What is chicory: the benefits and harms of chicory, contraindications, reviews of doctors and consumers

Remember those blue flowers growing literally everywhere: on the meadows near the highway, in the yard? Most people for a long time consider this plant a weed, spreading with lightning speed. But those people are wrong. The so-called weed is chicory. One of the most useful and necessary to mankind plants. A cattle is a very popular delicacy.

What is chicory

For many decades in our country, chicory saved a lot of people from the «coffee addiction». The taste is reminiscent of chicory powder roasted coffee beans.

But the plant does not contain a single gram of caffeine, which is harmful to people with heart disease and hypertension. In addition, chicory has a sweet taste and can drink it without adding sugar. It is very much appreciated by people suffering with diabetes and obesity.

In Russia, the chicory came as a culture only in the late XIX century, Yaroslavl province. It all started with the fact that it turned out incredible benefits the root of the plant:

  • one of its main purposes — to replace coffee;
  • the root of the plant, added to a Cup of coffee, will greatly improve the taste of the drink;
  • the root is used in the confectionery industry.

But the pros of the plant for its roots is not the end. The leaves of this plant will perfectly complement any salad or can even serve as a standalone side dish to meat.

What is the impact of chicory on the human body

An indispensable drink for pregnant women-coffee drinkers. In addition to the exclusion from your diet of caffeine, pregnant women will get rid of heartburn, constipation, heal the liver and heart, and withdraw toxins from the body. The drink is very important for moms and will not harm future kids.

But do not make chicory is the only source of vitamins, doctors say that the majority of the useful substances of the plant is destroyed at high temperature. Pour the drink boiling water is not recommended.

Sweet taste is given by inulin — polymer of fructose, which is at the root of this plant is more than 50%. This component gives a special benefit to the plant.

It improves the functioning of all organs of digestion, normalizes metabolism, makes the intestinal microflora. Inulin regulates the level of sugar in the blood, and in recent years, chicory is widely used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

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Inulin cleanses the body of accumulated toxins as it enhances the absorption of vitamins. Therefore, strengthening the immunity of the body. This will help you not only with colds, but also in the treatment of more serious diseases. In viral infections based drinks medicinal root effectively reduce the temperature and increase the appetite.

Potassium and magnesium, which are rich in chicory, will help you to forget about heart problems. Daily consumption of beverages dilates blood vessels, normalizes heart rate, lower levels of «bad» cholesterol. In the end, you will receive valuable assistance in the treatment of hypertension, tachycardia, atherosclerosis and other serious heart disease.

Features of the use of chicory in the treatment of

Doctors advise to add to your diet this product for diseases of the eye. It is capable of strengthen their muscular system. To do this, mix the powder of endive with celery, carrots and parsley. Regular use of this cocktail can even improve poor vision.

Many people drink coffee just because of the fact that it invigorates the body. Chicory contains vitamins of group B, which have a positive effect on the entire nervous system. After a Cup of chicory you will experience a burst of energy and will smile!

The result from taking coffee and medicinal plants are the same, and method effects on the body — quite the opposite. Coffee stimulates our nervous system, and chicory, on the contrary, calms.

In cosmetology chicory is also well-proven. In the composition of plants are potassium, calcium, magnesium and many other vitamins, regenerating and toning the skin.

It can be used not only inside but also externally. When wounds magical root will help is no worse than iodine. Use it in the treatment of various skin diseases: psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc.

Extremely positive effect a drink will have on your hair. To do this infusion to rinse the head after washing. And in two months you will notice improvements in the structure of hair and its rapid growth. Add powder and bought shampoo — this will double the effect.

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To add medicinal plant and drugs. This gives them an increased choleretic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Who is not recommended to use chicory

Unfortunately, chicory, like all medications, there are contraindications:

  1. It is not recommended to drink the drink in unlimited doses. So, you only harm your body. All should be the measure!
  2. It has already been said that this plant improves the appetite. Will this cause any harm to you is — decide for yourself.
  3. People with varicose vein disease and blood vessels, suffering from asthma or bronchitis also avoid chicory.
  4. Avoid beverage will have people suffering from allergies. Large amounts of ascorbic acid in the composition of chicory instantly cause an allergic reaction. Even use it in small doses remains a serious health risk, because a glut of vitamin C are even more dangerous than a vitamin deficiency.

For his peace of mind it is better to seek the advice of your doctor and make sure that the chicory you are not contraindicated.

Acquisition and storage of chicory

In ancient times to make the powder of chicory was not easy, but it was prepared for themselves — with the utmost care, attentiveness and commitment process. The roots were collected, dried, fried and milled.

In our time, the production of chicory became popular. To save raw materials, improve the taste and smell use different additives, so before buying be sure to carefully study the composition. The root powder should have a brown color, be free of lumps and completely dry.

To preserve all curative properties, it is necessary to store the product in sealed Bank must be closed, preferably in a dark place. To apply the powdered root should only dry spoons, because when wet, the powder will become «stone».

Consumer reviews

For many it remains a mystery, this drink is chicory. The benefits and harms, reviews of doctors interested in everyone who decides to start rehabilitation of the organism using this plant. To adequately assess the benefit, you should familiarize yourself with the composition and impact of these substances on human and people’s reviews.

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Reviews of people who have decided to replace coffee with something useful and those who just decided to heal and clean your body, say the following:

«All my life I was a coffee-lover. My day passed without three or four cups of coffee, but one day I found an article about the dangers of caffeine. I was horrified and began looking for an alternative to my beloved drink. That’s when I started drinking chicory.

Use, which I had heard, beckoning me incredibly. Indeed, after three months, I have felt the promised ease in the body. The main thing — to find a chicory taste to the drink was not only healthful but also fun.»

Svetlana, 41. Moscow

«Was the doctor’s appointment I learned that I have a constant lack of vitamin C. Each advised to drink chicory. Since I love these drinks and experiments, I was satisfied with this new product in the diet».

Stanislav, 31. Novosibirsk

«The years begin to care for their health. For the third month daily consume this drink. And friends it is offered instead of coffee. No harm, only benefit. Many of these wonderful products in our time?»

Alexander, 40 years. Voronezh