Useful properties of onion soup for weight loss: contraindications for diet and feedback on the results

Most people do not know or do not think about quality, composition and quantity of the products that you want to use in the diet. Although it is important to know to maintain a good level of mental and physical performance.

And our attitude to many of the products identified. Those that bring pleasure — like. Even if they are unprofitable. Other very useful but not satisfying the taste unfairly excluded from the menu.

As a result we have — 90% of all diseases develop from improper nutrition. Despite the fact that 80-85% of them treated only one diet. For example, a simple onion soup helps to fight with overweight.

Secrets of diet on onion soup

The healing properties of onion are explained by the presence of a large amount of vitamins and minerals:

  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium, phosphorus;
  • essential oil;
  • flavonoids;
  • glycosides;
  • citric, malic acid.

And at this, many of your favorite vegetable, there is one secret, about which know not all. We are talking about the ability of onions to burn fat deposits and cleanse the body of toxins.

Recommendations for onion diet

Onion soup cooked with vegetables greens and celery, require to be digested by the body much more calories than they contain ingredients.

This is the main secret of vegetable soup, the healing properties which enhances the celery has long been used in folk medicine as a means of priceplay appetite and has diuretic effect. Of the many people reviews it is clear that the weight loss of 4-7 pounds is real results weekly the onion diet.

It is also known that eating onion soup is effective, not only in the correction weight. Those who suffer from heart disease, doctors recommend to include soup in the diet to lower cholesterol directly related to the problems of the vessels.

Cooking onion soup

Onion soup is a 100% dietary product. Cooking on the water. As ingredients meals for weight loss you need to take: 6 pieces of bulbs, small forks cabbage (cabbage); 3 pieces of green pepper and 1 bunch of celery.

To improve the taste of onion soup add tomatoes.

The cooking takes a little time:

  1. All of the components necessary to prepare for cooking: wash, peel and chop.
  2. Add to the pot and cover with water.
  3. Put on high heat, bring the onion soup to the boil.
  4. Boil for 10 minutes. To reduce the heat.
  5. On slow fire to cook until the vegetables are ready.

To salt the dish needed a few minutes before the end of cooking. Natural seasonings and Bay leaf are added for a pleasant taste.

Prepared for the onion soup diet is used to lose weight 7 consecutive days, 3 times a day. That is, in the morning, at lunch and dinner. During this time the body will reduce cholesterol and will take from 4 to 8 kg of excess weight.

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Sample menu onion diet

Order rapid weight loss does not impact negatively on the health of the person, the onion diet Supplement products that help your body replenish lost energy.

For this suitable fruit, milk, lean meat. In diet can include leafy greens, fresh tomatoes.

To exclude from the menu will have the following products:

  • bananas;
  • corn, green peas;
  • legumes.

Contraindications for onion diet

Some people have onion soup may cause deterioration of General health because of individual intolerance of its components or rejection by the body meals.

A more serious reason to give up losing weight this way is:

  • Low immunity after the disease.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g. ulcer).

Before the onion diet for patients with such diseases is recommended necessary to coordinate the process of weight loss with your doctor.

Menu with onion soup for every day of the week

  1. Monday. Soup to eat 3 times a day. Fruit.
  2. Tuesday. Supplemented by the use of onion soup vegetables (steamed, fresh). You can eat boiled or baked potatoes with a small amount of oil.
  3. Environment. Onion soup to be consumed 3 times a day. Fruits, vegetables. Potatoes rule.
  4. Thursday. Soup, fruits, vegetables. Allowed 1 Cup milk (low fat).
  5. Friday. Onion soup, fresh tomatoes. Addition — a choice of: beef, fish, chicken (all boiled, up to 500 g). Fruit rule.
  6. Saturday. Besides soup allowed vegetables (lettuce, peppers, cabbage) and beef.
  7. Sunday. The main dish, a porridge of brown rice (unpolished), any vegetables, fruit juice (not sugar added).

Of fluids — 1.5−2 liters per day. During the diet forbidden to drink alcohol, flour and dairy products.

Much more benefit you will receive, replacing the spirits of mineral water (without gas) or green tea, and flour and dairy products — fruits and fresh vegetables.

The results of weight-loss for reviews on the onion diet

Any diet requires patience in achieving the result. The main goal should be to improve overall health by losing the extra pounds. On the onion diet, people largely respond positively, as it does not cause losing weight any significant inconvenience.

There is also a solidarity in opinion relative to the beginning of the process of losing weight, it is better to do at the weekend. Dieters claim that during the first two days, the body adapts to the change of diet. This can be accompanied by some weakness. Besides, the presence of onion soup celery leads to active diuretic process.

Some may not like the taste of onion soup, and they quickly give up this diet. Although it is possible, for example, to try to improve the taste with your favorite seasonings. It is also possible to use recipes in which the vegetable-based add carrots, turmeric, coriander, ground ginger. When serving you can add to the soup a little lemon juice.

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If you have any health problems, please consult with your doctor before you start onion diet.

By nature I tend to be overweight, so diet is a hot topic. Have tried many different ways. Some fit, others not so. About onion soup for weight loss learned recently. Although I remember my mother cooked it. She had heart problems and the doctor to prevent atherosclerosis recommended her, there is onion soup.

Preparing for the start of weight loss thoroughly. Consulted a doctor because of his stomach problems. He warned that the possible reaction to the main course of this diet — bloating. I even picked up clothes for work — free style. Bought the necessary products.

Painted details days of your diet. On the second day felt that I started to feel dizzy. The third day passed without any disturbances. Weigh-in showed minus 1.5 kg. In principle, I’m satisfied with this result. I hope to survive all 7 days.

Tatiana, 38 years old, Zhukovsky.

Diet onion soup — tested more than once a means of losing weight. Two years ago, lost weight this way for two weeks, making a small break. The result — minus 20 pounds. Remember all the difficulties of weight loss.

The first 3-4 days was fine. But with 4, 5 days there was a feeling that the soup has become boring. And here it was necessary to consider how to diversify the menu to not go the distance. Now, when I already know all this, and I hope that any difficulties will be able to remove 7 kg.

Alena, 33, Perm.

The second day of the diet was difficult. Too much apparent weakness. Even had to eat a little bit of honey. Thought the next morning is not strong enough to work. However, everything returned to normal. The soup was eaten with appetite. The result is have lost 5 lbs. In the last day of the diet eat only onion dish at lunch.

Olga, 28 years old, Kazan, Russia.

Repeatedly lost weight with the help of onion soup. The result was always confirmed by getting rid of 5 or 8 kg. For me the hardest part is the observance of the fluid intake. You have to try very hard. Well, that listened to the advice to start losing weight during the weekend. And on Monday poured the soup into a thermos and lunch at work. I think this method of weight loss one of the best.

Elizabeth, 31, Tula.

Diet have shown my weak will power. Very difficult, it turned out, to dispense coffee and your favorite croissant. The taste of the soup did not like, and eat it three times a day is already a feat. My result in 2 days — minus 0.5 kg. I will Look for a different diet. Although the onion — fairly common. Health and not harm.

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Elena, 41, Krasnodar.

From the very beginning did everything according to the recommendations of this diet. It was difficult on the fifth day to force myself to eat. Stomach, apparently, has decreased, and the taste of the soup did not like initially. But overcame the desire to look slim and I reached the finish line with a score of minus 3 kg. But if I want to lose about 6 kg, then you need to take a break of two or three days between the courses of a diet.

Angelina, 40 years old, Kaliningrad

Angelina, 40 years old, Kaliningrad, Russia.

Unfortunately, I had to get out of the diet on the fourth day. I was not very attentive when reading the contraindications and has ignored the recommendation not to go on a diet immediately after an illness. In the end, feeling very good. When you get stronger be sure to repeat the attempt. I hope the result will be.

Tatyana, 29 years old Samara.

Sister decided to try the diet with onion soup, offered me. After 2 days said that eating soup more than 2 days is impossible, and withdrew from the process. But I liked the taste. Actually, I cook.

So I continued to strictly adhere to recommendations, worked on every day different combinations of a main dish with other foods. A week has passed. My score was 67 kg lost 62 kg, that is, 5 kg. I am very pleased to now know the secret of reliable and affordable way to lose weight quickly.

Elizabeth, 35 years old, Moscow.

Many of the costly diets that promise getting rid of excess weight, inferior in efficiency to the simple way to lose weight with the help of onion soup. Just remember that craze fast weight gain should not harm the health.