What a dry hunger strike: description and results of fasting for 3 days

In addition to traditional methods of treatment of various diseases, become increasingly popular alternatives. Many people today already know about the benefits of fasting. But there are more radical ways. Among which the more popular is the dry fasting.

The history of the emergence of dry fasting

Paul Bragg is one of the first famous people who have experienced and told about the benefits of fasting. Bragg advocated total abstinence from food and a healthy lifestyle. However, he was not promoted the rejection of water, and more, on the contrary, he said that it is needed. With refusal of food, he believed, can cure many diseases.

Of course, among physicians this theory had no support. They did not support it and many supporters of other alternative methods of treatment. However, despite this, he has many followers. Many of them, like the founder, Paul Bragg, published his article about healthy living and advocated fasting.

Among them, for example, Dr. Filonov, S. I., scientists Kokosov A. N., Nikolaev Yu. s. All of these people used a vengeance starvation and popularized this method. However, he began to promote not only starvation, but also an absolute refusal of water.

How does dry fasting?

Method of dry fasting is based on the fact that any process of inflammation in the body needs water for its further development. The problem area gets swollen and moist environment only help those that are actively developing different kinds of bacteria. Lack of fluid, on the contrary, contributes to their death. This is the main principle on which is based this method of treatment.

The founder of this method is Professor Filonov. As he considered dry hunger strike helps ensure that the fat is actively cleaved, in contrast to the usual abstinence only from food, preserving the water balance. And all diseases are eliminated quickly, since the microorganisms can’t live without liquids.

Varieties of fasting

Fasting, based on the absolute refusal of water, is divided into several types:

  1. A full or tight dry fast. In addition to the absolute refusal of water, in this method, it is necessary to refrain from any water treatment. That is, it is prohibited hand washing, teeth brushing, bathing and other processes that involve contact with water.
  2. Soft fasting prohibits only drink water and consume food. In this method, water treatments allowed. You can be caught in the rain, brush teeth (with water swallow is prohibited, you only need to rinse your mouth), to bathe.

It is believed that when wet hunger strike of the skin is actively excreted. But, at the same time, in both varieties the dry fast all enemas are prohibited.

Possible danger

Considering dry fasting, many doctors say that we should not exclude death. This can happen if people lose more than 30% of the fluid. However, they say that it is rather difficult to save the man who kept dry fasting continuously for weeks.

Irreversible processes of the body occur in three days. There is a pattern, taking into account that:

  • In the loss of water in the amount of 2-6% by weight, person begin to pursue strong bouts of thirst can be a feeling of nausea, a fever.
  • Dehydration 7-11% may result in muscle weakness, impaired speech, shortness of breath.
  • If the body loses 12-22% of water, disturbed vision and hearing, the tongue swells up, the body begins to cool down, hallucinations appear.

An alternative view

However, the founder of this method and its adherents, who practice dry fasting, do not agree with the official opinion. They argue that without liquid a person can hold from 13 to 17 days, the official record of this abstinence – 19 days.

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They attribute this to the fact that the body begins to endogenous nutrition. In this case, begin to «eat» proteins. The body takes them from those of the internal organs, which considers not very important. First destroyed swelling, painful tissue, atherosclerotic plaques, tumors, adhesions.

In the official medicine, this process is called autolysis. Thus, the organism «operates itself», that is, independently removes harmful cells. To activate this process is possible only through abstinence from food.

When the traditional fasting when you can use water, autolysis is also activated. But when the body fails to receive not only food, but any liquid, it goes much faster. Regenerative effect of dry hunger strike, as proponents of this method is 5 times faster.

Therapeutic effect

Supporters of the method of dry fasting and indicate its therapeutic properties. So, they say that this method of therapy will certainly be used in such cases:

  • diseases of internal organs;
  • concussion: all problems appear due to swelling of the brain, because it is important to minimize it in a short time;
  • chronic ovarian cyst;
  • ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, deforming arthrosis;
  • cold.

The shortage of liquid all diseases are minimized. It is fasting, more than 12 days in a row leads to that starts to work actively in the pineal gland, aktiviziruyutsya cell regeneration, change the mode of passing physiological processes.

Acidotic crisis

But we should not assume that to observe all the principles of dry fasting for several days is very simple. Here we are talking, as the need to endure constant hunger and thirst, and about the psychological factor of deprivation of all.

Before practicing dry fasting, you need to realize that when it comes ketoatsidoticheskaya crisis. This is because the outside is not received neither food nor liquid, the body is forced to find within itself the necessary resources. Changes and metabolism begin to occur entirely different chemical reaction. This process leads to increased levels of ketone bodies. It is a substance formed due to partial cleavage of triglycerides or fats.

Poor health can appear in 3-4 days. At first fasting crisis is more pronounced. He is accompanied by dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath, nausea – all the symptoms present during intoxication.

The number of ketone bodies increases until, until the body will not find options for their disposal. Also during dry fasting can appear severe pain. This should be pre-prepared. However, people who regularly practice this method claim that subsequent fasts crises less expressed. Upon further mortification they start quickly, continue much less and are easier.

The benefits of dry fasting

During fasting, all the weak tissue inevitably die, giving their place a new and more powerful. The shortage of liquid at first suffer the sick, the weak, degenerated and damaged tissues. All non-viable cells die. Accordingly, there are only healthy and strong tissue. That is, there is a natural culling. Based on this and Wellness and rejuvenating effect of fasting.

The use of abstinence for people who withstood all deprivations, is obvious. They point not only about the increase the body’s resistance, improving endurance and well-being, but also the emergence of new forces. Some say about the improvement in physical activity, the second to note the unprecedented clarity of consciousness and mind, and increased capability.

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Variations of fasting

One of the most popular are the dry fasting for 1 day. Their practice is usually during a cold. At this time the body is heated, and the cold as if burned. Continue fasting should not be less than 36 h. When initial attempts suggest you stay at least 24 h. If this fails, then to start, you must try to survive at least until lunch.

People who are more experienced, more practiced prolonged fasting. One missing 3 days, and other dry fasting lasts more than 5 days. The duration depends on the task, the personalities of each person and his preparation.

Short of abstinence

Short-term fasting for 1-3 days called cosmetic. During this time do not have time to start a global restructuring of the body. Happens simply speaking, cosmetic repairs. There is a cleansing of all energy channels, removes toxins, restores immunity, the nervous system comes to tone, rest from the burden of the digestive organs.

Practice short periods of fasting can with any frequency. Many spend weekly one dry fasting. One day to survive without food and fluid for them is not difficulty. However, some argue that the body gets used to these fasts.

Many people 1 fasting day taken as a holiday as opportunity to give your body a day of rest, improve health and clean up. Of course, for people who suffer from respiratory or chronic diseases, fasting is really is a test.

Allowable load

If you are used to fasting for 1 day and decided that the pangs of hunger greatly exaggerated, then you can try to move to a more prolonged starvation. Initially, you can try a hunger strike for 2 or 3 days. They need to prepare.

It is advisable to do an enema for cleansing, for a couple of days will limit the intake of animal food. After brief hunger strikes, you can perform any work other than very heavy. But on day 3 you need to keep your body. Need to try more time to be outdoors. The best option will be a casual walk.

Advanced people can try and longer abstinence. For example, 7 days would be able to withstand completely. But experienced people say that after 4 days the feeling of hunger blunted. However, don’t need to support it artificially, for example, constantly thinking about food you can eat after the diet.

The maximum time for which are solved by professionals dry fasting, usually is 12 days. Only not many people can withstand longer time.

Cascade abstinence

One of the ways of dry fasting, which was developed Lavrov. The system involves five periods, each of which can be repeated any number of times. It’s called cascading abstinence.

System is that you need to alternate the days of abstinence and eating, beginning with the first day and finishing fifth. Thus, there is a day of abstinence – a day of eating, 2 days of abstinence – 2 days meal to take up to five days. After 5 days there is a way out.

However, this is not the only method of cascade. There is also a gentle way, which consists of a serial sequence with 1, 2, 3 and 4 day gradual abstinence, with 2 weeks of meal between breaks. This cascade ends in 5 days of abstinence and quitting. For people who have problems with health, hunger strike can be replaced with «cautious mode». In this day of abstinence is replaced by 12 h

Short cascade abstinence can only be used by experienced people, after a long break from previous starvation. With this 3 day of hunger strike is replaced by 6-9 days meals, then starts fasting 5 days.

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How to start dry fasting?

For beginners it is advised to practice abstinence at 1 day (preferably 36 hours). Accustomed to this, you can slowly increase the time of abstinence, in the beginning for a couple of hours, going over time on fasting in 2-3 days.

Some people only need a little to clean the body and get healthier, some people want to cure chronic diseases. Naturally, to achieve the second task much more difficult. It does not fit abstinence for 1-2 days. You need to prepare yourself to limit for a longer time.

What you need to start practicing short-term abstinence, and then when the body get used to them, move to a longer. Only way to safely move some time without food and water. Don’t start without preparation a prolonged dry starvation.

Before morale and to decide on this post, it is desirable to «rehearse». If you decide to try a long hunger strike as early as possible, but at the same time did not limit themselves so much, it is advisable to use a gentle cascade starvation.

People who practice this fasting, they say that they are becoming more strong, they have increased will power, which contributes to positive outcomes in many endeavors. This is because for many it is quite difficult to voluntarily limit the use of food and especially water during the day.

The decision even on short abstinence makes people more determined, they become stronger in spirit. In addition, it is dry hunger strike allows people to understand how much food and fluids they need to maintain normal functioning. What contributes to the revision of sleep and normalization of the diet.

Many followers of the regime of abstinence without water argue that in normal times, they eat everything, do not refuse from harmful beverages and foods. But unloading gives them an opportunity to clean the body, digestive organs are getting a need for them to rest.

It is impossible not to overestimate the results of a dry hunger strike. But at the same time, you need to understand that immediately after it is necessary to give a reasonable load on the body. No wonder fans of the method say that great attention should be given, as preparation for abstinence, and out of it. When fasting, 1 day not necessarily strictly adhere to all the recommended rules. It is necessary not to forget only that the first meal must be light so as not to create a heavy load on the digestive system. You also need to pay great attention to the quality of the products: the cleaned stomach is very sensitive to all sorts of pathogens.