Usage instructions Glucophage long slimming reviews from the forums and the price of the drug

Today nutritionists take into account increased needs for drugs that regulate the processes of metabolism, began increasingly to advise for weight loss Glucophage 500 long. The Glucophage is not positioned by the manufacturers as a drug for weight loss. It is, first and foremost, the hypoglycemic agent for the treatment of diabetes. And the weight loss is just a pleasant side effect.

The description of the drug and instructions Glucophage 500 long

The history of the emergence

First active current component of the drug Glucophage long 500 – Metformin was first described in 1921, but only in 1956 investigated the properties that allows its use as a drug for weight loss. Did diabetology from France, Jean stern, he called the «Glucophage» (translated, «glucose eater»). In the Windows of pharmacies in England, the drug appeared one year later. In Canada, this tool allowed for sale in 1971, in America, the decision was taken only in 1993.

Release form

Glucophage 500 long, made in the form of lenticular or oblong white capsules, which knocked out the number 500 on one side and the company name «Merck». The main active ingredient is Metformin hydrochloride.

One capsule contains:

  • Metformin hydrochloride 500 mg;
  • Additional elements – magnesium stearate, hypromellose and sodium carmellose.

Company-manufacturer: MERCK SANTE s.a.s. (Produced In France).

How it works Glucophage 500 long?

Hypoglycemic effect is due to the following work Glucophage:

  • Metformin affects receptors and increases their susceptibility to insulin. In the end speeds up the breakdown of cells of sugars. Their number decreases;
  • Does not increase the formation of insulin, the amount is at the same level.

That is, the drug does not affect the amount of glucose present in the blood of a healthy person. The drug:

  • greatly enhances and accelerates the oxidation of fatty acids;
  • activates fat fats: decreases the quantity of triglycerides, low density lipoproteins and cholesterol;
  • reduces the ability to metabolize carbohydrates by the digestive system, as well as to accumulate and produce glucose in liver, enhances the activity of glycogenesis.

Indications for use

The main diseases in which shows the use of Glucophage 500 long:

  • During monotherapy (treatment with one tool, without combinations with other hypoglycemic drugs);
  • The type II diabetes. Particularly recommended its use with poor diet and increased physical activity. Especially when we are not talking about excessive excess weight, and about obesity;
  • For children 12 years of age and in adolescence, when the diagnosis of diabetes. Can be used in monotherapy and in combination with insulin (chronic forms);
  • In combination with insulin and other types of drugs. This option is used for persons older than 18 years.

Basic principles of long Glucophage 500 for weight loss

Long glucophage 500 for weight loss works like this:

  • Reduces the digestion and processing of carbohydrates that come from food into the body;
  • Actively and quickly oxidized fatty acids;
  • When the diagnosis of overweight or obesity the amount of insulin in the blood increases immediately after a meal. In response, the pancreas produces a large amount of insulin, which, in turn, triggers the conversion of calories into fat;
  • Increases the insulin response of the body. The body reduces the formation of insulin, which is responsible for the conversion of calories into body fat. An excessive amount of insulin leads to the fact that extra calories are transported into fat deposits;
  • Does not cause excessive the advent of insulin, i.e., does not reduce the amount of sugar in the blood those people, who have this level normal;
  • Another negative effect of insulin is that it increases the feeling of appetite. The drug completely removes or reduces the feeling of appetite. This mechanism is taken into account during the formulation of diets for weight loss, excluding the increase in blood «fast» carbohydrates. This is achieved through exclusion from the menu of products that dramatically increase blood glucose.
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Need to take into account the feature of the use of Glucophage 500 long for those who want to lose weight, which is that if you increase the total acidity decreases the activity of the drug. Because you need to find a «middle ground» in the activity of physical exercises, which increase in blood lactic acid. Completely abandon physical exercise is not necessary, but strongly do not get carried away. Although the statement about the high amount of acid in the blood during physical exercises, some sources confirmed and some refuted.

Standard schema usage

Glucophage for weight loss is characterized by the fact that its formula creates a gradual absorption from the stomach, a longer process of assimilation and preservation of this funds in the body. Therefore, often, daily is enough one capsule to maintain the concentration of drug in the blood for quite a long time.

  • Take 1 capsule once a day. Sometimes the instructions the dosage can be increased to 1000 mg per day (2 capsules). The initial dose is required to be no more than 500 mg (1 capsule);
  • Use during the meal, squeezed small amount of liquid;
  • The drug is used for 20 days, after a pause, which should last no less than 2 months. A break and the length of treatment due to the fact that when more prolonged use may receive an addictive to the main acting ingredient Metformin and as a result, the deterioration of the result;
  • Dosage should be increased gradually. When bringing the dose up to 2000 a day you need to control accurately the condition of the body. If you experience side effects to reduce the dosage. After the disappearance of the discomfort you can try to increase the volume one more time.

Another important factor is the bioavailability of the funds, it is 50%. The largest amount of prolonged form comes after using 8 hours, due to rapid absorption in the stomach.

The distribution time in the body is quite high, and the drug is not combined with the blood cells. Utilization of funds by the liver is equal to almost zero, the output is urine. Accordingly, if the functionality of the kidneys is insufficient, the tool is retained in the body.

Contraindications to the use of

Before you use the drug Glucophage long, need to be examined and take advice from a nutritionist and endocrinologist. The required dosage will be selected based on health status.

It is necessary to consider the contraindications of this drug:

  • Ketoacidosis or diabetic coma;
  • Functional renal insufficiency, when there is undesirable accumulation and delay in the body;
  • Creatinine clearance (coefficient, which gives the possibility to determine kidney function) of less than 65 ml/minute;
  • The condition of the body that slow down kidney function: severe vomiting and diarrhea when there is dehydration, lack of oxygen to tissues, fever, severe infectious diseases;
  • Myocardial infarction;
  • Failure of the heart and lungs;
  • Post-traumatic and postoperative conditions;
  • Severe liver disease;
  • Dieting with the amount of calories less than 1000;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding period. We must not forget that if you want to get pregnant you need to stop using the drug. If the pregnancy in the use of the drug, you need to inform the doctor who will give you a recommendation. Accurate data on probability of contact with the breast milk there because it is not desirable to use it when feeding;
  • Alcohol dependence;
  • When very active, frequent and intense physical loads;
  • People over 65 years old.
  • During radiographic examination using radiopaque compounds with high amount of iodides needed to finish taking the drug two days before the procedure. To resume use two days after the examination.
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Side effects Glucophage long

Side effects this means more smooth than the regular Glucophage. This is due to the longer absorption and penetration into the blood. But they do exist, and such side effects when using Metformin.

The digestive tract:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • bloating;
  • aversion to food and a metallic taste in the mouth.

The appearance of upset stomach and a steady nausea immediately after the treatment, an urgent need to reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates, namely, flour products and sugar.

According to reviews, these problems can appear immediately after the start of use. As a rule, they are without taking any drugs. If the symptoms are fairly stable, it is possible to take remedy with antispasmodic effects to relieve pain, spasms and colic. You can also use antacid. If symptoms persist, then you need to consult a doctor.

Metabolic processes:

  • No need to exceed the dosage recommended by your doctor. A strong overdose can lead to violation of laktatsidoz;
  • Inadequate absorption of vitamin B. This took place despite prolonged use of the drug, because it is not necessary to neglect advice about breaks in taking the drug;
  • The imbalance in the body lactic acid balance as a result of inadequate output of organic acids. Mild can be manifest by the formation in the urine acetoacetic acid and acetone, severe – may lead to coma.

Lactic acidosis appears very rarely, but can have significant consequences. This side effect was observed in people with renal insufficiency. When the diagnosis is prohibited to weight loss with Glucophage. When the manifestation of symptoms (hypothermia with probable coma, acidotic dyspnea, shortness of breath, muscle pain, loss of consciousness and confusion) it is necessary to cancel the use of the drug and to immediately consult a doctor. Removing such a side effect is possible only in a hospital with the use of hemodialysis.

Dangerous combinations with other medications:

  • Should not be taken during treatment with neuroleptics and corticosteroids;
  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol and to make alcohol-containing products;
  • Forbidden with antihyperglycemic drugs.

Diet while taking Glucophage long

To lose weight with Glucophage 500 long, it is imperative to follow a diet involving the reduction of the use of «fast» carbohydrates.

The basic principle of the diet:

  • an indispensable presence on the menu of foods containing plant coarse fiber, such as grain crops, peas, beans;
  • the lack of products with a high content of glucose. It’s figs, grapes, bananas, dried fruit, potatoes, honey, dates, etc.
  • Diet is:
  • Unbalanced. The carbohydrate content is quite high, but the food has almost no lipids;
  • Balanced. This diet food has all of the required elements with a reduced number of calories.

The advantages and the reviews about the drug 500 Glucophage long slimming

Prolonged formula has many benefits, unlike other forms of Metformin used for weight loss:

  • Convenient dosage. Much less convenient dosage 750 optimal only when the physician;
  • During monotherapy Glucophage long does not appear hypoglycemia. This gives you the opportunity when using this tool to work with machinery and driving automotive transport;
  • Easy to use;
  • It is not only a drug, it is a means of regulating the metabolic processes of substances in the body;
  • Much less side effects.
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Today a lot of people use slimming drug Glucophage 500. And the reviews indicate a mixed opinion about the benefits and dangers of this tool. A clear advantage of this drug is reduced, the research of foreign institutions, mortality from stroke by 41%, heart attack by 40%, from diabetes by 42% .

I would recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight, be sure to consult with your doctor before you take drugs that are medically. Glucophage, is hypoglycemic drug, reducing sugar, because you need to be examined and to see if I could use these pills. Moreover, the testing must be comprehensive. Only after a doctor’s permission, you can be sure that you get the desired effect and not cause harm to the body.

Elena Moscow

For those seeking a «magic pill» that will make it slim, you need not to forget that this panacea the pharmaceutical industry has not yet established. Any drugs taken for weight loss, you need to combine with exercise and diet.

In this case we are not talking about grueling exercise, you only need to lead an active lifestyle. What about diet, it must be balanced. That is, the body must receive all necessary substances in the right quantity. Count calories, use the food products that are low in carbohydrates. Certainly enter into the diet of fruits and vegetables, except those that have large amounts of sugar.

Marina Kirov

I’d like to advise those who decided to lose weight and become attractive and slender, change your figure, be sure to exercise. Then when You consult with the doctor and decide to take for weight loss Glucophage 500 long, determine the dosage and duration of usage, please follow these guidelines. Don’t need to take himself the decision to use or not to use the drug. Only an endocrinologist can help You in determining the appropriateness of admission and the dosage. If You are going to neglect these recommendations, the drug can help you lose weight and not to harm the body.

Vika Sudak