To remove the stomach and hips in just a week easily with video exercises bodyflex Marina Korpan

Many women dream that their figure was slim, toned, graceful. But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Someone does not have enough time to regularly engage in fitness, someone can’t cope with his laziness, there are those who have gained weight due to illness or medication, and now can not get rid of him… the Situations are different, but there is a solution!

Just 15 minutes a day on simple and easy lessons – and within a week the figure will acquire the desired shape! Effective breathing exercises bodyflex help to lose weight, make your body, improve the body, improve skin condition and even get rid of cellulite! And to do this exercise with any degree of physical preparation, it is available to everyone, not costly, since it does not even require going to the gym or a large area, exercises can be done almost anywhere.

In our country the most famous instructor bodyflex you can call the Marina Korpan. A video of her exercises very popular because they describe in detail the principle of the body Flex and give a clear understanding of how to engage in order to achieve the fastest result in the difficult task of burning excess fat. Those who believe in the system, not disappointed.

I am obese, my weight at the time was decent. Sports do not like and difficult, so strict diets, fasting, drugs for weight loss – it’s all mine. But if the result they give, but short-lived, and undermines health. So the eternal struggle with excess weight I was just exhausted, I still decided to overcome the laziness and to do fitness. All of this was through force, again did not give results, until I came across an article about the bodyflex.

Bought the book Korpan started training. To make sure that doing the exercises properly, downloaded video. Surprisingly, my weight began to decline rapidly, in just 4 months I went from too magnificent ladies in a fairly slender woman. The weight is stabilized, the figure pulled up, I noticed that cellulite, the eternal companion of fat, is not so visible. And the best part is that no diets and long hard training!

Natalia O.

What is the Flex?

This is a unique complex of breathing exercises, through which you can lose weight without tiresome workouts and diets. Marina Korpan offers to get rid of unnecessary weight at home only with the help of proper breathing. Gymnastics is based on the special type of respiration – aerobic, it saturates the body with oxygen, which, in turn, helps to normalize the metabolism and to deal with excess deposits on the sides and waist.

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Those who are already doing bodyflex, notes that it is much more effective than many popular types of fitness – running, jumping rope and even weight training. Moreover, during the classes breathing exercises wore out and then lie exhausted. Exercise really effective: the belly fat, flanks, and other problem areas disappear without a trace, and the first changes can be seen very quickly. In addition, it helps even when other ways to lose weight not help, for example if the weight were recruited as a result of some diseases or medicines.

I had to go through a lengthy hormone treatment, and many people know that it is fraught with overweight. What I did, dieted, sweated in the gym… all in vain! I am desperate, but my family found in the online course Marina Korpan. You know, I couldn’t believe that if diet and exercise are powerless, what will help me the exercises is based on breathing, Yes, which and do it is necessary nothing. But still succumbed to the persistence of close and tried.

After the first lesson and realized that the sense will be! Body ached after the intense sessions at the gym! Throw did not. And when after a few sessions I saw that the sides and belly tightened, I fully began to trust the system bodyflex. Engaged for three years. I am 50 years old, but my body is slender and clear, like a young girl! I recommend to all!

Hope K.

Rules gum treatment.

The only conditions without which results with bodyflex is not achieved:

  • exercise regularly;
  • to engage in fasting (allowed to drink before a workout no more glasses of water);
  • not to sit on a hard diet during the period of training.

Not observing these simple rules, the benefits of exercise you are unlikely to get.

If you do bodyflex did nothing Korpan advised to start with a series of exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles, and only then move on to breathing exercises, or when the classroom is likely you will experience discomfort.

Diet when doing body Flex should be varied, but useful. No need to exhaust yourself with strict diets. It is sufficient to limit yourself to fried, flour, sweet, fatty, and if there these products are something a little bit. It is recommended to eat frequently in small portions. Naturally, under the ban should be fast food and other harmful products. Welcome apples and other fruits, especially as snacks. The diet should be more protein – boiled chicken, fish, and vegetable salads. Don’t forget to drink plenty of plain clear water! It is the combination of exercises Marina Korpan with this diet will help get rid of fat deposits on the sides and belly.

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Only three lessons!

Marina Korpan at the time also struggled with obesity and have tried all popular and famous ways to lose weight. But it helped her bodyflex. With him she has lost 25 pounds. In the process Marina wrote the book on how to remove the fat region of the sides and belly, and have also developed a number of video tutorials, which shares with everyone who wants to acquire a slim body.

Training videos are divided into several parts.

Videosrate Marina Korpan

The first lesson to learn the technique of aerobic respiration, this lesson is mandatory for beginners, you cannot begin classes without having learned properly to breathe. Is the key to effective weight loss and good health.

The second lesson consists of 12 modules, to work different muscle groups. This:

  • isometric exercises stress the same muscle groups;
  • isotonic exercises involving most muscle;
  • stretching exercises by which muscles gain elasticity.

The load is distributed throughout the body. For better performance it’s recommended to do in the morning and only on an empty stomach to avoid nausea.

The third lesson offers exercises designed to lose weight in my stomach area and sides. It is no secret that this is the most problematic area, and deal with the fatty deposits in them are particularly difficult. But after a week you will notice that the fat begins to literally melt under the action of exercises, the skin becomes smoother, no orange peel effect. Besides exercise have a beneficial effect on the face and neck – the skin is lifted, smoother, fresher, the face looks younger.

The longer you engage, the more obvious the result will be. Many women in the reviews say that this gym is very helpful after pregnancy – not only the belly becomes flat, but the skin on it is tightened, stretch marks are less noticeable.

After the birth I was very upset that my stomach is not the same as before pregnancy – droopy, the skin became flabby, ugly. He stumbled on the complex of Marina Korpan. Hooked that exercise time take a little, and for mom baby is very important. At first I didn’t believe that any fifteen minutes a day can make a change, but when after two weeks the result started to notice even around, my joy knew no bounds! And for two months my figure was the same as before pregnancy! Again I slim and beautiful, but already a mother!

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Nina B.

When not to do bodyflex

But no matter how you’re bothered by fat deposits on the sides and stomach, do make sure that you can do gymnastics. Alas, it has a number of contraindications, and to neglect them for the sake of the figures is not necessary. For example, it is not recommended to exercise when taking certain medications shouldn’t be doing bodyflex, and so if you are light, or active in sports. Don’t need to use this system if you are not able to practice regularly and often enough.

And absolutely it is impossible to lose weight pregnant, suffering with heart disease, arrhythmias, hypotension and hypertension, eye diseases, thyroid, asthma. In these cases, to drop the fat from the problem areas better the other way, talking to your doctor.

Particularly worth noting is that breathing exercises are contraindicated at high temperature.

If you have no contraindications and you strive with all his soul to reduce the size of your belly and sides quickly, easily, with health benefits, but without the exhausting fitness download classes Marina Korpan. Video will help you understand how to correctly perform the exercise, and if you execute them after a couple of weeks, you can lose up to 10 cm reduction of waist and hips. Making the Flex way of life, you will acquire a flat stomach, firm hips, toned legs and arms. Your body will become stronger and stronger, and the mood is upbeat.