Vacuum massage banks of cellulite: description anti-cellulite treatments and reviews

The day came when you found hip cellulite… Who would have thought that he would appear? And how now to wear short skirts or show up on the beach? At the same time and excess weight and cellulite is… What to do? Recommendations and reviews from different sources can be very much, but to know what is actually effective.

One effective means is a vacuum banks against cellulite. But what is the vacuum cans and their use against cellulite?

The different stages of cellulite

Cellulite does not appear instantly, and even when pathology has already begun, a problem a certain time can be completely invisible. Just for cellulite there are four stages, which are distinguished by external signs, and also require different interventions.

The first stage

This stage is called «soft cellulite» and is characterized in that between the cells of adipose tissue, fluid accumulates, creating swelling. Alas, the cellulite in the first stage, as a rule, is invisible, though if strongly to get accustomed, the skin on the thighs and buttocks becomes not as elastic as before, the size of the hips and buttocks slightly increases, and if you squeeze the palm of the thigh, the «orange peel» effect will already be visible.

Naturally, it is easier to deal only with the initial stage. The most important thing — to normalize the metabolism and will make sure that in tissues not accumulate fluid. In the first stage of cellulite quite special massage, regular exercise and cosmetic preparations.

The second stage

It is much harder connective tissue collagen fibers thicken and start to harden. As a result, the lymph and the blood, even at the capillary level to take place much more difficult. In the second stage of development of cellulite skin loses its elasticity if to pin down the hip, then this place is dented, it alone will disappear after a certain time.

To fight cellulite in the second phase, efforts are needed a lot more: need to restore circulation of lymph and blood, and to stretch already appeared seal. To cope with this task can only be an integrated approach and increased activity of all anti-cellulite treatments.

The third stage

It is also called «hard» cellulite — this stage is characterized as liposcelis when under the skin formed very small nodules, due to which the skin resembles the skin of an orange, while it is very well visible. Moreover, in the third stage of cellulite, because fat is already disturbed blood circulation, the skin often loses the ability to feel as pinched nerve cells. What about muscle tissue, it is significantly coarsens and eventually loses some of its properties, for example, can not be reduced.

To cure third stage is much more difficult, since the resumption of metabolism need to break appeared deposits of cellulite. Can help special power massage, but it can injure the nerve cells. Of course, anti-cellulite massage should be complemented by changing the style of nutrition, physical activity and active lifestyles.

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The fourth stage

At this stage nodules becomes much bigger, the skin gets painful even with a mild impact, the skin is perfectly inelastic, the circulation of fluids becomes very difficult, liposcelis progresses, the collagen fibers are getting harder and harder. In the fourth stage of cellulite skin changes the appearance (cyanosis), and to the touch — becomes very dense and cold.

At this stage of the disease are significant changes in the body: muscle tissue begins to atrophy, the nerve endings are damaged and the blood circulation is disturbed, all this threatens the formation of inflammatory processes.

To cure the fourth stage of cellulite is very difficult: it is necessary to restore metabolism, required massage, with the use of anti-cellulite preparations, exercise need to make a very active and persistent. In addition, useful are special baths and anti-cellulite wraps.

That is, the cellulite is not fat tissue, while changes in the fatty subcutaneous tissue that are caused by the stagnation effect, and subsequently cause changes degeneration. For this reason, completeness and cellulite — absolutely not the same as cellulite can appear even in women with a lack of weight. And full of women the disease may not be.

What about cellulite treatment, at all stages need to restore the proper metabolic process to regulate food and increase physical activity. During treatment of cellulite important special massage.

Massage cellulite with vacuum cans

One way anti-cellulite massage is a massage using special cans made of different materials: skin that is damaged by cellulite, warming up with the help of vacuum created by banks.

For anti-cellulite massages use special jars made from plastic materials. When compressed the Bank, there goes the air, and it easily clings to the body — the vacuum sucks in a jar part of the skin, improving blood circulation and creating an intensive massage of the tissues, even in deep layers.

Anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks has some advantages over other varieties of massage:

  • First and foremost, this massage does not require high material costs.
  • In addition, the method of its implementation is straightforward, thus, this type of massage to really do yourself.
  • It is important that the implementation of the massage with the help of cans does not require a significant investment of time.
  • What about preparation for this massage, you will need only a few special bottles and a means for lubrication of the body.
  • It is also important that banks after the massage, the skin will bruise (but there should not be overexposed to the Bank).

The important advantage of this massage — activation of metabolic processes due to the circulation of the lymph and increasing circulation. In addition, begins to actively enter interstitial fluid, because the decrease of edema. In the end, the skin again becomes smooth and supple.

The obvious advantage of massage banks — activated work of sweat and sebaceous glands, and through them to remove from the body harmful substances, toxins and wastes, including acetone, bile acids, urea and various salts.

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Disadvantages of anti-cellulite massage banks

Of course, any procedure has its pros and cons. There are disadvantages and massage banks:

  • If the massage is done correctly, it is almost inevitable the pain, its intensity significantly depends on the personal pain threshold.
  • After correctly blurted out the banks massage the skin reddens, as it increases the blood circulation.
  • Anti-cellulite massage banks provokes varicose veins, because during varicose contraindicated this type of massage.
  • Absolutely not in all the places you can perform the massage yourself, because you need to resort to, it is desirable that it was the help of a specialist.

Features anti-cellulite massage with the help of cans:

  • The oil massage you can do yourself. For this simple olive oil or any other cosmetic, and effectively use cosmetic oils with the addition of essential oils having anti-cellulite effect: oil of rosemary, citrus, geranium, lavender, cinnamon and so on.
  • For the massage, you need to use a normal hand cream, and mixed with the massage oil, as the cream is quickly absorbed into and banks hard normal slide.
  • If the Bank has stuck well, you should feel slight pain.
  • Anti-cellulite massage banks of perform to do in the shower. What a shower gel should be applied to the required places and do the massages in the shower. After that, the skin need to treat cellulite cream.
  • Cupping massage is not performed on the inner surfaces of the thighs and in the region under the knees so as not to cause varicose veins.
  • Jar need to drive around the body, imitating the patterns. It is easier to make smooth lines. Do not leave the Bank in one place for a long time— there will be a bruise.
  • The optimal time of the massage is about 15 minutes for one leg. But with a lack of time massage it is better to reduce, rather than skip a session.
  • The most problematic area for Cup massage is the desired length of the fold. Below the fold is missing, you must install the foot on the platform, for example, in the chair.
  • The duration of the course of the massage can last up to 2 months, then you need to take a break.
  • It is believed that massage is best done through the day, but when the process lasts no more than 10 minutes, it can be done every day.

Contraindications for massage banks

Selecting anti-cellulite massage with the help of cans, you need to remember about contraindications that is about when it is generally impossible to do:

  • Banks are not allowed to put in the area of the kidneys.
  • You can’t install jars on the chest and on the breast.
  • Strongly any treatment for any disease of the lungs, the bole, with pulmonary hemorrhage or tuberculosis in any stage.
  • Massage should not be done in the presence of stitches or unhealed wounds.
  • Massage prohibited by a vertical line in the middle of the belly, in the armpits and in the groin part.
  • Unconditional and absolute contraindication is the presence of varicose or thrombophlebitis.
  • Cupping is contraindicated in any disease of the skin skin, for example eczema and dermatitis.
  • It is impossible to do cupping massage at oncological diseases, especially in cancer diseases of the skin cover.
  • Massage is contraindicated in hypertension and in diseases of the cardiovascular system.
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Insights and reviews about the use of cans against cellulite

Any disease (including cellulite) is much easier to warn, than then to spend enormous efforts on the treatment. And judging by the reviews, cellulite is absolutely not in a hurry to leave the occupied areas, and even very heroic efforts are absolutely not instantaneous and is often not ideal effect. So far it is much better not to treat this disease and to do everything to cellulite never appeared.

Moreover, anti-cellulite measures are completely consistent with the rules of healthy lifestyle: healthy eating, regular exercise, regular daily routine, lack of stress, avoiding harmful habits— nothing new, but there are so many benefits for the body!

Painful process. Were bruises. But it is worth it. I did the massage only 5 times, and the condition of the thighs and legs impresses me more and more. The skin of the feet smooth. I will follow this procedure and continue.

Lera Kiev

I have cellulite since 18 years. Tried everything, nothing helped. On expensive procedures have no money because I am a student. To diet also did not work, since the bulk of their time at the Institute. In any case, had to eat different chocolates and scones. Purchased in a pharmacy, banks, their price is about 80 rubles! This is a godsend for me. Smear feet baby cream and I drive a jar. Cellulite has been held for a couple of sessions.

Vika Odessa

They found the body of cellulite and was horrified. I thin, diets do not respect, to the gym, do not go. Probably fast metabolism, because I have a normal figure without any effort. And suddenly such a nightmare! Immediately went to the drugstore, bought a set of two cans. It is not clear why the set of 2 jars. Two at the same time to massage uncomfortable. I use one. During a session doesn’t hurt. Unpleasant, of course, but tolerable. Perform the procedure every day for 10 minutes. After 10 days, cellulite gone, and the skin tightened.

Marina Moscow