What fat burners to buy in the drugstore: types and names, the effect of the application

Today is not so much to meet women, which would suit their figure. They are often critical of his legs and waist. And to lead them to the perfect size, they go for a variety of victim: sitting on newfangled diets, regularly visit gyms.

If we adhere strictly to the selected power mode, the first positive changes you notice after a month. But not all ladies are willing to expose themselves to such anguish, but they too want to be slimmer. Therefore, they often turn to more simple and accessible means — fat burners, which are now in pharmacies are offered in a large assortment.

A rich variety of

Offer today pharmacies fat burners are very diverse, which is manifested not only demonstrated their effect, but also a price range to which they relate. Modern classification of fat burners allows you to subdivide them into the following groups:

  • the funds offered by companies specializing in the production of sports nutrition;
  • pharmacy dietary supplements;
  • drugs, which has a lipolytic effect.

The effectiveness of fat burners

Unlike most other vehicles, the drugs that are manufactured by companies selling nutritional supplements and other products for athletes, designed to achieve particular purposes.

The most important is that they help to speed up the metabolism, so burning calories occurs even in the absence of physical load in humans.

In addition, the drugs provide a flow of energy, therefore, the result of workouts in the gym can achieve better effect.

Using these drugs can change the process directly in fat cells, and this activates production of glycerol and accelerate the burning of fat deposits during training.

The effect of heat

For many sports products that are designed to burn fat, typical thermogenic effect. In other words, when administered there is an increase in body temperature, which also improves the metabolism. This is due to the presence in preparations of special components:

  • guarana;
  • extract of red pepper;
  • Forskolin;
  • caffeine.

If at the stage of choosing a pharmacy pills-fat burners give attention to and review their composition, it is possible to detect that they are in many properties similar to sports drugs.

Among other components, which are represented in the composition of the fat burners for athletes is to provide chromium picolinate, dietary fiber and synephrine. The main purpose of these drugs is to reduce appetite.

Sport fat burners are a rarity in drug stores. So you can buy them in specialized departments of sports nutrition or have to use the services of special online stores.

Pharmacy plagiarism

Today in many pharmacies, you can detect a fat burners having a powerful effect. Moreover, in its composition of the proposed miracle pill for weight loss little different from sports agents to burn fat. The reason is that the drugs present in the guarana or L-carnitine.

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A special group consists of drugs that breaks down fat during the meal. In other words, they do not allow absorption of fats and carbohydrates from food when it reaches the stomach. As a result, the body gets fewer calories from food. Often these pills contain substances such as:

  • chitosan;
  • blockers;
  • alpha-amylase
  • bromelain;
  • orlistat.

Pharmacy fat burners are not only its properties, but at a price. So today in the pharmacy you can find both drugs are very expensive and relatively cheap. The difference in cost is due to the composition and the pharmaceutical company-manufacturer. Most of these drugs are not safe for health. However, in our country, many of them are prohibited for sale.

The recommended drugs for athletes

The list of sports agents to allocate funds, which are effective for men and women. Even though they can cause health some harm, it does not affect their popularity.

  1. Cloma Pharma Black spider (widow). Pretty potent drug, that has caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine. This tool contains not only the abovementioned components but also secondary substances which, when ingested, begin to affect the thyroid gland and the Central nervous system. According to the manufacturer, used for the preparation of the drug components do not counteract each other. At the same time, if you follow recommended doses, it is often possible to eliminate or to minimize possible side effects.
  2. USPlabs — OxyELITE Pro. Great drug, because it is not only affordable, but also beautiful composition. The main effect is provided by the geraniums. When you use this fat burner an increased heat generation and synthesis of fat. As a result, the use of the drug during a low calorie diet and regular exercise you can achieve amazing changes in a short time.
  3. Nutrex — Lipo-6X. This fat burner in a pharmacy for women is available in capsules having the multiphase effect. So when taking the drug will be affected and after completion of training. Fat burner contains components such as tyramine, synephrine and yohimbine. Thanks to them provided by the thermogenic effect on the body.
  4. BSN – Thermonex. Due this type of fat burner is often chosen by beginners who are not interested in the potent drugs. The effect is provided by accelerating metabolism and tertogennosti. The tool contains components such as catechin, octopamine, synephrine, tyrosine, and caffeine anhydrous.
  5. Cloma Pharma — Methyldrene Elite. To prepare this fat burner for women the manufacturer used several high-performance components — ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin and geranium. With regular use of this composition can make significant changes. But you need to be ready for certain side effects. But to face them only upon failure to comply with the recommended doses and prolonged use. A feature of this fat burner is that has a diverse effect.
  6. Universal Nutrition — FAT Burners For Women. Select today in the pharmacy of the fat burners this machine is the absolute leader. High popularity, he managed to win and due to the fact that it includes no harmful components. The main action is provided by plant extracts, linoleic acid and carnitine.
  7. Optimum Nutrition – CLA softgels. The main active components of this drug for women are modified varieties of omega fats, which occurs due to the breakdown of fats even with the lack of physical activity. For this we just need to observe proper nutrition.
  8. MuscleTech — Hydroxycut MAX Pro. When using this fat burner effect is provided due to the acceleration of lipolysis. Present in the composition of the drug supplements help accelerate the metabolism and recover the thyroid gland. The drug is the safest, because when you use it causes minimal harm.
  9. Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts. In the composition of fat burner has quite a large variety of components: here are the extracts of grapefruit and green tea, the citrate of choline, tyramine and other ingredients that help to effectively burn the reserves of fat.
  10. Olimp L — Carnitine 3000 Extreme Shot. The drug is available in pharmacies in liquid form and contains the main components of only carnitine and vitamin B6. In its application the body gets extra energy, allowing you to withstand more intense workouts.
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Weight loss pharmacy

To gain a slim figure not only by the use of the sports fat burners, but the use of the most popular pharmaceutical drugs that effectively fight fat. But you need to remember that they can cause certain harm to the body, therefore can only be used after approval by the doctor. Moreover, to resort to them only in emergency situations, when the positive effect of weight loss is more significant than the harm gets health from consuming these tablets.

Top 9 popular drugstore fat burners

«Reduksin». Is among the most popular means of losing weight. The product contains components that regulate hunger center located in the brain. This reduces the appetite.

«Xenical». The effect of the use of the drug is associated with the ability to block lipase, so fat absorption, which come from food in the gastrointestinal tract, occurs. Regular use eliminates the absorption of fats that are excreted from the body.

«Orsten». Has the same effect as «xenical».

«Clenbuterol». The positive effect from the use of the drug is to speed up the metabolism, which leads to the breakdown of fatty tissue. Long-term use of the drug improves the function of the thyroid gland synthesizes thyroxine is a special agent that is involved in the fat burning process.

«Goldline». In its action similar to the «Useless».

«Turboslim.» This drug allows you to quickly lose weight. Its use provides a laxative and diuretic effect. Due to such actions accelerated the withdrawal from the body of the decay products.

«Lida». This Supplement is a product of the Chinese pharmacists, which has a lot of fakes. It contains special herbs designed to eliminate body fat.

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Microcrystalline cellulose. The main active ingredient is natural cotton, which when injected into the body begins to swell and creates a feeling of fullness.

Of the bad reviews. Its action is very similar to the «Useless» and «Goldline».


In recent years, more and more ladies are concerned about gaining the slim figure. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym or to sit on special diets. So many achieve their goals through more affordable and simple means of fat burners. Today, these drugs are presented in pharmacies in large range. Among them there are supplements that are not only cost, but also the composition.

Modern fat burners can become a good substitute to traditional weight-loss drugs. However, it is important not to break the diet. Even with these modern miracle pills, you can achieve the same results as when using other more well-known and common methods.