Using wrap for weight loss: benefits, choice, and how much you need to twist

Of course, being engaged with a Hoop or hula Hoop, you will not achieve such significant results, as in the case of weights. However, he has a lot of advantages that it is popular with many athletes. Enough to spend on lessons with a Hoop 15 minutes a day and pretty soon you can become the owner of a slim waist, and in addition to this to lose weight and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Moreover, such a result can be achieved not only women but also men. Naturally, the effectiveness of training with the hula Hoop depends on if he knows the person, how it must twist. Yes, and do not want to learn about the benefits of working with this exercise equipment.

The advantages of Hoop

Once again, thanks to exercises with the hula Hoop not only will you be able to lose weight. This device will help you greatly improve your health:

  • Regularly engaging with hula-hoops, you can improve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • With this sports equipment you can strengthen the vestibular system and improve balance;
  • Train has a great massaging effect on the internal organs, primarily, manifested on the condition of the intestines, which in turn helps the digestive process;
  • If you along with other sports and will include the compulsory exercise class with hula hoops, you could increase the calories you burn.

How to choose a Hoop?

Hula hooping is one of the most common exercise equipment for weight loss, so you can easily find it in every sports store. And types of sports equipment are so many that sometimes are quite unusual. For example, there are hoops feature a calorie counter, massage balls and spikes. And all this specific variety of hoops can be represented in the form of the following basic types:

  • The usual hoops. The simplest version of a sports fixture, made in the form of iron or plastic circle that is hollow inside. Because of the simplicity of design, it is the most inexpensive.
  • Foldable. Its main feature is that it can be doubled and quadrupled. This opportunity will appeal to those athletes who have the house has no suitable place to save the wrap or there is a desire to take him to practice.
  • The weighted option. This kind is the antithesis of the classic Hoop, as it has internal padding. Therefore in such a hula Hoop, you will get a more noticeable effect that will manifest on the abdomen, waist and hips.
  • Massage. This model provides special balls with a sponge tip, providing a massaging effect on the region AB, back and buttocks. In the shops there are also more advanced models, equipped with a special sensor, a leading counting the number of revolutions, duration of exercise and calories burned during a workout.
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Those who expect to achieve the best results during training, it is recommended to choose a massage and a weighted model. They are well massaged subcutaneous fat deposits, causing faster to move the blood through the vessels in these areas. Therefore, these types of hoops is primarily recommended for women who count with this sports equipment to get rid of cellulite.

How to hula-Hoop on waist and hips?

Lose weight with hula is not as easy as might at first seem. To increase the effectiveness of exercises with it, you can, if you follow these rules.

  • ensure that your legs were as small as possible. It will force you to spend more energy to maintain equilibrium. From this we can conclude that during employment with the hula Hoop will work more muscles. Primarily will be involved muscles-the stabilizers, and this has a positive impact on strengthening lumbar and posture;
  • breathing is one of the key factors that affects the efficiency of employment with a Hoop. During training don’t try to hold your breath. If using your lungs to pass more oxygen, it will increase the amount of fat burned. For greater efficiency to hula-Hoop have the following: at the time of tension in the muscles need to breathe air into your lungs and when you exhale relax;
  • pay attention to the quality of movement with the Hoop: you have to keep pace, from time to time changing the direction of swirl — approximately every 4-5 minutes. But ensure that your body is not much to loose. Much more useful if the classes will involve only the stomach.

Some tricks

Regardless of whether you’re the owner of a convex or skinny thighs, playing with the Hoop you will be performing quite difficult. In the first case, the shell will not be able to stay on your body, and the second will exert strong pressure on the bones. To the hula Hoop did not create to you inconveniences, it is recommended to choose to practice hula Hoop with massage balls. Then you even over many weeks of training with the Hoop won’t get a single bruise.

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During training, you should stand so that the legs are straight at shoulder width or slightly narrower. Hands need to connect to the castle and place it on the back of the head. When you roll a Hoop, start from time to time to move down from the chest to the knees.

How to hula-Hoop to lose weight?

Classes with hula Hoop for weight loss will be effective only if in day you will give them at least 10-15 minutes. However, experience shows that it is much better to spend for workout at least an hour. So you just need to hold classes twice a day, for example, in the morning, as an exercise during charging, and in the evening when you return home from work. And here permitted a variety of combinations: for example, 3 times a day for 10 minutes. However, the most effective are a long workout, as it increases the amount of fat burned. Especially aktiviziruyutsya this process in the first 20 minutes of spinning.

Given that the first time you’ll be doing with the hula hoops, it is advisable to first allocate to classes of no more than 20 minutes. Later, when you’re used to the workload, you can increase the duration of exercise to 40 minutes a day. Be prepared for the fact that in the first week of classes to hula-Hoop you will not be easy. However, this would mean that is changing your body.


To lose weight is not as difficult when you consider some tricks to complete these exercises. Women need to approach these workouts very carefully because the features of their physiology can create them certain difficulties. So if you come critical days, it is best to temporarily postpone classes.

If at a certain point you began to feel a strange discomfort, it is recommended to stop exercising and see a doctor or physiotherapist. This should be done regardless of whether you have a suspicion on violation of the internal organs or the development of diseases of the abdomen and back. Specialist will tell you whether the discomfort caused by improper execution of the torsion wrap or you generally contraindicated such training.

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To get a slim figure today using different methods. Many often use various sports equipment, among which the most simple and accessible is hula hooping. And although it seems that it does not require special skills and knowledge, however, to treat with this approach would be a mistake.

Regardless of whether you want just to lose weight or maintain a slim figure, your lessons with a Hoop for weight loss will be most effective if you know how to take a stand, to wrap had the strongest effect on the problem areas of your body. You must also correctly determine the load in the first weeks of training, because if it is wrong to calculate it, you will harm your health. The result largely depends on the type of hula hoops, so it is with the choice of this sports equipment you need to start to prepare for the training.