Weight loss in 90 days, menu separate diets for a balanced diet

Many years ago scientists nutritionists have proven that losing weight with the help of a separate food – happy effective and safe way to get rid of boring and sometimes annoying extra pounds. Diet food for 90 days will help to not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body.

First time in the practice of the diet a separate food of 90 days was used by the Soviet nutritionists in the early 60-ies of XX century and was a huge success in the artistic environment. A new separate menu of conquered Soviet Actresses.

Diet 90-day separate nutrition consists of a well-balanced foods that are ideal for losing weight the body. Weight loss due to fasting day leads to excellent results that will last for a long time. A definite plus of separation of power is a positive effect on the body losing weight person.

Has long since proven that handling the diet gets rid of extra pounds. But unfortunately, there are many myths associated with the final effect of fasting daily diet. Today we will try to understand what is the correct fasting and separation of power, and how they work. Because the wrong use of separate diets can lead to dangerous consequences for the body.

What is the fasting diet or fasting diet?

Fasting is called any day or afternoon, when the caloric intake in two times less than the energy consumption. Considering these conditions, losing weight person for this day to lose one pound, continuing to eat so as not to harm their own health. The human body depending on weight needs about 2200 calories if the person reduces the number of calories the body have to resort to the contingency reserves. This process is called weight loss.

In popular literature the fast day is considered to be the days when people for 12 hours it feeds on a monotonous diet with low calories. The most popular products for the fasting days is apples, buckwheat, yogurt and cucumbers. Certainly it is worth noting that the combined power of these products leads to the desired results. Correctly composed diet for fasting days can lead to significant results UV the shortest time.

Optimal fasting diet according to research is considered 90 day weight loss program. Within 90 days anyone can get rid of 5-12 pounds, depending on what to eat and how losing weight alternated food.

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It is important to understand that extreme fasting, liquids, or Apple, can lead to pretty disastrous results. In the practice of days of fasting known cases of hospitalization due to improper selection of foods appropriate for such a program.

What are fasting diet and days?

Separate food for years popular in our country. In Russia and CIS countries, handling days become popular for the famous Soviet dietitian Pevzner, who has developed a special nutrition system diet 90 days – for the effective treatment of early obesity. The doctor encouraged his patients to organize and unloading afternoons or days not less than 4 times each month, reducing the number of calories in 2 or even 3 times.

Dietitian Pevzner believed that this shift in the human diet, can be a real stabilizer of the body and is able to develop the necessary calorie consumption, that will accelerate several times the process of weight loss. Separate meals is also effective in the sport for narabatyvaya necessary muscle mass of the body. Presented to the readers, some effective day diets are designed for fasting days, compiled by Dr. Pevzner, developed in the 30 years of the last century:

  1. Apple fasting day, perhaps, the most popular, consisting of 1.5 kg of sour apples.
  2. Meat fasting day, favorite, for one day requires about 500 grams of cooked lean meat.
  3. Fish fasting day, the recommended by nutritionists for one day need a total of about 500 g boiled or steamed fish.
  4. Curd fasting day, the most effective, however, the most difficult portable. All-day fasting or pollenia you will need about 700 gr. low-fat cottage cheese.
  5. And finally, kefir is the most popular fasting day. On the day 6-7 glasses of 200 g low-fat yogurt.

Detailed family diet 90 days Dr. Pevsner

Month 1

  1. salad of finely chopped cabbage, grated young carrots with parsley. Salad can fill two spoons of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil.
  2. fruit salad made from apples, cut into cubes, and finely grated carrots, you can also fill with lemon juice.
  3. salad with grated on a coarse grater raw beets, you can also add finely chopped dried fruits and roasted walnuts.
  4. two grapefruit to divide into 4 pieces and eat throughout the day.
  5. compote of dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots and dried apples).
  6. 50 grams of boiled chicken breast with chopped Chinese cabbage.
  7. low-fat chicken broth.
  8. salad with Chinese cabbage and finely chopped chicken breast, seasoned with lemon juice.
  9. salad of finely chopped raw beet with roasted peanuts and a teaspoon of olive oil.
  10. salad with grated Apple and carrots, seasoned with finely chopped parsley and two tablespoons of soy sauce.
  11. rice to cook and cool, you can eat several times a day in any quantity, adding soy sauce and ginger.
  12. two grapefruit to divide into 4 pieces and eat throughout the day.
  13. boiled buckwheat, seasoned with low-fat yogurt.
  14. Apple-carrot salad. Two boiled potatoes of medium size.
  15. carrot juice in unlimited quantities.
  16. a salad of grated raw beets with the addition of white sesame and soy sauce.
  17. salad of finely sliced green Apple and orange.
  18. two grapefruit to divide into 4 pieces and eat throughout the day.
  19. carrot salad, raw beet and Apple, seasoned with soy sauce and lemon juice.
  20. salad with Chinese cabbage, roasted peanuts, chicken breast, seasoned with soy sauce and a tablespoon of olive oil.
  21. fat-free yogurt.
  22. boiled liver, seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  23. salad of finely sliced green Apple and orange.
  24. salad with chopped cucumber, sesame seeds, tablespoons of lemon juice.
  25. cooked rice, soy sauce.
  26. chicken broth.
  27. salad with grated Apple and carrot, seasoned with finely chopped parsley and two tablespoons of soy sauce.
  28. yogurt.
  29. mineral water without gas. Two oranges.
  30. salad of finely sliced green Apple and orange.
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Month 2

Exactly you need to repeat the first month.

Month 3

The first 20 days you need to follow exactly the instructions given by Dr. Panoram menu, separate food for the first month, the other ten days need to be alternated so that we have the following formula: veggies+fruit+liquid.

The remaining 20 days, the daily ration would be:

  1. salad of finely chopped cabbage, grated young carrots with parsley.
  2. salad of finely sliced green Apple and orange.
  3. chicken broth.
  4. salad with chopped cucumber, sesame seeds, tablespoons of lemon juice.
  5. Apple-carrot salad.
  6. mineral water.
  7. salad with grated on a coarse grater raw beets, you can add chopped dried fruit.
  8. salad one grapefruit, two oranges and one lemon with grated fresh ginger.
  9. carrot juice.
  10. mineral water.

Diet new time

With time and changing eating habits by analogy with these regulations by food nutritionists have developed other, diverse, combining and not combining menu day fasting diet. An example of such a dietary development: every day can be consistently: dry fruits and thick tomato juice, oranges and seaweed, cheese and fresh cucumber, on bananas, on ice cream, and even dark chocolate.

Of course, it should be noted that such recipes are developed for a certain type of body, and choosing a recipe fasting day without assistance, should carefully examine the properties of each of these products and choose the one or the combination that is right for your type for making the right menu of separate power supply. Due to the significant shortage of calories and the monotony of food intake stimulates the breakdown of fat layers, thereby accelerating the process of weight loss. Balanced diet with 90 days of surprises in the first ten days after application.

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Losing weight feels energized and rejuvenated after a well-organized fasting, calories you want to consume much less. And acquired separate result daily diet will continue for a long time. Separate diet promotes the proper functioning of the whole body, making the body begin to happen processes of rejuvenation.