Water aerobics for weight loss: advantages and features of aerobics in the water, before and after photos, reviews losing weight

A great way to lose weight and improve your health is aerobics. Intensive training in water is much more effective than similar classes in the gym. The reason is that performing aquardiente, it is necessary to overcome the resistance of water, which leads to rather rapid loss of excess weight and getting rid of cellulite. That is why in the last few years aerobics has become popular among dieters.

What are the advantages of aerobics?

For the first time widespread in the water and got in the last century in the United States. In Russia, the water aerobics became popular after the advent of fitness clubs. Usually the classes are held in the pool where the water level reaches 1 to 1, 7 m. Therefore, aerobics in the water can be enjoyed even those who do not know how to swim. It shows not only obese people, and those who want to get rid of cellulite. Water aerobics are able to get rid of depression and chronic fatigue.

The main positive qualities of water exercises include:

  1. Burning up to 700 calories in one session, which leads to rapid weight loss.
  2. The intensity of the workouts due to the water resistance.
  3. Gentle load.
  4. In the water you can’t see the body that quietly allows you to engage those who are shy about their figures.
  5. Water aerobics good for the spine.
  6. Water exercises help to correct posture.
  7. Due to the water massage increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  8. Aerobics in water is shown to people with problem joints and veins.
  9. No contraindications for pregnant women.
  10. May engage people of all ages and of any configuration.
  11. Water aerobics improves the condition of the nervous system.

Doing aerobics in the water and eating right for a month you can lose up to six pounds.

Features lessons in water for weight loss

Do water aerobics in a group or individually with the coach. The group usually consists of 7-15 people. Rhythmic water exercises are done under his dance music, which additionally improves mood. Conducted classes may be in shallow and deep pool, where you’ll be issued a special zone. Water temperature can range from 28S to 32S.

For water aerobics it is necessary to take:

  • a change of shoes for the swimming pool;
  • a rubber cap;
  • swimsuit;
  • in some cases, goggles.

The intensity of the exercises depends on the training of the group, therefore signing up for water aerobics it is necessary to clarify.


Training for beginners includes simple exercises and run at a moderate pace. The first time special attention is paid to developing basic movements and elements, formulation of breath. Beginner courses last from 30 to 45 minutes. Include the exercises you can movement the bent-knee leg, light jumping, the foot moves forward and back.

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The group’s average level

People with a medium level of training in the water do the dance moves, intense kicks and jumps, running, cardiopatia. Lasting from 45 to 60 minutes of intensive training contribute to the fight against obesity, rapid burning of calories, exercise the cardiovascular system, develop flexibility, strengthen muscles.

Advanced group

People who have extensive experience practicing akvaaerobiki and are in good physical shape are practicing in the water for 60 minutes. Their occupations include not only cardiopatia and dance moves, but also exercises with dumbbells and other various weights.

Any class should start with a training, during which it is necessary to warm up the muscles. To do this, you can swim in the warm-up pace or to do some simple exercises on land. Thus will accelerate the blood, the muscle will become supple and the body to prepare for intense training. After exercising you need to do stretching exercises and take a dip.

To achieve noticeable good results should be to train at least 2-3 times a week for at least three months. Large breaks between classes.

Water aerobics for weight loss: reviews

I do water aerobics once a week on Saturdays. Those 45 minutes I have enough to work out all the muscles. In the pool I go because I like it to splash, and the smell of chlorine reminds childhood. The effectiveness of exercise as the water pressure increases significantly. After an intense workout I’m so exhausted that 15 minutes to come to and just lay on the water. After class comes complete is satisfaction, a feeling stringy muscle fatigue and a feeling of freshness. Comment on benefits of water aerobics, I think it makes no sense, because its effectiveness know everything.


In the fight against excess weight and I tried almost all types of fitness, but after 1-2 months they bored me, and I threw the workout. Accidentally found out about the Aqua aerobics and do it for the fourth month. Although the initial weight I was small but I lost weight during this time by as much as 6 kg in the food I was restricted on any diet is not sitting. Did not eat only after workouts, but also because they later ended.

Water aerobics I like the fact that there are no sore muscles, she’s boring to do, in the group many women, so don’t be shy. Exercises don’t need to persist, all pretty easily. The result tightened the stomach and reduce cellulite. After the fourth lesson, the skin is visibly firm and toned, and then other types of fitness I did not notice. I wish you all a beautiful figure! Hope my review is useful to someone.


Decided to fly to look «POSELENIE» and went to aerobics. The first lesson in the pool I was about to go down is not very comfortable, because the water had just changed, and it was quite cold. But just a few minutes of intensive exercise I was hot. I didn’t really sync with the movements, smooth breathing, so by the end of the workout felt dizzy. But once when moving I dropped my shoulders and relaxed back, breathing became easier. Just before I stooped and his back was tense.

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The disadvantage of training include the fact that the coach hardly sees our movements under water and therefore to objectively assess them. To achieve a result, the coach makes us strong, sharp and fast movement. But my muscles are not very developed, so quickly at first I could not move because the resistance is just huge. After three months, my sports is already possible to see the result. Knees are much cuter, and left waist. I am quite lazy, so I fit yoga and aerobics.


Aqua aerobic classes I got last winter thanks to my neighbor. The woman almost twice my age noticeably thinner and younger. I had a conversation and she told me that she goes to the pool aerobics. A neighbor suggested to visit workout together with her, to which I readily agreed and have not regretted. The feeling after these sessions the most good. The group is very fun to do, and due to the massage effect, relieves fatigue.

All training is to purchase a swimsuit, hat, flip flops, and going to the clinic for help. The pool water is about +28C, but I never froze. The training continued for 45 minutes. Then for 15 minutes we all go in a dry sauna which is there in the pool. The result I saw and felt after two months of training. The body began moving, muscles tightened, no longer to disturb the spine and, most importantly, I dropped 5 lbs. Soon will come winter, and I’m going to resume classes.


Write your review for those who doubt or not to go to water aerobics. Be sure to go! The benefits of it are obvious:

  1. Water aerobics is for people of any fitness level.
  2. Engage in pleasure and not upheavals in the hall.
  3. During exercise involves all muscles, which promotes weight loss.
  4. And the most important factor is that with constant practice, you will see how to disappear cellulite and tighten the body. And it will become elastic and not muscular.

I’m really glad I discovered this workout that go for almost six years. Exercises are done under the energetic music, which gives a cheerful mood. But if you want to lose weight, you should eat healthy food and limit yourself in eating.

Water aerobics for weight loss

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Do not expect to quickly get rid of extra pounds. But two months to tighten the hip, butt and belly is quite real. Go to workout three times a week. Two months of group not turned into a skinny one, although the coach is constantly increasing load. After class I feel great, but there are at least a half hour is impossible. If you have the opportunity, feel free to go to the pool. To regret it you don’t have to. After the first practice in the hall the next day, usually sore muscles, there is no such. When you exercise, no red face, no sweating.


Somehow in life I had a situation that I needed some urgently to lose weight. I thought long and opted for water aerobics. For a month of classes, I lost one size and realized that exercise in the water is just right for me. I’m 36 years old, but, thanks to the aerobics, I have almost no cellulite and tight stomach. I went to work out at the pool I still if of the water I had small rashes and irritation. So aerobics in the water had quit, and now I enjoy riding on roller skates.


For those people who are determined to lose weight, the best option is water aerobics. The more that still struggle with excess weight sooner or later ends with a trip to the fitness club. I was pleasantly surprised after the first workout. Muscle load in the water is enormous. Optimal number of classes for weight loss three times a week. Pounds and volumes are melting before our eyes. In addition, clean up the stomach. It aerobics almost all positive.