Weight loss with the help of runes and runic formulas: can it work, reviews, how to test the effectiveness of the drawings

Runes are special magical symbols that have a particular significance and are used in different magical activities. But some women use them to lose weight, as it strange sounds. However, many do it incorrectly, using the wrong symbols and formulas, but experts assure that anything is possible with the use of proven runic drawings.

How to use runes and use them for weight loss, and we will tell below. Also you can read the reviews of those who tried to do it.

Application features runes

According to legend, the runes were presented to the Supreme deity Odin during meditation and insight. Since ancient times, runic symbols and formulas was considered to be something supernatural:

  • the divine characters;
  • having a magical property;
  • possessing the Supreme power.

Runic formulas and figures painted on wood or stones, carried in special bags. With their help, the people trying to unravel your future, taking them one at a time and making alignment.

In our time, the runes, too, often painted on trees or rocks, and often they portray on paper or on the body in the form of temporary tattoos.

It is believed that special powers have runogramma is talismans, which are made individually for a person. To portray the runic symbols on different items that you want to grant super powers, or to protect:

  • on the front door;
  • on things or the baby’s crib, etc.

Or talk about losing weight, runic symbols draw directly on the body or on paper that still needs to be with you. For drawing it is better to have a separate marker red, black or blue and nothing else to use it. It must be stored separately from all and no one to give to use.

On the body runes you can draw only on those parts of the body that are hidden from prying eyes, for example, on the abdomen or inside the shoulder part. If you draw the runes for weight loss or beauty, they need to draw on my stomach.

Features of application of the runic symbols for weight loss

Even on the body of runic symbols must be applied correctly. For this there are a number of rules:

  • apply them so that they can read from the virtual observer;
  • they should not be applied to the mirror;
  • no one can see the runes.

As already mentioned, runes are better for weight loss applied on abdomen, as this area – the area of the lower chakras that are responsible for bodily desires. All runic symbols on this part of the body, help to solve the following tasks:

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  • promote weight loss;
  • to improve the attractiveness;
  • corrected character;
  • protect against negative energy.

The runes depicted in a line or column. When writing it is important to know what will be their duration. If they are erased, and the result is still not achieved, then you need to trace the runes. When they do their job and you will lose weight, for example, then you need to remove the runes by alcohol or makeup remover. Remember that even after removal, they will influence you for several days.

If you don’t want to paint runes on your body, then take a sheet of paper and a red marker. They should be with you all the time, and when the signs will have the desired result, the leaf must be burned.

Don’t forget to thank the runes before flushing or burning paper.

There are many special formulas runes. For weight loss and weight correction is typically used like this : Uruz — Dagaz — (your name) — Laguz — Kenaz — Isa.

In addition to belly, the runes painted on her left palm. Belly draw them from left to right, and on his hands – from the wrist towards the fingers. To update the figure should daily carefully their srisovyvanie with illustrations and never turn, otherwise the result can be disastrous for you. For example, instead of losing weight you gain more weight.

Runes of different countries

Sometimes for weight loss use runes of Scandinavian origin. For weight loss often used are:

  • Mannaz-Berkano-Fehu-Wunjo – helps reduce appetite and makes people eat less;
  • ISA – Kano-Dagaz – rune for those who are sitting on a hard diet;
  • Kano-ISA-Dagaz – helps not only to lose weight but also to rejuvenate;
  • Yera-soul-Hagalaz-soul-yera – good for weight loss and health in General.

And speaking of Slavic runes, the main character, which helps to lose weight is RCI. This sign contains a way of understanding and spreading the law of Svarog. – the way the joyful and the difficult discoveries of inner peace spiritually. Thanks to this rune you can find a link between body and spirit.

If you are overweight, it is not only the problem of a physiological nature, but also the problems of your inner world. The key word runes, RCI is an action, a movement from chaos to order, this symbol helps people to achieve goals, give advice, and supports it on an energetic level.

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A runic formula for losing weight

There are several special formulas, which are based on the Scandinavian runes, thanks to the use of which you can lose weight as fast as possible. We present to you three such formulas.

The first formula for weight loss

This formula sounds so: «yera» — «Sovelu» — «Hagalaz» — «Sovelu» — «yera». Its action is aimed at burning and getting rid of unwanted things in the human body. It works not only physically, but also on the energy level. This formula should be applied with a red marker on the left forearm. Reviews say that two days later, significantly reduces appetite, and increases efficiency, there is a good mood.

However, they say that quick results is not worth waiting for, all noticeable for at least 3 weeks after the patterning on the body. For figures and formulas to work they must be applied regularly.

The second formula

The following formula is called the rune «Mannaz» — «Berkano» — «Fehu» — «Wun».It will help you to deal with the constant desire to eat, and that desire is the arch enemy of dieters.

The third formula

Even if you don’t believe that you can lose weight just by drawing runes, you can in any case apply the third formula «ISA» – «Kano» — «Dagaz», which helps to cope well with fasting and strict diets. Because of this you will not feel the lack of energy, and even fasting and will feel strong.

Runes to improve the physical condition

In addition to special formulas for weight loss, there are runes that will help to put in order your body to feel younger and positive energy.

With this purpose, there are such signs:

  • Berkana is the rune for rejuvenation and purification from bad energy;
  • Raido – helps to achieve set goals;
  • Naut is also for rejuvenation;
  • Laguz – to enhance the effect;
  • Yera – accelerates obtaining the desired result;
  • Uruz – skin;
  • Kano – it helps to understand what you need to do to look better;
  • The soul gives strength and energy.

Recommended formula for rejuvenation — «yera»-«Perth»-«Ingwaz»-«berkana» and others.

Reviews losing weight

And what say those who have already used runes and runic formulas for losing weight, let’s find out.

Decided to diet to use such an unusual method. Recorded the runes on the bark and slept with her for 9 days, then got rid of it. I wanted to lose weight effectively, but without consequences, when dealing with the runes I have repeated many times, but I eventually failed. However, friends say that they came out. I will try again.

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Anna, Volgograd

Worked with runes strictly according to the recommendations, not enough running water to wash off any residual paper. So I had to put the ashes from the balcony. At first, everything went wrong. I not only lost weight, but began to feel worse. In the end, I changed the runic formula and everything changed. I not only lost weight, but decided other problems of a personal nature, as well as financial, has improved the condition of skin and hair. I realized that miracles exist, the key is being able to call them.

Valeria str.

Used on himself, the formula «yera» — «Sovelu» — «Hagalaz» — «Sovelu» — «yera» was true-that I need to restore normal metabolism and struck the image at hand. In the end, the formula helped. Know some helps when they draw runes on the jars, where the tea is brewed with ginger, lemon and honey.

Elena, Moscow

It may seem that the use of runes for weight loss, without taking any action, is but a superstition. Others believe that it helps them, but they eat right and lead an active lifestyle. Anyway, at your leisure you can try the effect of a runic formula.