Useful properties of cucumbers: how many carbs is found in fresh vegetables, the ratio of PFC

In the quest to lose weight most people stick to the diet. Not all products contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by the body. To lose weight without harm for health, it is important to make up your menu, it should be balanced and useful.

We all know that apples are a fruit diet, but few know that cucumber also applies to products weight loss. It is considered a dietary vegetable, because it has minimal calories.

Use fresh cucumbers

Cucumbers at any time of the year in demand on our table. With them a range of dishes, marinated, salted, canned. Most gardeners grow cucumbers on their sites, because fruits are among the most popular vegetables.

Few people know that cucumbers as a vegetable crop appeared more than 6,000 years ago. Home to popular vegetable is considered to be India and China. In these countries, it still grows in the natural environment. Much later, the vegetables appeared in Egypt and Greece, where the vegetable got its name. In translation from Greek cucumber means «not ripe». So, vegetable spread worldwide and become popular and favorite for many of us.

Only fresh fruits are the most useful. In this form we mostly use them in the warmer time of the year. In winter, eating pickled cucumbers and salted.

The vegetable consists of 95% water, so the nutritional value of it is small. In addition, excellent qualities cucumbers have health properties. Regular intake of vegetables can improve overall health. Nutritionists often recommend losing weight to include in your daily diet of fresh cucumbers. They suggest to do fasting days, consisting of cucumber salads.

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The water contained in cucumbers, is not the one we used to use. It resembles distilled water, but cucumber water has many useful salts, vitamins and trace elements:

  • sodium;
  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • iodine;
  • folic acid;
  • vitamins C, e, PP.

In combination with fiber cucumber juice has a powerful effect. It helps break down poisons and toxins accumulated in the colon. Sodium and potassium in cucumber water give a wonderful diuretic effect. why vegetable are recommended in disease:

  • kidneys;
  • liver:
  • in cystitis.

Cucumber juice is beneficial for skin and many masks made based on it. It also affects the condition of teeth and gums. Cucumbers are often used in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the skin, remove rashes and swelling. Despite the large water content of the cucumber is able to excrete excess water. This is a very important point in the poisoning of the body. The vegetable can be used for food poisoning, because it contains large amounts of potassium.

How much carbohydrates contained in fresh cucumber?

It is known that cucumbers are 95% water, and the remaining 5% are various useful substances, among them:

  • fiber;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins;
  • salt.

Depending on the preparation of vegetable, its nutritional value can be from 11 to 15 calories. From salty fruit calorie less just 11.2 cal., and pickled — 16.2 cal. In 100 grams of edible portion of fresh cucumber 15 calories. If we talk about PFC, their in 100g contains:

  • protein — 0,8 g;
  • fats — 0.1 g;
  • carbohydrates — 2.8 g.
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Figures may vary depending on the origin of vegetable. If you look at the PFC ratio, we can see that the protein content is quite high despite its low calorie content. Optimal percentage of BDIM by weight of a cucumber is:

  • proteins — 16%;
  • fats — 17%;
  • carbohydrates — 67%.

Such indexes enable dieters to enjoy the pleasant taste of the fruit and effectively lose weight. A vegetable is characterized by a feature to delay the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Carbohydrates as well as fats, proteins are a valuable nutrient for the body. Thanks to them, the body receives the energy value necessary for normal human life. Ideally, when the body gets the carbohydrates from fresh products. This product are fresh cucumbers.

Cucumber clay

Fresh cucumbers with the peel is a rich source of nutrients, and most of the carbohydrates contained in the peel of the vegetable. A small number of PFC allows you to use fresh fruit in large quantities and not gain weight. They improve appetite, but have a good laxative, diuretic, choleretic action. If you eat fresh vegetables and wash it down with cold water or milk, you can quickly and thoroughly clean your colon.

When buying the vegetable, you need to pay attention to, he was solid, no dents, had a nice green color. In size it is advisable to choose a medium-sized vegetable, the seeds will be small. Fresh crunchy fruit has a pleasant taste. Regular consumption of cucumbers fresh a positive effect on health. Cucumber fasting days will help to remove the extra pounds. However, the vegetable can cause increase stomach acidity. All you need to know as a useful and cucumbers are no exception to preserve good health.

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