Use jump ropes for weight loss: the effectiveness of training, the choice of how and how much to jump

Jump rope is known to everyone of us since childhood. And because it is difficult to classify the sports equipment, because it is for many associated with one of the exciting amusements, which is at the same time often used in competitions. But not only the children but also for adults it is useful to engage with this subject. Correct execution of exercises with the skipping rope allows you to improve the contours of the body, pump up the muscles of the legs, the priests, the press, and in addition to this to get rid of extra pounds.

To jump rope really brought tangible benefits, it must be used with a set of specially chosen exercises. However many it is attractive primarily because it is very inexpensive and easy to use object. To perform the exercises with a skipping rope and everyone can, because it does not require special conditions, because you can practice with her at home.

How does it work?

Many athletes on a personal experience that regular exercise allows you to get rid of unpleasant accumulations of fat. Among such exercises are well proven jumping rope. But the desired result can be achieved only under the condition that exercises with a rope will be intense and regular, so you must jump to her every day.

Such exercises work in the first place due to the fact that it is based on high intensity exercises provide the high loads that occur for a fairly short period of time. In such circumstances, there is the phenomenon of hypoxia, which is oxygen deficiency in the body. When a person pauses, the body tries to find the strength to recover. This forces the lungs more actively to absorb the air, the result of the blood receives more oxygen, which spreads throughout the body, which in turn allows you to clean the cells of toxins and fat reserves.

To the body able to start the mechanism of synthesis of oxygen from the air, it needs extra amount of energy that is also consumed to accelerate the flow of blood. As a source of energy the body uses fat accumulation in the hips, back, arms and stomach. So if you regularly jump on it, then you will not only become slender legs, and buttocks, and abdomen. Moreover, the positive effect of exercises with a skipping rope is not only limited to losing weight and increasing muscle mass. Using this object you can speed up the metabolism and strengthen the heart.

As the rope helps to lose weight and improve physical condition?

Jump rope is very effective not only for weight loss, so it is so often used by many athletes.

  • regular intense jumping allows the buttocks, legs and feet constantly remain in a state of stress. Under constant load the muscles start to bulk up, supported in a tone that acquire improved shape. If for many weeks to carry out these exercises, ultimately adjusting the shape of the body. If you are interested in whether the rope to remove belly fat, you can on personal experience to ensure its effectiveness: during the training the abdominal muscles are utilized as efficiently as feet;
  • workout with skipping rope mainly heavy legs and hips, so first the fat goes from these sites. Moreover, these workouts allow you to remove even deep adipose layers and subcutaneous fat, which is the main cause of cellulite. Enough exercise with a skipping rope for a month and a half to see the first results;
  • because while jumping rope you have to maintain a certain rhythm, it strengthens the respiratory system begins to work better lungs and heart. However, we need to be very careful, because excessive exercise can lead to the knocking down of breathing;
  • jumping rope, performed at high intensity, can become a full replacement for cardio. They need to be doing daily, if you decided to do fitness or performing exercises in the gym. Because it can strengthen the heart, breathing, and increase endurance. In this respect, the rope gives the best results, and in this respect it can not be compared even exercise bikes and swimming.
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Studying reviews about jump rope for weight loss, you can learn about how useful these classes. Enough to jump with her about 15 minutes to burn 200-30 calories. If such exercises to do every day during the month, you can get rid of 5-7 kg overweight. If regularly to be engaged with a rope for weight loss then you can not only lose weight but also get a lot of other positive effects: to make the body more flexible, improve posture, strengthen the vestibular apparatus.

How to choose a jump rope?

The effectiveness of exercises with a rope for weight loss largely depends on the type of inventory. Therefore, first and foremost, you should easily be able to jump with him. For this purpose it is necessary to choose, focusing on their own growth.

  • people below 170-175 cm, it is recommended to choose a rope length of 2.5 m;
  • if you have a fairly large build, then you’ll jump rope length 2.8 m

For a quicker mastering of the basics to jumping rope, it is recommended to choose equipment that has a dense middle. However, it is best to acquire model in which there is a metal wire, covered with rubber. Also to replace it with maybe good Soviet rubber jump rope.

If you are in the store will meet the rope of colourful plastic tubing and other original kinds of products, it is best to buy them for children. Adult will work with them uncomfortable because they will be confused in feet, to fly too slow and create a lot of other problems.

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Those who are planning for many months jumping rope to lose weight fast, it’s better to get a specialized accessory — electronic jump rope. It is not much different from ordinary products because the part through which to jump, is made of rubber. Its main feature is a built-in handle electronics. So during class you will not have to count the number of jumps you have made. This responsibility will take the rope that you always tell how many calories you have burned in this time. As a result, you will not mindlessly jumping rope, and clearly see the result achieved for each day of training.

How to jump rope for weight loss belly?

If you have not had to use the equipment to lose weight, be prepared that once you do not succeed. In fact many beginners the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system not prepared for these loads. Therefore, in the first days can be limited to exercises with a duration of 5 minutes, you can perform the morning and evening. However, try to maintain a certain pace, hurry here to anything. The first goal that you must achieve is to learn to correctly jump. When you master this technique, you can make jumps in time.

During the classes you need to control your breathing: when the first signs of his beating from take a break and go to other exercises. Keep in mind: whether you want to lose weight or just want to support myself in good shape with jump ropes, exercise should bring your body a favor, so it is not recommended to expose your heart and blood vessels increased load. Some people during exercise may experience muscle tremors. To get rid of it, do the following: one leg put forward, and the second fold. So you can get a small amount of time to relax.

Preparing for class

If you decide to lose weight with the help of the rope, you will have to resolve certain issues. First and foremost you need to pick up for training right — best to do it in the backyard of a private home or on the Playground in the Park. It is recommended to make jumps in the fresh air, it is best if you do it after a short jog. Regardless of whether you practice at home or on the street, it is important to perform exercises in the right Shoe: it must be sports shoes or at least shoes with locking ankle cuff.

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Also pay attention to exercise intensity. The first time you can jump no longer than 5-10 minutes a day. Subsequently, however, every 5-7 days you need to add 10 minutes. Beginners will hardly be able to do with a rope for hours without interruption. So make a pause for two or three minutes to switch to other exercises, wherein a lower intensity. To the effect of weight loss as a result of lessons was quickly able to show that you have a day to commit no less than 5,000 jumps. This load should withstand, at least for 2-3 months to notice the first changes.

If you wish, you can turn the jumping into a very exciting experience. For this exercise you can perform to fast, energetic music. For diversity and a more uniform distribution of load on all muscle groups you can perform the following exercises:

  • The rotation of the rope alternately forward and backward;
  • Jumps in turn on two feet and on one;
  • Twisting the rope;
  • Jumping from side to side on two feet;
  • Jumping, imitating race;
  • The jumping position of the feet in the fourth dance position (one foot in front of the other).


The jump rope is one of the most reputed sports accessories, although the first time we met her, she presented us with the usual toy. This is not surprising because young children love to jump rope. However, for adults it can bring many benefits. There are a lot of different exercises with this equipment, which is ideal for weight loss. However, note that the desired result will come only in case, if you are going to do with a skipping rope every day.