Walking for weight loss: how to easily pass 10,000 steps a day and how long is it, use walk

If you decide to exercise in order to lose weight, you have to first understand — you have to move not like I don’t have time for the last train, which takes you to the house.

Your body will start to get rid of excess fat only when you will walk at a speed of 7 km/ hour. Moreover, such a walk should last at least 30 minutes. The thing is that even from walking, your body must get proper exercise. In this case there will be noticeable positive effects from it.

Then you one month of walking, visiting gym and doing specific exercises will be able to remove up to 5 kg of excess weight. If you are going to skip walking, then after 6 months will gain a healthy and beautiful body.

It is difficult to give an exact recommendation of how many steps you make per day. But you can be sure that the increase in steps you will not hurt. You only need to ensure that your muscles are actively working, the heart rate was high, and your whole body was covered in sweat.

How to measure your average speed while walking?

Once again, you will begin to lose weight while walking, if you walk at a speed of 7 km/ hour. But here we must pay attention to the following point: all people have a various width of the step. What can be considered an optimum speed a person to benefit from the walk was the fastest?

For this you should understand that in order to measure the average speed, use the steps per minute. Even if you just stand in place and take action, depicting the walk, and in this case your body will work actively. So the first thing you need to do is to calculate your number of steps you take per minute.

The slowest is considered to be the speed when a person commits one minute 60 steps. For the slow speed of such amount will be equal to 80, for middle — 110 – 135, very fast — more than 140.

Health and perfect figure is 10,000 steps

Summarizing from the above, it can be noted that the effect of the weight loss will occur only if you correctly determine the number of steps.

According to the statement presented by the UK Department of health, the benefits to your health will manifest itself only in the case if a person will make 10 thousand steps. And do not be afraid that you can not cope with this. As a rule, during the day we have to visit many different places — at work, stores and just walk around and solve everyday tasks. During this time man runs 3000 kilometers. So you have to walk not so much. But it is advisable to do it at an accelerated pace. So pay walking 30 minutes, so you can follow the above recommendation.

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Useful than walking?

People will bring many benefits to your health, if you start to walk regularly. Let him while walking he will move with average speed, but in this case, the body begins to readjust to the new mode of operation.

  • Permanent walk lead to the alignment of the spine, it allows them to take their proper place.
  • When a person goes fast, every body gets the maximum amount of oxygen, and with it of them to remove all poisons and toxins.
  • Frequent walks reduce the risk of problems with blood vessels and the heart.
  • The positive effect of the walk is to normalize the pressure and removal from the organism of cholesterol.
  • In addition to the above, thanks to the walking man gets the opportunity to gain a toned and slim body.

Like how many steps you need to take a day?

To give the correct answer to this question, it is necessary first of all to assess the state of his health. Only then can you understand how many steps a day can make a particular person.

  • In the first days it is desirable that the load on the body was small. If it is too high, then you couldn’t take it and break it ahead of time. Until you get used, you should focus on increasing the duration of walks, doing them at a slower speed. This will allow you to burn more calories and increase endurance, the result after about a month of classes, you will be able to increase the walking speed to 120 steps per minute.
  • Walking on an empty stomach is not the best solution. It is advisable to do this several hours after a meal.
  • Pay attention to the position of your spine while walking: it needs to be straight and the shoulders opposite side.
  • Not less important is breathing: you should take the breaths in through the nose and exhalations through your mouth.
  • Try to refrain from talking during the walk, because otherwise it will break your breath and a shortness of breath.
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Walking on the ground

Once again, that it is more important for weight loss becomes the number of steps. And even if certain circumstances prevent you to get outside for a walk, then you can start walking on the spot, because then they will be burned calories.

Which, in this case, the number of steps you should take in a day? They need to be doubled in contrast to the quantity that you make when you walk on the street. For this reason it is recommended only in extreme cases to resort to the method of walking on the spot.

Of great importance is how you will make leg movements: first to the surface to raise the toe and not the heel. Ensure that your knees are raised high enough, also you have to actively work with his hands, waving them to the side.

How much should you walk per day the stairs?

Sometimes it so happens that the weather does not allow you to engage in a favorite pastime. In this case, you can perform familiar actions on the ladder rungs. And you should find a different rate for these tours, to go away extra calories.

First, try to climb 4 stairs, stepping on each step. When you cope with this problem, pause, take a breath, and then can continue on. Eventually, when you get used to it, it is possible to increase the load. When you realize that you just can begin to walk, stepping over the step. But keep in mind that during a boom you can’t hold the railing.

What should be the heart rate when walking?

During walks you should pay much attention to how often your heart beats and what the pulse is breathing, because it affects the amount of burned calories. With the appearance of shortness of breath you should immediately stop and give yourself a chance to recover. To determine the optimal heart rhythm should use the following formula:

220 — your age — 50.

If you want to walk only benefits, you should not try to reach the maximum level.

What shoes to choose?

Understanding what number of steps you should take per day for weight loss, it is time to find out which Shoe is better to go for walks to effectively burn calories.

Although this issue can not give much advice, however you still should adhere to them. If you will be uncomfortable shoes and you will walk at a speed of 3-4 km/ h, the risk of calluses or injury to the leg.

  • The most suitable walking sneakers are soft with a cushioned sole. Pay attention to its Central part, which should have a very good bend.
  • The sneaker itself must be the exact size of your feet, which should be securely fixed in it.
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It will take a couple of months since the beginning of the walk, and you will become more resilient. Then your usual workout will seem very light, after which you will have to stay a lot of effort. The achieved result will show you that you will not knowingly work on yourself, after all, to enjoy life, you need to have a healthy body.


Walking is one of the useful activities that many people use in order to lose weight. But not everyone is aware of how to walk. In fact there is nothing complicated — you just have to determine how many steps should be done in a day. According to experts, the best is the walk, during which committed 10 thousand steps. Some of them we do during the day, performing the usual for us actions. So go through the entire route will not be so difficult, especially if few people use the vehicles.