Turboslim alpha (lipoic acid and L-carnitine): feedback from doctors and consumers, instructions for use, price

Many men and women at any age want to lose weight. To do this, they are doing cardio, sit on diets or drink all sorts of Siroshtan. Today there is a new BAD slimming «Turboslim alpha» the company «Evalar». According to the doctors, this drug is one of the few that is not injurious to health. Its composition, instructions for use, price and efficiency you will be able to learn from our article.

Turboslim alpha: instruction manual, composition

Scientists found that speed metabolism in the human body without harm to him substances such as lipoic acid and L-carnitine. On their basis was created dietary Supplement. In addition to the listed ingredients in the product contains vitamins of group B. Each of the included in BAD supplements is responsible in the body for its function:

  1. L-carnitine is responsible for the normalization of protein and fat exchanges, and helps burn fat.
  2. Lipoic acid speeds up metabolism and helps the work of enzymes, which are responsible for conversion of fats into energy.
  3. B vitamins help speed up metabolism by increasing the rate of biochemical reactions.

The drug Turboslim alpha, the price of which an average of 500 rubles for a large package and 200 rubles for a small, manufacturers are recommended to take before meals once a day two tablets. The course of taking the fat burner should be no more than one month. If it is necessary to consolidate the effect, repeat the course can only be done after a short break.

Application features

Doctors recommend to take the drug only to those who are involved in sports diet. The reason is that lipoic acid in the body speeds up the metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss. Active preparations Bada help entering the body fats go into energy and carbohydrates. And here the question arises – what is the resulting energy to do next? That is why during the drug must balanced diet and do physical exercise.

Special attention doctors recommend to pay for part of Alfakim Turbo L-carnitine. It is a natural compound within our body. And if taken for a long period of time, the body will get used and will cease to work. Therefore, SUPPLEMENTS should be taken in short courses, with mandatory breaks.

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The producers assure that the drug Alphasim Turbo contributes to weight loss and body harmless. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents under the age of 16 years. Also BAD is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to the components included in its composition.

Side effects

Significant side effects pills do not cause, but an Allergy can be. To purchase doctor’s prescription is not required, however, expert advice is desirable. This is due to several factors:

  1. L-carnitine stimulates the production of gastric juice, so it is contraindicated for people with gastritis or gastric ulcer. Its use can lead to worsening of the disease.
  2. Lipoic acid is able to reduce blood glucose levels, so people with thyroid problems to take it be very careful. This is especially true of patients with diabetes.

Turboslim alpha: reviews

I did everything to fight obesity. Even some time didn’t eat after three hours. But nothing helped! I think this is due to the fact that dramatically lowered metabolism. I saw on television advertising diet pills and decided to try it, especially since the price of it for 20 tablets of 209 rubles. Part of them for me is clear and pleasant.

Start to drink according to the instructions, two tablets once a day, and was pleasantly surprised at the effect produced. Lately, even if I have eaten in 18 hours, the next morning, there was slight weight gain. After taking the Bud immediately stabilized the chair. After some time, regularly stopped to drink tablets, and the effect decreased again. So in your opinion I want to note that Turboslim alpha is shallow, and focused specifically on the fight against obesity.

Svetlana, Voronezh

Not long ago I gained about 5 extra pounds. The figure is low, but I was not satisfied. So I began to read the reviews about drugs for weight loss and has stopped the choice on «Evalar Turboslim alpha». I liked the fact that it includes vitamins and lipoic acid with L-carnitine. Also the fact that BAD is not an ordinary laxative tea. The manual says that lipoic acid and L-carnitine accelerate metabolism and make the hated fat into energy. It should definitely help in the fight against excess weight.

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Just want to note that included in the drug substance are better exposed, if applied in parallel with physical activity. Don’t know what chemical processes occur, but work pills during a workout. For me it isn’t complicated, since before taking supplements I twice a week worked in the fitness room. Over the last month with the same loads I lost 4 kg, which I was pleasantly surprised. The weight remained on the same spot still, so I’m excited. Advised to take the Drug for those who need to lose weight. But it does not have to forget about the loads to your body.

Anega, The Volga Region

Many have heard and read opinions about the use of L-carnitine and how it helps to fight obesity. Composition like several tools, which include this substance. Your choice is stopped on Turboslim manufacturer Evalar, as I like all of their products. Decided to take a chance. Just want to say that to lose weight I decided back in the time when after giving birth barely 6 months. It turns out doctors so early I do not advise to start losing weight. I after the childbirth much recovered and decided not to run itself. Taking dietary SUPPLEMENTS, slimming effect I noticed while doing physical activity. But not better, which for me is important. On my body the pills acted in the following way:

  • decreased appetite, which helped me to survive the diet;
  • after a meal the stomach began to appear heavy, so there I could only small portions;
  • sometimes there is nausea, and it seemed that the stomach refuses to digest food.

Sometimes I even had to take special fermentoterapiya pills. It turned out that the drug only reduced appetite. Use this I no have not seen, and the second time to take it is not solved. A bad grade Turboslim can not deliver, but to advise someone not going.

Tatiana, Moscow

I want to tell you about how the drug alpha helped my wife. After the delivery she strongly recovered and was very worried that the fat I would leave her. As long as I was not reassured – nothing helped. Wife wanted to go on a diet, but as long as she is breastfeeding, I forbade her to do so. Two months ago, the wife saw the advertisement of Bud and decided to start taking it. I remember the last of its weight loss, during which she became very irritable, and I thought that my quiet life ended.

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Reading recommendations and reviews, beloved wife took over. I read that the drug acts, if only to play sports. I agree with this entirely. The result is lost his wife on 8 kg in about 5 weeks. Says that this is not the limit and wants to lose another 3 kilos. And you know what I noticed? This time she dropped the chest, and wrinkles appear, as after the last different pohudenii. The toilet like a bullet she ran, and was not irritable. In short, this Bud’s and I love it.

Gennady, Moscow

After reading the positive reviews about Turboslim alpha, I bought two packages of pills and started to take them. Saw every day at two tablets for twenty days. Every morning I stepped on the scales to understand, and whether to take them on. The result was not at all, but there’s a discomfort in the stomach. I know firsthand that even activating the stomach drugs for a while, but reduce the weight. A total of 20 days of stomach discomfort and wasted money. Think BAD causes the body harm, so buying it not recommend. But it is quite another tea flavor. If you adhere to any diet plan, it will gently help you to lose weight.