What fish can you eat on the diet: list of low fat fish, methods of cooking and the advice of nutritionists

It is no coincidence that experts recommend people to include in your diet fish. This product is rich in high quality protein and quickly digested. Conventional meat is digested in maximum three to four hours. Fish can «disappear» in just two.

Therefore, those who are on a diet, can afford to fish even for dinner. The use of this product, rich in protein helps to keep satiety. As a result of the brain no longer receives the signal to delay the fat deposits on flanks, and other problem areas.

The benefits of fish

It is a known fact that in Japan many centenarians. Very little in this country of people who have problems with the thyroid gland. Even the elderly can boast smooth skin and eagle eye.

After research we found out that the excellent health they retain due to the constant consumption of large quantities of marine fish. This product, loved by many Japanese, is rich in the following elements:

  • Fatty amino acids omega-3, omega-6.
  • Vitamins a, D, group B.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Zinc.
  • Iodine.
  • Calcium.

If the diet will constantly be present seafood, then this will help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Also the positive effect of the ingestion of seafood is evident in the stabilization of the pressure, improving the immune system and brain. Therefore, those who do not want old age to suffer from dementia, you should still at a young age to start eating fish.

Beneficial element is iodine, which provides the necessary power to the thyroid gland, and this has a direct impact on the process of calorie burning and metabolism.

Many specialists and not only knows about the benefits of omega-3. It is mandatory for the body because used for the synthesis of other substances.

If any nerve fibres retain sensitivity, and the muscles effectively perform the function of reduction. Providing the body with an adequate amount of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, a person will soon notice, how to change his hair, skin and nails.

What fish can you eat when losing weight

Proponents of supply systems aimed at reducing weight, I know firsthand that to achieve the desired effect, including through the consumption of fish, which is the best alternative to meat.

But the fish is very diverse product, and each variety can give the body various benefits. Leader fat is mackerel, which in this respect is superior even lean pork. However, to know which fish can be eaten during the diet, will represent it in the form of separate groups depending on the fat content.

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To understand how fat is one or the other seafood, by the color of the meat. Normally, lean varieties of fish have pale. If you fish with a dark fillet, then most likely it is very fatty and contains a lot of calories. A good example is herring, salmon and mackerel.

If we turn to the scientists, that, according to them, the most good body can bring fatty fish because it contains maximum number of nutrients. However, we must remember that our main goal is to lose weight. So, if you agree to the use of fatty fish, it must be present in the diet in very small amounts.

Special mention should be made of lean fish. The absence of carbs and made them very popular among the followers of no carb diets. Therefore, if during the diet to eat this fish, then you can not really monitor the intake of carbohydrates.

In the composition of lean fish is less fat — on this indicator it outperforms even the most lean meat. Any variety of lean fish will supply your body with the same amount of protein, and you reduce the amount of incoming calories. So, you will be able to limit the intake of carbohydrates and at the same time, you will have the feeling of excessive exhaustion.

Fish is a popular product because it is shown to all people. So cook her meals every day. A generally useful effect from its use is evident, if the day to eat 100 grams of fish.

However, if fish is not among your favorite foods, at least occasionally force yourself to make a «fish days». Surely you will be happy to taste monotonous after products a bowl of soup or a fragrant baked piece.

What kind of fish it is better to prepare for the diet and how

It’s time to talk about fish recipes for dieting. It also has its own tricks. But, more importantly, what should pay attention to the usefulness of a particular variety of fish.

Equally important, the impact of this product on your body if you suffer, for example, gastritis or diabetes.

The most popular varieties of fish that are recommended to be consumed during the diet are:

  • tuna;
  • flounder;
  • haddock;
  • Pollock;
  • cod;
  • shrimp and crabs.

The cooking water or steam

If you want to have when consuming fish, your body has fewer calories, cook it in water or steamed. It is best to choose the last option because steamed fish is not only delicious, but also useful.

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After such heat treatment the meat turns out juicy and tender. Prepared by cooking pieces of fish should be watered with lemon juice and put a sprig of greenery. You can also sprinkle the fish with fragrant spices, after which it must be wrapped in foil. Half an hour later the dish is ready.

Those who are on a diet, can enjoy a bowl of soup without potatoes. This dish can be eaten without restriction, because it does not affect the size of your waist. You can cook the broth and pike, which turns out very tasty. This dish is not only very flavorful but also low-calorie.

It is desirable when preparing to abandon the use of sauces, as they increase appetite. If you can’t stand the smell of fish, let stand it for 30 minutes in milk. After that she will smell much better.

Often people who have decided to include fish in your diet, be upset due to the fact that the fish falling apart during cooking. If you want to eat fish that when cooked will remain intact, pay attention to cod.

Unlike other varieties, it more rigid fillet. However, you can offer another way to save the fish: in a moment of boiling in water should drip a little vinegar, after which you can choose the fish. When the time for pulling her out of the water, you will see that it has kept its shape.

Method baking fish

Many who are trying to lose weight through diet, forced to abandon oil. Therefore the ideal method of food processing is roasting.

In this case, the fish will be prepared from all sides in the oven. And the taste is far superior to the dishes prepared using traditional cooking.

For baking you’ll need a sleeve that can replace the conventional foil. According to nutritionists, baked dishes are more useful than those that have been fried in a skillet. When fish is almost ready, the foil can be removed.

Then it has formed a delicious crust, and cooked without cooking oil. But you can do differently: bake the fish can be in natural yogurt. He has the same taste as regular cream, but is less nutritious.

Is it possible to have fried and smoked fish in the diet

If your disease is gastritis and other stomach problems, the fish cooked in the pan, you are contraindicated. So pay attention to how you prepare it.

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You have to forget about cooking fish in batter and breadcrumbs. First of all, these dishes are harmful for people suffering from diabetes.

However, if you did not manage to cope with his desire, you can cook yourself a small portion of fish, fry it in a pan in a small amount of oil.

But to afford this once a week. After frying, be sure to place the fish on a napkin to let the excess oil to absorb.

If you want to lose weight, you immediately forget about such dishes. Smoked food is one of hazardous to health products. But about that often, many forget, and in vain, because these products contain carcinogens that can cause cancer. The greatest harm smoked cause stomach and liver.

  1. Primarily this is due to the high content of salt.
  2. It is also a very high-calorie foods, as during cooking of them displays the entire water.
  3. Cautiously the meats should be treated because some negligent manufacturers can use for their preparation poor-quality raw materials. Therefore, deciding to enjoy these delicacies, know that you risk to get poisoned.

Today, when more and more people are switching to proper nutrition, they begin to interested in useful products. One of them, without a doubt, you can turn and fish. Moreover, this product is often present on the table and those people who sit on diets.

However, there are some tricks, as not all fish varieties are equally useful. Be sure to consider your condition, because for people such as suffering from gastritis, some types of fish can be contraindicated.