Useful properties of beet: salad recipes from beet with garlic, mayonnaise and other products

Dishes with beets in our home menu all year round. It serves a variety of dishes, some of them eat in the cold season, others year-round. Vegetable gives them a special taste, but more importantly, brings benefits to the body. So obviously beets, people used at least a thousand years ago. Vegetable is appreciated by many groups, including roots in its national cuisine. Dishes have not only taste great, they can be eaten without fear of excess weight.

Beet and its properties

This vegetable contains a lot of vitamins and minerals beneficial to health. Most gardeners grow in their beds, in winter enjoy delicious and healthy meals from root crops. Beetroot is the most used vegetable on our tables at any time of the year. Prepare:

  • salads,
  • the first dish,
  • snacks.

The vegetable can be used not only in cooked form, it is also eaten raw and baked. Natural bright color of the root is often used as a food dye. The vegetable is minimal calorie and for this reason it is often included in their diet, those who are watching their figure.

The calorie content of beet in its pure form is 40 kcal, but if it is used in combination with mayonnaise, it will be much more — 137 kcal. From this situation, you can find a way to replace mayonnaise for a safer product:

  • vegetable oil;
  • sadka mustard,
  • ketchup;
  • lemon juice;
  • a mixture of vinegar, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.

In addition to the root vegetables in the food are the beet leaves, they contain no less useful substances. Nutritionists say that the young leaves of the vegetable are much more useful for health, you need to use them in salads.

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If you regularly include dishes based on beetroot in your daily diet, you can prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. Vegetable is very useful for hematopoiesis.

The beets

Salads with beets are very popular, they prepared quickly and easily. Enough to know the recipe, have all the necessary products. Basically they are all affordable and cheap in price so everyone can easily cook with beets. For cooking it is often used raw vegetable, it has more vitamins than boiled.

Salad with garlic

It will need the following ingredients:

  • beets — 2 pieces;
  • mustard — 2 teaspoons;
  • sour cream — 100 g;
  • garlic — 5 Zubkov.

You must first make the salad dressing: mix sour cream with mustard, on request it is possible to take poetry. Beet rubbed on a large grater, it can be eaten raw and cooked as desired. The main condition for preparing a tasty salad juicy and fresh vegetable. The vegetable is added garlic,finely chopped or squeezed through the frog, all dressed with the prepared dressing. All together, thoroughly mixed, and for a more spicy taste, you can add spices.

Salad with garlic and cheese

This dish is perfect for meat, fatty and heavier foods. This light salad will facilitate the absorption and digestion of food. For it will need:

  • beets — 2 pieces;
  • mayonnaise — 50 g;
  • garlic — 4 cloves;
  • cheese — 100 g;
  • 1 pinch of sea salt.

The main vegetable, garlic and cheese rubbed on a grater, and then dressed with mayonnaise. This salad is also suitable cream. If you want to cook more than diet product, you can use peanut or vegetable oil.

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Salad with garlic and pickles

This recipe will give the beets a more mellow flavor and enrich its taste. Prescription you need to have the simplest products:

  • vegetable oil — 30g;
  • ketchup (preferably spicy) — 2 tablespoons;
  • pickles — 4 pieces;
  • red onion — 1 piece;
  • garlic — 4 cloves.

For this salad it is desirable to use roasted beets. Cleaned and cooled beetroots cut into cubes. Onion finely sliced and fried in vegetable oil. Then cut into small cubes pickles and also fried along with onions in the pan. They are cooked for 5 minutes, after which the contents is sent to the beets. On garlic rubbed on a fine grater and added to the salad, then the sauce and the finished dish salted to taste.

Beetroot with prunes

This salad will be appropriate for the holiday table, it is very appetizing and looks nice. You need to have:

  • beetroot — 1 kg;
  • garlic — 2 cloves;
  • prunes — 300 g;
  • mayonnaise, delicious better;
  • kernels of walnuts — 200g;
  • salt.

Boiled rhizome is rubbed on a small grater also need to chop the walnut kernels. Clean prunes cut in small cubes, if it is hard, it is better to fill in for a few minutes with boiling water.

To the polished wood vegetable is added prunes, chopped nuts and garlic. The salad is sprinkled with salt and dressed with mayonnaise. It should be thoroughly and arrange in portioned plates. The finished dish is desirable to decorate with greenery and serve.

Some useful tips

Low calorie vegetable and its taste has made it very popular and in demand. With it you can prepare many healthy and easy salads. Optional it is complemented by the other ingredients — prunes, dried apricots, dried fruits.

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Experienced cooks recommend to fill these salads vegetable oils. They will help to reveal the taste of the vegetable and its healthful properties. If for some reason, had not prepared a salad with beets, they should definitely be prepared to understand and appreciate the wonderful vegetable. It will bring only benefit the body, it can always be used, not fearing for the figure. Beet is useful at any age , therefore, it remains only to cook and appreciate it.