormone acts on the membrane tissue of the epithelial layer of the thyroid and activates enzyme, in turn, increase the secretion and synthesis of hormones. TSH normalizes all processes — the synthesis of thyroxine, a compound of tyrosine with iodine and the release and destruction of thyroglobulin.

The function of the thyroid gland is regulated by feedback. TSH increases when reducing the secretion of triyodtironina and tyrosine, and Vice versa, to increase the amount of hormones produced by can help reduce the amount of TSH.

Pharmacological effects of L-thyroxine

The thyroid have a wide range of effects on different physiological processes in the body:

  1. Has minor regeneration and a major influence on cell division. So, regulate the development, maturation, restoration, renewal and specialization of cells. This effect is especially required during fetal development, namely the nervous system, skeletal, brain tissue. So, it takes part in the emergence of intelligence the future of man. During hypothyroidism in childhood disturbed mental development during embryo — severe mental retardation. During a full lack of hormones appears cretinism;
  2. Effect on energy metabolism — activates the production of heat and energy. With a low amount of hormones the rate of metabolic processes is significantly reduced, with their high content, it increased almost 2 times in comparison with the norm;
  3. Promote the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats;
  4. Activates protein synthesis (anabolic). Required for intensive growth;
  5. It takes part in regulation of processes of exchange with magnesium and potassium;
  6. Involved in vitamin metabolism. For example, is involved in the liver in the oxidation of vitamin A;
  7. Increases the body’s resistance to stress;
  8. Affect the function of other hormones. For example, increases the effects of adrenaline, glucocorticoids, and insulin. During the joint action with somatotropin (growth hormone) helps his work. Lack of thyroxine can lead to dwarfism;
  9. Activates the possibility of the immune system and increases resistance of organism to action of pathogenic viruses and microorganisms;
  10. Increases the yield of cholesterol in the bile and in the liver synthesis of phospholipids. During hyperthyroidism (high levels) removal and destruction of cholesterol exceeds the amount synthesized in the liver. This leads to a decrease in the blood amount of cholesterol;
  11. Activates the circulatory and nervous systems;
  12. Affects the metabolism of nitrogenous elements. The high content activates the output of nitrogen in urine.
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Pharmacological effects depend on the dose of thyroxine:

  • In large doses reduces the secretion of thyrotropin-releasing hormone of the hypothalamus, in the end, reduced pituitary formation of TSH. In these doses is not used for weight loss;
  • In medium doses it activates the development and growth of tissues and cellular structures increases the need for oxygen, increases the activity of fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolic process, stimulates and improves the functioning of blood vessels, heart and nervous system.
  • Small doses — increases protein synthesis (anabolic steroids), takes part in an accelerator in the process of education and renewal of structures of cells, muscle and tissues.

Properties that allow the use of L-thyroxine for weight loss:

  1. Appetite suppression and reducing hunger;
  2. Acceleration of metabolic process;
  3. Accelerating the speed of blood flow. Increased sweating and heat production. Has a weak diuretic effect, promotes removal of swelling and the release of small quantities of fluid from the body;
  4. Increased breakdown of fats;
  5. Improves emotional and psychological state;
  6. Activates the nervous system. Reduces the human need for sleep and rest. Increases endurance and performance, this contributes to potential increase of time of exercise and physical activity.

Main features and usage of L-thyroxine for weight loss

These pharmacological actions offer the possibility to use L-thyroxine for weight loss. How to apply this remedy to reduce weight without harm to health is better, can only tell the nutritionist.

We need to realize that L-thyroxine is absorbed by the body, which creates its the same hormone. The amount brought in from outside and their own hormone can lead to its excessive content. Protected from the amount of hyperthyroidism, the body completes the synthesis of its hormones. This takes place with the participation of the pituitary gland stops the stimulation of the thyroid gland. While consumption of small doses, the concentration in the body hormone not change because no reduction of weight.

At the right dosage, which appoint a doctor, L-thyroxine effect thus:

  • High level of thyroid leads to greater energy output, which is obtained from food.
  • If activity physical activity decreases and food is not increased, the energy deficit leads to weight loss.

L-thyroxine is, first and foremost, a drug against hypothyroidism. Effect on excess weight is only a side effect. Therefore, before you start to lose weight using the drug should consult with an endocrinologist.

Use for people who suffer from overactive thyroid, is prohibited. It is undesirable to use it and people who have the thyroid gland in order.

For getting rid of unwanted pounds, this tool can be used with the low secretory activity of the pancreas.

There are a number of rules, observing that it is possible to lose weight and maintain a healthy thyroid:

  1. If for any reason you miss a drug, in time for your next dose do not need to increase the dose;
  2. You must strictly adhere to the dose prescribed by your doctor;
  3. Regular physical exercises. Preferred are strength training;
  4. The main diet should be foods with a high amount of fiber. Also to include in the diet lean meats (rabbit, chicken), seafood, brown rice, fruit, eggs, low-fat dairy products and vegetables.
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How to use the product for weight loss?

Use it 2 hours after food or an hour before her. This is because food reduces the bioavailability of L-thyroxine. Instructions for use for weight loss if dietitian is not appointed individual scheme looks like this:

  • All the course is 1-1. 5 months. Abruptly terminate the reception is undesirable, the dose should be reduced gradually to the minimum;
  • To start using need 50 mg. This dose is divided by 2 doses of 25 mg early in the day and at the end to 18: 00. In order to prevent possible violations of heart rhythm, with the morning should take 25 mg metoprolol. The additional use of 25 mg metoprolol necessary in the case when the measurement of heart rate at rest, at the end of the day, it is more than 70 beats per minute.
  • The dosage need to increase to 150-300 mg per day. The amount of the drug divided into 3 doses, with last admission must be no later 18-00. Continue the use of β-blocker metoprolol. And its dosage increased to 100 mg per day, dividing it into 2 doses of 50 mg. If the pulse rate remains more than 70 beats per minute, it is necessary to select a dose individually, slowly increasing to the desired amount.
  • After reaching the highest dosage of 300 mg per day, you need to look carefully at your condition. At any sign of deterioration, the dosage.
  • The pressure has to be 140/100 mm RT. St. increasing more the norm to increase the dosage of metoprolol.
  • Break between courses must be at least a month.

Precautions while taking L-thyroxine

While taking L-thyroxine to lose weight need to correlate, as well as the damage and benefits of the drug. Mindless consumption of L-thyroxine can lead to many adverse results and to be completed that will need every day, throughout life, to take the drug. Contraindications should be treated very carefully. Dose to achieve this goal very high, and therefore must be precisely controlled with consideration of well-being.


The main contraindications are the following:

  1. Myocardial infarction and inflammation of the heart muscle;
  2. High amounts of thyroid hormones in the blood — hyperthyroidism. In this case, you must reduce the quantity, but not Vice versa. Because with the diagnosis weight loss with L-thyroxin is prohibited;
  3. Under-diagnosis of adrenal glands;
  4. Hypertension constant high blood pressure, coronary heart disease;
  5. Disorders of the digestive tract expressed in poor absorption in the intestine;
  6. Diabetes;
  7. It is necessary to observe the principle of gradually increasing doses of the drug. The course started with a very high dose and a sharp increase can lead to nausea, drowsiness, increased heart rate, internal discomfort, is associated with a strange anxiety. It is also necessary to prevent drastic weight loss. This development will cause harm, the health, and appearance — sagging and loose skin is unlikely to add to the charm and attractiveness;
  8. Galactose intolerance, which is usually the pathology is inherited. Malabsorption of glucose and lactose, the lack of lactose;
  9. Allergic reactions and individual intolerance and sensitivity to the drug components;
  10. The development of osteoporosis;
  11. An excessive content of thyroid can lead to disturbances of nitrogen balance will be negative. As a result, disturbed the fluid balance in cellular tissue, inhibits the conversion process of carbohydrates, fats, disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. Comes rapid weight loss, tachycardia, high excitability of the nervous system.

Diarrhea, excessive sweating, trembling hands are regarded as indicators exceeded doses of this tool.

Despite the increasing popularity of the use of drugs that regulate the thyroid gland, this treatment option should only on doctor’s recommendations. Even when the tests showed a deficiency of some hormone, not need to hurry to use substitution therapy. Hormone deficiency can be corrected by changing the life of the image in the first place – diet.

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You need to take fatty acids as well as vitamin and mineral supplements. Everyone knows that the thyroid is working normal, it requires iodine. In this case, will be useful yodsoderzhaschie Supplement, iodized salt, supplements that contain kelp, vitamin-mineral complexes, etc.

L thyroxine did not help. Me this drug endocrinologist prescribed. Drank half, and then began to notice that as he became ill. Reduced dose and beginning to feel itself good. Eat and drink whatever I want. Don’t lose, at least before going to bed, do not eat. The doctor said that it just means me not suitable.

Kate Tula

I like starting the morning with L thyroxine. Without this drug I now almost can’t. It is only not to drink, then everything starts to hurt, get tired quickly, depression, in General, going crazy. And with it even cuts and wounds heal faster! And the weight will naturally reduce.

Lena Moscow

I L thyroxine is not reached, a host of side effects: sweating increased, nausea, tachycardia, even when small doses are used. Because refused it. Although weight was initially reduced, possibly the dose needed to correctly adjust.

Vika Kiev